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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Randsburg, CA.. friends leave for Alaska..dog watching..Jacob's coming home for a visit!


On the way to Lake Sabrina from Bishop, CA...

On the way to Lake Sabrina..beautiful! 

Such a beautiful lake high in the mountains.  They do rentals too of boats, kayaks

During Mule Days we  used to visit here and let the boys (Adam and Kade) go fishing                                                                                Great memories!

Such a cute town! Lots of traffic heading home to southern CA..

Our friend Joe told us about Randsburg, CA.  A cute mining town that's seen its better days.  Gold ws discovered on the slope of Rand Mountain in 1895 and by 1899 it had more than 3500 residents. As of 2010 that number was 69.  Hard to say now. 

Randsburg sits only a mile from Highway 395, 18 miles south of Ridgecrest, CA. 

If it wasn't so hot, would have been cute to explore.  Not much was open though.

Hahah. Guess he stayed out too long! 

Randsburg is definitely some place I'd love to go back and visit..when summer is over! 

We got a room in Bishop at the Super 8, reasonable and remodeled. Because we'd had a late lunch no dinner was needed! 

Monday morning we were out of there about 0730 and home in time to have linner in town at Dini's.  

We unloaded the car and got things put away in time to have Happy Hour at John and Karen's.  πŸ˜ŠπŸ·πŸΊ 

They left Tuesday morning to head for Durant, OK for John's daughter, Hannah's wedding this Saturday. We're actually staying at their house overnights while they're gone, so they could leave their dogs (Mugsy and Lila) at home.  I heard from Karen today that they just pulled into Durant and were looking for a motel 😊 She said it's hot and humid.  It's hot here too, 101 right now, but we don't have the humidity. It appears to be clouding up..so who knows what we'll see later.  

Ken went over there today to see if he could figure out what's wrong with their pool as it seems to be leaking water.  I'll be joining him in a bit and we'll barbecue dinner over there.  

Our friends Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Susan left here Friday afternoon for their new home in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Heard today they were only about 4 hours from there. They made it pretty quickly.  Can't wait to see pictures! 

We had an awesome Thank you card on the table, with $$ inside (that they shouldn't have done)..a special candle and Lavender salve that smells wonderful. It was a pleasure having them stay with us! They are certainly missed! We'll be planning an Alaska trip next year! 

One of my favorite pictures of my daddyπŸ’– Wrights Beach August 1990. 
Nephews, Dusty with the bottle and Jesse πŸ’™ All the boys loved their POPO! So did his 3 daughters and Diane!!πŸ’™

A few days ago I posted a pic of grandson Adam in his cowboy hat. Here's the same hat about 19 years ago πŸ’™

                               Our little cowboy at Mule Days, Bishop, CA! 

Last night's sunset from John and Karen's 

Tomorrow is an extra special day in itself! Grandson Jacob is coming home for 3 weeks from Italy!  I know his parents and sweetie, Allissa are counting down the hours until they see him! πŸ’™ He and Allissa are headed to Hawaii the first week he's home. We're excited to see him too! It's been 10 long months! 

Looks like it's salad making time for me! Then on to Happy Hour! 

Have a great evening!


  1. What an interesting little town Randsburg appears to be. It would be nice to walk around, in better weather. :)
    How nice of Stacy and Joe to leave you a thank you card, not surprising though, they sound like a lovely family. Like you!
    Cute picture of Adam, he sure stretched up didn't he?
    Have fun with Jacob!

    1. Yes I'd love to walk around too, but cooler weather like in the fall! They are wonderful people for sure. Yep Adam grew up! Looking forward to time w Jacob. Russell actually has planned a camping trip on the 8th and 9th..so I know we'll see him then and at Seth's reception on the 3rd.. :)

  2. Randsburg is a cool little town. Definitely worth a visit or two. I'm curious where in Alaska your friends have moved. I'm actually considering going back ... maybe next summer? Hot here too for three days. Hope your thermometer stays low.

    1. They have moved to Fairbanks. We'd like to go too. Ken's thinking of flying to Alaska but with following your posts lately I'd love to see it all! WE've got a/c going now..started about 0830. YUK!