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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Update..Bar b q ..new car for Seth..Adam's pictures..and feeling sentimental..:)

Thursday we were headed for Gardnerville for a few things at Walmart, Raley's for prescriptions and Tractor Supply to pick  up a garden cart for Karen. She's been using ours for moving new trees she's bought. I got online and with the Memorial Day sale it was marked down from $160.00 to $100.00.  Bought it and it was ready for pick up.  Ken actually found two pair of pants, which he definitely needed! haha. 

It was about 1300 so what the heck, let's head to CVI and see our favorite server, Carmen.  Uh oh...Jose took us back and told  us that Carmen had slipped and fallen  the day before at work and they think she may have broken her wrist. Poor thing, she was so happy to be back.  We'll be back in a few weeks and hope to see her again. 

After that we headed home, unloaded the groceries and then Karen wanted to do Happy Hour.  Okie Dokie, we headed over.  * clicking on the pics will make them larger**

Friday morning after our usual things Ken was working on putting together the garden cart for Karen (told you he has to stay busy).  I had a hair appointment in town at 1100 so I headed out.  Went pretty quickly so I was back home in time for lunch.  Salad as it was a nice day.  Found some things to occupy myself, such as baking some applesauce oatmeal muffins for Ken. 

At about 1530 got a set from Karen saying she wanted to start a bonfire, so back over we went :) She's such a bad influence..:) I think she's lonely too with John being over in CA.  We had a nice time, great fire and company.  Her daughter Amber was there too, so that's always nice. Baby to be Amelia Rose is growing nicely too. :) 

While we were there it was decided to have a bar b q on Sunday as we'll be in Reno on Monday for the day.  Ken's going to help her with a piece of wood that's warping in the living room (the 100 year old barn wood).  Came home after a few raindrops started.  We no more than got to the back porch, when the skies let loose with wind and rain!! It actually did the same thing the night before.  A quick dinner, tv and off to bed.  

Saturday morning we were up about 0530 and it was actually the first time since Ken's surgery we were able to have our coffee and treats in bed.  We've been moving tv trays in the living room and couch sitting since his surgery. So this was nice.  

About 0900 I got a call from Karen, looks like the weather will be bad on Sunday so let's have bar b q today. That works as I've got the stuff for potato salad and deviled eggs I was taking already here at home.  Ken and I were talking when our neighbor, Joe came over.  His wife and daughter are in Las Vegas for the weekend to see the New Kids on the Block concert so he's a bachelor.  I asked if he was hungry so made him two egg mc muffins with bacon. He appreciated that for sure. :) 

Once he left got to work on making the salad and eggs.  Cleaned the kitchen and about 1200 finally took a shower.  I had time to make some brownies to take too so now it's about 1530 so we'll head over.  Had a wonderful time and a great dinner.  It turned out to be cheeseburgers instead of ribs because the meat was bad from Raley's. A good time anyway! 

Feeling a little sentimental about Memorial Day.  For probably 10 years, beginning in 2001 we used to head over to Mule Days in Bishop, CA for most of the week. Quite a celebration of mules!  Our friend KC and family would go too, some years there were more in the group. We were blessed as from the time Adam was 2 he went with us and turned into the cutest little cowboy for the week. After a few years, people we had met before always knew who Adam was. 
Adam age 4 ..he would tell you his name was "Clint" like Eastwood..
now he's 20! 

Adam, a mule and his sister Candace..He was about 4..he
had chaps, hat and spurs..ready for anything!

The last 3 years have found Ken and me in Tonopah for their Jim Butler Days celebration which we really enjoyed.  This year we decided to stay home, which is fine, just different. 
Ken's wood project from the other day..as he fills he adds
another board to hold the wood..

Wood he's unloading (with one arm)...

The last 3 years on Monday we would head for Reno to hook up with our son Russell, Lori and boys.  Aaron always plays a basketball tournament there and that's our plan for this Monday.  Bryan and Cheryl are planning a bar b q in Georgetown, but because we had already made plans to be in Reno that's where we will be. Sure hoping the weather holds for them!

Eric sent a text last night saying they had got a new to them vehicle for grandson Seth.  Looks really nice!  Seth had the Jeep Cherokee, looked really nice, but he decided he wanted a more fuel efficient car. They sold the Jeep last weekend and now this is his car! He's a happy camper! Of course I'm thinking after boot camp he may decide to buy a new or newer vehicle..seems it happens a lot!

2006  Honda Civic..147,000 miles..great shape looking at it!
Adam sent these pics from Yosemite..so Grandma had to post...

I really like the black and white... 

And here's a real black and white! Us three sisters after a storm in Union Park, FL near Orlando where daddy was stationed..us little rag a muffins! That was our brand new 1961 Plymouth Station Wagon..so this is about 1961...too cute aren't we?!

Linda, Me and Wendy... Mom sitting on the car! :) I was probably
around 5...
Have a good evening everyone! 


  1. You guys are keeping busy. Good to hear and see Kens shoulder is coming along.The wood pile is growing nicely.

    1. Ken's shoulder is doing well and he does keep up his PT daily. I love when we can use the wood heat rather than forced air so it's good he's able to do what he needs to do to make that happen :) haha. Your Hangar is coming along beautifully!

  2. Nice to hear from you and always something to do there, Gotta love that Kinda Civic for Seth I had one and really enjoyed it.

    1. Yep, owning a house there's always something to do for sure. I'm glad you liked you Honda..Seth says he loves his so far! Just hope it runs along time for him.

  3. Ken is keeping busy as usual getting things done.
    Good fuel efficient car for Seth.
    Cute picture with lots of memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Memorial Day.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. Yep you can't keep him done, he's always got to be doing something, but it's good for him. Seth texted that he loves the car :)

  4. Love that last picture! Funny to see the old time cars. Mule Days looked like a good time I can see why you are sentimental about those days.

  5. Thank you! Yeah, they were good times for sure!

  6. I'm sure Ken is happy to be able to do some of the little jobs around the place again. Hard to keep a man like that down for long! Nice wood crib.
    How nice that you are close to Karen for her lonely periods. you are always baking, putting me to shame.
    Love the pictures of your little cowboy and Seth should enjoy the Honda. They last forever according to what I've heard, just like our Toyotas.
    I love love love the last picture. Looking at Wendy's ? little tummy sticking out of her shirt made me smile. We were also a family of raga muffins in our pictures. Adorable, we had nothing but wanted for nothing either.

  7. You are good, that was Wendy's tummy! :) I've here that too about Honda's and Toyota's. I enjoy trying new recipes but the brownies weren't the good for you type, which is why I wanted them out of the house :) Daddy was always hardworking between the Air Force and then on weekends he would work at a convalescent home to make extra money. It was always all about us..never him :) OH the memories!