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Friday, June 11, 2021

Joshua Tree, Ca to San Diego, CA ..back roads :)

 We both had a really good night sleep at the motel in Joshua Tree, CA.  We would definitely stay there again! I set the alarm for 0500 so we could get our day started. Ken had one burrito that was left from breakfast yesterday and I had two hard boiled eggs we brought from home.

Adam sent me this pic a few days ago.  What's cute, is that's the cowboy hat we bought him at Mule Days (Bishop, CA) when he was about 3 years old. Still fits him 19 years later!He wore it every year until he was about 12 when we stopped going. 💖💙 

We left pretty early,💙 around 0900 I believe.  Got gas and then Ken bought a 24 pack of water at Valero..big mistake!  There was no price on the water so how bad can it be right? Well, he only got back $11.00 and change from a 20...WOW! That's an expensive 24 pack.  

We stopped at a Walmart so he could get some beer, ice and paper towels and then we hit the road. 

What a nice drive. We had to hit the freeway for a few minutes and got off at Palm Springs.  Up the mountain heading west towards San Diego WOW! The views and the mountains were something else! Nice rural communities along the way! 

Leaving Joshua Tree...

Huge mountains! 

Climbing the mountain from Palm Springs ..

                                           There's the road above us! 
Looking down into Palm Springs! 

                                                                 Such a beautiful road!
Wineries all over! Anzi Valley


Warm Springs Ranch and Resort..

Didn't make it to Julian, but we saw Julian's Pies across the street..
Hopefully on the way home!

Ramona, CA..This part was cute..the rest was huge!

The beach parking area! Packed full and beyond..

Lot's of people enjoying the beach..

We hit the 8 for a few miles and found our motel.  We were early for check in so we sat in Mc Donalds parking lot and had our sandwiches and wraps for a late lunch.  Eric called and they were at Karl Strauss Brewing, but we didn't want to fight the traffic to get there. 

The beach is only a few minutes from here so we drove over. Amazing how many people were out enjoying it for a Friday afternoon.  Lots of people everywhere! 

We got back to the motel and got registered.  A nice room, recently redone! 

Eric called to invite us over to their hotel, but we're nicely settled in with Happy Hour underway. We're lazy! We've got cabbage lasagna for dinner here in the room. We'll see what happens in the am. 

The wedding is at 1500 tomorrow 💕💕

Have a great evening! 


  1. LOVE that cowboy hat. It's amazing that it still fits!! I have hats well over 50 years old. OMG that makes them antiques!!! LOL. Nice to see everyone enjoying the beach.

  2. Beautiful Scenery along the way. Traveling from one wedding to another can be tiring,
    By the time you read this Seth and Holly will be married.
    Sorry for the late comments. Still trying to catch up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.