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Monday, May 20, 2019

A catch up for the last few days...

Ken's eye appointment on Friday went well. Pressure from the glaucoma was good in both eyes 17 and 18 I believe he said so the eye drops are working. He's goes back next May.  We still have his regular glaucoma appointment in July.  
Our view once again....

We didn't get out of there until 1100 and so we headed towards Carson City after.  Ken said why don't I stop at the Penneys in Carson since it was a different store and might have different things, and he was right!  I spent a little more money on me! Then we went next door to Ross.  I found two pairs of shorts so I bought those too.  Didn't spend too much time there, as it's not his favorite store.  I don't think he's ever found anything there.  It was way past lunch time too, closer to 1400. 

Got to CVI and there she was! Our Carmen was back to work.  After hugs we sat down and she ordered our drinks and because it was later in the afternoon she was able to chat a bit.  :)  All the servers are good, but she is awesome! We really missed her and she missed all her regulars too. She's 72 and working because she wants to and enjoys it.  

After a wonderful meal and drinks we headed back to the trailer. We were actually able to sit outside on the side of the trailer for a bit which was nice for Happy Hour. Eventually we went inside and watched some tv. No dinner needed for sure! 

We both slept like rocks and I didn't get up until almost 0700!  Slept so good. I got the coffee going and woke Ken about 0715.  We enjoyed the morning, not in a hurry and then got out of the campground about 1100.  Seems that's our time whether we hurry or don't :) 

A nice drive home.  We spotted some vehicles at our friend Johnny's in Silver Springs. Obviously they're out from CA to play in the desert.  Joel, who Ken used to work with his truck was there too. We stopped in, but no one was there. They have really cool side by sides that they take out for long rides in the desert. Ken called and left messages for them.  WE saw Karen outside and her mom was just leaving.  She got tons of concrete poured today so of course we had to see it! Beautiful job. We may see her later. 
Joel's rig

Johnny's "vacation home" ..actually very nice inside!

A nice surprise! We were at Karen's for Happy Hour and all of a sudden a male voice calls out "Hey, anybody got a beer?"  Karen's hubby John who has been working in CA decided to surprise her and come home for the rest of the weekend.  For over two months he's been working 7 days a week for a contractor who is doing work for PGandE, the electric company being blamed for the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA.  She's gone over the hill once since he's been there so this was a wonderful surprise.  He had to leave at 0300 this morning. 
We've had some weird weather lately!

Last night's sunset..

Monday morning I woke Ken up at 0530 for coffee and checking in with our blogging friends. Later I ran to mail a card and quick trip to Raley's and right back home.  Ken was finding things to do to keep him occupied outside and I found things in the kitchen to be done. Ken had a turkey breast that I had cooked a while ago and put in the freezer and I made stuffing and green peas for him.  Everything is left over for tonight except the peas, so made our veggie bake  for his side and my main. Easy fix. 
This morning's sunrise..

Ken's chicken enchiladas

Veggie enchiladas for tomorrow..

Then, because we're going to Fernley tomorrow I decided to get a head start on tomorrow's dinner.  I made him chicken enchiladas and me a veggie version using lettuce leaves as tortillas. I would have used cabbage except I bought the bagged cabbage as it was cheaper (and I don't have to shred :) Tomorrow I just have to make the coleslaw and spanish rice for him.  YUM! 

Ken had an extra heavy duty physical therapy appointment this afternoon and one more on Wednesday.  He's doing really well! 

We're making a trip to Lowe's for some things Ken wants for a project and I want to stop at a flooring company that hopefully carries the kitchen floor I'm looking for. 

Ok, it's Happy Hour!  Have a great night! 

A special Happy Birthday to our friend George! 70 years young and always a smile on his face! Well, this pic isn't his usual big smile..but he's always happy! George was the first blogger we followed and the first blogging friend we met in person in Quartszite a few years ago! 


  1. You are just having a shopping extravaganza for YOU! Yay! Pat and I love Ross's and since we don't have any here, it is a real treat.
    I'm sure it is nice to be home again even though going away is special too. Glad Ken's eye appointment went well. "The better to see you with, my dear!" :)

    1. Yes, shopping was fun for a change! It is nice to be home again, and end of next week we'll be gone for about 10 days to CA for all the graduations. Yep, we're glad the eye appointment went well, they keep a good eye on him!

  2. You guys have been busy as usual, Love Johnny's vacation home such a great idea for recycling. Thanks for the birthday wishes, feel great to be able to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.

    1. If Ken had his way when we had property in Winnemucca we would be living in one..I"m good but not that good haha.

  3. You two have been keeping yourselves extremely busy. Glad to read that Ken's rehabilitation is coming along. The food looks wonderful.
    I really like that Container Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Beautiful views from the campground. Jerry wouldn't have a problem living in a container. Good to hear Ken is doing good with rehab.