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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Kingman and friends! Aztec, AZ with Fred, Rose and Omar! Wonderful couple of days!

 Waking up here near Aztec, Arizona. How did that happen? Late last week we found that Karen wasn't going to be heading for Vegas and the trade show. That meant we weren't watching her pups while she was gone. 

What to do now? Load up the Mansion and get gone! I contacted our friends Doug and Michelle in Kingman to see what they were up to on Monday.  Come on down! So we did. 

Kingman, KOA

We left Sunday morning about 0700 and drove the almost 500 miles in one day. Something we don't normally do if it can be avoided, it could have been but we didn't want to. We pulled into the Kingman KOA just nearing 1800 and got set up. We were invited over for cocktails, but it had been a long day. 

Monday morning we stopped by Smith's and got gas and some $$ from the bank. Headed over to Doug and Michelle's and greeted each other with hugs and smiles. Sat in their beautiful living room until about 1200 and then headed to Hooch's Bar and Grill not too far from their home. Oh what a place! Kinda reminded me of a Silly Al's but different. LOL. Great service, excellent food and company! 

Too much fun! Doug's new project!

Yeah, way too much fun!! ๐Ÿ’—

After lunch we headed back to their house for some more conversation and adult beverages. LOL. Totally over enjoyed the afternoon.  You know how you just click with some people? It's been that way every time we see them! 

I think we got home about 1830 and it wasn't too long after I was in bed! Thanks Doug and Michelle for your hospitality! Looking forward to the next visit! ๐Ÿ’–

Tuesday morning we woke up and got ourselves going by 1030. We were headed to Fred and Rose's winter home near Aztec, AZ.  We were planning on heading out down 95 to Yuma and over, but Fred told us another way using 93 that was definitely shorter. WE headed down 93 and actually got quite near Wickenburg which we identified with through other bloggers. Then 303 and then I 8  west.  Beautiful drive all the way. We pulled over for a late lunch along the way. We used to think CA was the worst garbage lined highways, but AZ is certainly a close 2nd. Really sad. 

We found the exit and pulled off following Fred's directions but we weren't really sure where we were going so called him and he and his friend Omar jumped into their car to meet us. ๐Ÿ˜€

We pulled onto Tea Kettle Lane and there's their incredible home. Over the years they have built this piece of heaven to spend their winters at away from cold Wyoming. They really have the best of both worlds! I love their home in WY, but love this one too! 

We all settled in for a nice visit except Rose who's been under the weather these last few days! Feel better soon!! 

Fred and Rose's winter home..so awesome! 2 containers below..An apartment up top he and Oamar built   
along with 2 decks! All run by solar and generator..everything anyone could want!!

Their awesome outdoor kitchen where most meals are cooked!

The upper part is their "apartment" the lower is a bunkhouse
with bunkbeds, pullout couch, complete bathroom. ๐Ÿ’”

Rose made the awesome solar lights!

Around 1800 Omar threw on some yummy burgers and fixings for a tasty dinner. Then we sat outside some more and chatted until I don't remember what time. We enjoyed watching the two kit foxes that come for dinner every evening. 

Wednesday morning Ken sat outside with the guys having coffee while I attempted to get started on the blog. A while later I offered to make breakfast burritos for everyone so that was our late breakfast ๐Ÿ˜Š

We all sat around chatting and somewhere in there I came inside to make potato salad to contribute to dinner. then it was back outside. The temperature warmed, but not warm enough for shorts though. 

We all took a short quad ride nearing dusk and I didn't take phone or camera with me. His property of 180+ acres is beautiful! There is a place Joe, a friend of theirs, named Whiskey Falls. When they get the heavy rains it turns into a raging waterfall! I saw the video, amazing! 

Omar cooked up a brisket, so we had that potato salad and some chips for dinner. Yummy! 

Omar had started a fire, so we enjoyed that until I came in about 2330 and Ken followed near midnight. 

Tea kettles all along the lane to their house!

Great solar lights!

Solar lights everywhere!!

Nighttime views..but I've got to get daytime views before we leave tomorrow!

It was a beautiful but chilly morning. 36 degrees going for 71. Home it's 17 going for 49 so we'll enjoy these temps! 

We had a nice breakfast of beef ribs and eggs and then enjoyed the sunshine for awhile. Rose joined us, so we were glad to see she was on the mend! 

Fred asked if we'd be interested in a drive to Agave Caliente? Sure! My friend Elva had asked yesterday if he'd been there. Yes, they have but not in a few years. so off we went..that will be in the next blog.

Had a great dinner that Ken barbecued of chicken and pork ribs. About 2130 I was ready to call it a night. Great times with great people! 

We'll be leaving tomorrow and heading for the Yuma area. Time to stock up and then see what the days bring :) 

Have a great evening, it's bedtime! 



  1. Looks like you had a great time! I miss Kingman! 500 miles๐Ÿ˜ณ! You two look great!

    1. Yes we did! Yeah not our favorite amount of travel! Aww you're too sweet!

  2. Thanks for the visit! We really enjoyed hanging out with you two! Doug and Michelle

  3. Fun times!! Love the solar lights!! Definitely not as warm as years past!

  4. Great to see you two heading for warmer climes. Great pics of all of you in the tugboat ๐Ÿ˜€ Those Kit foxes are not afraid of people. So pretty. I really like the container home. You can always build on and with 140 acre yard why not. Enjoy the warm weather and if you're going by Borrego Springs on your journey stop by.

    1. Yes we enjoy the travel. Kit foxes are so cute. We haven't really decided where we're headed to at this point. I don't see us in Ca at this point but would love to see you if it works later!

  5. Great to see you heading this way. We are in La Posa South until the 1st of February when we will be moving into a park in Quartzsite. Hope we will get to see you.

    1. I definitely see a Happy Hour in there somewhere :)

  6. I'd love to see inside their container apartment etc. We have so many rules back home about them but have talked about doing that on the Ridge.
    Looks like great time! Love Michelle's smile and the pix of you and Ken. ♥
    Those tea kettles up the lane (I assume all the way) are so unique, love it!
    Enjoy the warm weather, about what our temps are here. Take care!

    1. The apartment is adorable, I didn't take any inside pictures though. Aww thank you! Doug and Michelle are fun! Yes the teakettles go all the way! Hope to see you guys for a Happy Hour soon!

  7. Looks like from the pictures and sounds like from your words you are having a really fun trip. Nice to see the pictures of you and Ken with Michelle and Doug. That tea kettle lane is a wonderful idea along with the lovely solar lights. Your friends have a nice place. Hope you are still planning on stopping by here.❤

    1. Yes it been fun but fast. Glad you liked the pics! Yes we plan on stopping in to see you! Not sure when we'll be that way but will be in touch! :)

  8. Wow, that looks like quite the adventure! Love Fred and Roses place, that certainly is unique!

    1. Oh yes and the adventure continues ! Very unique and so functional! The inside of the apartment is adorable, but I didn't take pics of that..:(