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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Fernley for stuff! Seth's night ! Adam and Yosemite!

Tuesday morning I got the hubby up at 0500 for coffee and visiting.  We were heading out and wanted to get a fairly early start so we would be back in time for lunch.  Walmart first for just a few things and I really mean a few things. Then over to Lowe's for some lumber and concrete. Yep, I said concrete.  He's making a wood holder out back of the garage. Then over to the floor store Royal Flooring.  Nice people, small company and good reviews. Before we left we decided on the flooring we wanted and an appointment for them to come out on Wednesday at 1300 to take measurements. Gotta love quick appointments!  
On our way home..gotta love the traffic!

We headed home and got there in time for me to make a quick salad and Ken heated up his ham hock and beans. After lunch he headed outside. I told him to call me when he needed help.  I was in the kitchen making guacamole, spanish rice and coleslaw to go with the enchiladas for dinner.  

After a bit I went outside because I figured he needed help by now..Nope, he did it himself, one armed!  Because he has movement in his right arm now, he's able to gauge how much he can use it and he mixed and poured the posts with his left hand and the hoe he uses to mix it in the wheelbarrow.  I was actually able to unload the 2x6x8's boards we bought and laid them flat out back while he waited a day or so for the  concrete to dry.  Eventually he cleaned up and came inside for an indoor happy hour.  The weather went between cold, windy, sun, raindrops crazy!  
Post hole with concrete..he poured!

The two posts he poured..the 2x6x8 boards will go horizontally
about 6 high..as we use the wood he'll pull a board to make
it easier to get to..once it's totally finished will make more

We had our delicious dinner, we were both hungry so no pics..but trust me yummy! 

This morning (Wed) I was awake about 0400 with no hope of going back to sleep after a night of busy dreams. At about 0450 Ken woke and said let's wait til 0530 to get up. He knew that I wasn't going back to sleep so I turned the heater and coffee pot on.  Set up shelving room for our computer time and got him up.  

We did our usual thing and then I mopped the kitchen floor (even though Dan never touched the floor for measurement haha). We had an early lunch about 1200 since Dan was coming at 1300.  Dishes cleaned and then we waited.  It was a quick visit and now we wait to find what it will cost.  He's just the measurer.  They have to order the floor but hopefully in the next few weeks after we get back from CA. Ken left for another grueling physical therapy session.  2 more next week and then he gets a week break as we'll be in CA.  

While he was gone made some flourless 3 ingredient cookies for my coffee snack.  Tomorrow we've decided to take a trip to Gardnerville and MInden to pick up some things along with prescriptions. It's getting close to the Memorial Day weekend so don't want to be in stores then for sure! 

Last night, (Tuesday) Golden Sierra High School hosted their annual Scholarship Night. Our grandson Seth was invited to attend to receive a declaration for his commitment to the United States Marine Corps presented by the Marine Corp Recruiter.  Christina posted some pictures and a video. Very proud grandparents here! Couldn't get video to post..but will keep trying!!

Seth and his recruiter..
The awards ceremony was about two hours long
with his being near the last..but great photo! 

Seth's recruiter saying nice things about Seth

Our oldest grandson, Adam and a friend decided to take a day trip to Yosemite National Park.  Originally he was spending a few days camping, but thinking the SNOW made him rethink that!  Here's a few pics he sent last night.  He said he took some of the best pictures in his life there and he'll send some of those later. Love the gypsy in that kid!
Adam enjoying the snow..Yosemite

Posting this late after a long Happy Hour next door with Karen.  Good night everyone! 


  1. Getting things take care of, Nice picture of Seth, and Adam out in the snow , looks cold.

    1. I love the pic of Seth and the recruiter for sure..Adam never let's weather deter him from what he wants to do for sure. I'm sure he'll go back when weather is better..

  2. Men! Of course, Ken wouldn't ask for help! He is so much like Bill!! I'm glad on the other hand that he knows what he can do with his arm and isn't playing the 'useless' card. :D Some men go that route.
    Sounds like you are eating well, you are such a good cook!
    I'm sure you're anxious for the flooring to be done. It will be nice for Ken to have a break for a week from the therapy sessions.
    Great pictures of the boys, Adam can have the snow though!!!

    1. I know what you mean Patsy! Ken and Bill are a lot the same for sure. Never have to worry about either one of them being useless for sure! I do enjoy trying new recipes, even better when they end up tasting good! I'm sure Adam will go back in better weather!

  3. Ken knows how to do things without re-injuring himself.
    Those boys are truly maturing with plans that will see them through the rest of their lives.
    Good Luck on the Flooring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the better weather.

    It's about time.

    1. Yeah he really is careful, but he just can't sit still knowing there's things to be done. Thank you for the comment on the grandsons..guess you can tell this is one proud grandma! haha..We're waiting to hear the pricing..guess the guy who does that figuring he and his wife just had a baby..so it may take a day or two longer. That's ok we've waited this long LOL..

  4. It may be awhile before a USMC Sgt. has nice words for Seth, hopefully he enjoyed those lol.

    (Check my link)

    1. You can ignore the link, not the best example, but I'm sure you get the idea.

    2. Oh Don you are too funny! Yeah that link..don't think i'll tell Seth about it even though he's probably seen the movie! haha. I know he and Eric have watched some you tube on boot camp and I think the recruiter he had before didn't sugar coat it (Russell either)..