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Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy Mother's Day! Seth goes to the prom! Wildflowers!

Happy Mother's Day Grandma!
Dave, Grandma (Alice) and Ken

Friday morning after our usual visiting with blogging friends and a visit to the treadmill we got our day going.  Ken headed out about 0830 to his first physical therapy appointment in Yerington.  Nice that our little town has this available without having to head over 50 miles to Gardnerville.  

He got home about 1100 after a good workout!  They gave him some exercises to do here at home and instructions to order a overhead shoulder pulley that hangs over a door.  After lunch we did just that.  They suggested Amazon, but eBay had free shipping and same pricing so we ordered from there.  Some people have Amazon Prime but we don't order enough to make that worthwhile for us.  His next appointment is Tuesday.  
Thursday morning sunrise...

We are loaded this year with these beautiful "wildflowers"

My baking of regular cookies, muffins and banana bread
Shared them with Grandma and Karen's mom :) 

Broccoli tots for dinner..We tried broccoli fries..don't bother
they are made using the tough part of the stem..very stringy and

Chicken panini on almond flour bread..

Friday was my baking day. I decided to make some treats and share them later this weekend.  

It was a beautiful day and supposed to be even better this weekend.  I took my pictures above and Ken got the same idea to take a few..these don't do the "wildflowers" justice as they really are very vibrant!

Well what is going to happen in a few weeks when these beautiful
flowers turn into wishes?  I don't have that many wishes to wish!
Hahahaha..gotta love dandelions! 

Saturday was a day of getting ready to head over the hill on Sunday for Mother's Day. Ken bar b qued some great chicken and I made him some macaroni salad.  We knew we didn't want to eat out while over the hill on Mother's Day. Later in the day we went over to Karen's for a short Happy Hour.  We came back and sat out by the bunkhouse for a bit, but I wouldn't let him start a fire, I know what happens then!! haha. 

Grandson, Seth had his senior prom so below are a few pictures :)

Mom, Dad and Seth

Seth and Holly..

Seth and his brother, Mason

Double trouble for Seth!

Mason, Seth and our "adopted" grandson, Jackson! 

Sunday morning we sat the alarm for 0430 and had our coffees checking in with our friends.  We were hoping to be out of here by 0700 but it was just on the other side of 0730.  We had our breakfast so we were good to go.  Eric called while we were driving so got my first Mother's Day call! Headed over to Ken's mom's house in Carmichael and had a good visit with her.  Ken's older brother Dave showed up along with our nephew Jesse.  We certainly enjoyed ourselves.  

Jesse, Dave, Grandma and Ken

Around 1530 or so we headed out as we wanted to visit with our youngest son and family.   They had gone around the corner to their friend Steve's new home so we went there.  Had a nice visit with them and around 1800 we left to head for Auburn, CA and the motel we had reserved.  I was bad and later realized I hadn't taken any pictures :( We will have more opportunity starting end of the month :)  Nice evening at the motel just watching tv and having our dinner.  
Russell's gift for me.  He said he walked all around Home Depot
looking for a plant pot for me..yeah they were nice he said but not my
mom.  He saw a pail and said "Now that's country! That's my mom!"
I thanked him for the compliment! 

Bryan called and we made plans to meet at Edelweiss in old town Auburn for a brunch at 1000 today (Monday).  When we lived in CA this was our regular go to spot! Adam came too so that was nice to catch up with him too.  About 1100 we were ready to hit the road.  We took I 80 to the USA Parkway exit in Nevada.  We much prefer Highway 50 but since we were on this side of the canyon, 80 was shorter.  Still a nice drive.  Exactly 3 hours later we were home. 

Unloaded the car and put things away and still a relaxing afternoon.  About 80 degrees today.  

Tuesday and Wednesday doesn't hold much in store, but Thursday we're heading for Washoe Lake State Park for a few nights.  Ken has his yearly eye checkup Friday morning so we figure why not go camping! 

Have a great evening everyone! 


  1. You had a good mother's day and lotsa family fun as well. 80- degrees would sure be nice even back up to the high 60's. Think maybe we will see some of that this weekend.

  2. What a busy time, but it all sounds wonderful. Lots of visiting.
    Nice picture of Ken and Grandma on Mother's Day.
    Love the smiles on Seth's face in both pictures. Double trouble for sure!!
    Glad Ken is on his therapy routine and he'll do well with it, he is dedicated. :)
    Love the pail planter, yup Russell knows his Mom. Hugs to you both.

    1. BTW - those 'wildflowers' make great wine, so I've heard! :D

    2. hmmmm...may have to check into that!! :)

  3. Still playing with Google. Elva Shannon

    1. Keep on playing Elva, but looks like you've got it down!

  4. I cannot believe how many dandelions you have and I do love them. I think they are beautiful. You can make millions of wishes...:)
    Great pictures of Ken and his mom along with his brother. Your grandson looks handsome all decked out for prom. Like Patsy said, your son does know his mom great pail planter and plants.
    P.S. Patsy is right about the wine, also. The older woman who lived next to us used to make it. I remember visiting her with my mom at Christmas and getting a tiny glass of wine with lots of sugar added...lol

  5. I looked quickly at the recipe and yes it's a lot of sugar to be added..Nice memory you have of the visit and the wine :) Glad we were able to get the pictures of Ken, Dave and his mom. She was so happy we visited and so were we! The pail is perfect, hopefully we can keep the succulents alive! The dandelions are so pretty right now with all the yellow just changes the way of desert :)