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Friday, May 17, 2019

Good Morning from Washoe Lake State Park!

Good morning from Washoe Lake State Park Carson City, Nevada!  
The view from our site Thursday :) 

Good morning from Washoe Lake

We think we've found our favorite site here as the views are fantastic.  We got here yesterday about 1100 or so.  The loop we normally stay in is closed for renovation so we drove to the other one.  Can't believe all the campers! We were beginning to think we'd be staying in the horse area but we found this site! 
Got ourselves unhooked and off we went to Reno.  While Ken was doing his thing outside, I got online and ordered from Total Wine (we're here gotta stock up!) 
A new recipe for Almond Flour Peanut Butter Cookies..yum 

I had some strawberries that were looking pretty puny..so
3 ingredient jam was quickly made..

Decided to splurge and get a new bedspread for the summer

We had some wind this week..

We headed into Reno and the Meadowood Mall.  Time for this country girl to get a few new duds for the upcoming graduations and such.  My wardrobe consists of jeans and t shirts or shorts and t shirts which works in Yerington but really, even those are looking pretty sorry! haha.  We headed for JC Penneys and the looking began.  Actually faired pretty well there!  We saw a woman upon leaving and she had commented to Ken that he was a very patient man. haha.  She commented to me that I was lucky to have a hubby that was so patient. Honestly years ago it wouldn't have been the same, (patience that is) but now he just wants me to find things I like and I know he'll tell me the truth on how things look. 

Once we finished there we headed over to Total Wine, order was ready and out the door we went. By then it was after 1400 so for a change of pace we headed to Great Basin Brewery for a late lunch/dinner.  We haven't been in probably close to a year and honestly it's probably the last time we will visit.  Food was great, wine and craft beer was yummy but just too pricey!  Oh well, there's other places in town.  
Ken's favorite mountain out the window

Turkey meatloaf (thanks for the recipe George), veggies and
Ken had mashed potatoes to go with..

Found the perfect place for Russell's succulents that can't be got to
by the critters ;

Our site here at Washoe Lake State Park.  

After that a quick trip to Walmart for some groceries as my cupboard is looking pretty bare at home. Then back to camp for a Happy Hour and watching the sunset from inside the trailer. The weather just not working for sitting outside. We didn't get the expected rain, but cold and windy! 

Today (Friday) Ken has his yearly eye appointment in Reno.  After that we'll head back towards Carson City and I'll do a little more shopping at Ross and TJ Max and any place he wants to go.  It's not "all about me" haha. We're thinking we might head another 14 miles or so and see if Carmen's working at CVI. She was due back this week.  

Enjoy your day! :) 


  1. Don't you just love Total Wine's on line ordering feature?!?! Arrive a few hours later and your order is ready with no waiting in line!

    1. It's the best! Wish it wasn't 2 hours away though or they delivered would make it even better! Love just walking in and walking out for sure!

  2. glad to see your trip is working out as planned but am certain you would appreciate warmer temperatures just like us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes glad we decided to do this little trip for sure. And yes we would love some warmer temps!

  3. Nice looking campsite you have there. Always nice to get some ne duds once in a while, and of course more wine is a necessity for sure.

    1. WE love it here! With Ken's NV parks pass it is FREE for 14 days but thinking we'll head home today as it's pretty chilly. Yes I'm afraid the wine is a necessity hahah.

  4. What an awesome view from your campsite. I love how you hung up you Russell's gift. Very clever.

    1. thanks Elva it is beautiful! Easy to water where he hung the plant too!

  5. You have a gorgeous spot there! Wow! Now you just need warm weather.
    Good for you, getting new clothes. Don't have to talk me into it, as you know. Ken is a good guy, no question there. :)
    Glad you got your wine and Walmart stuff stocked, all ready for summer!
    A friend sent me a pix of a similar set up for a hanging plant. Love it!

    1. I wish for warm weather to come back, but not happening this week! If it was warmer we would stay another day but guess we're heading home later. Luckily it's only about 90 min from home. Yeah it was kinda nice finding new stuff and at great prices too. :) Now a haircut this week and i'll be set! hah.

  6. Great pictures of some wonderful views. What a great spot.
    Love what you did with your planter from your son.
    Looking forward to the graduation pictures of you and Ken with the grandkids all decked out...:)

    1. Thanks, we love that park and free is even better :) Simple but it works with the planter. We'll see how the pics go in a few weeks. Can't believe how time flies!