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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Happy Birthday Wendy and Christina! We have a new water heater! Warfighter Coffee Company!

 We have a new water heater! A big thanks to the hubby who can do this kind of stuff! He worked most of the day on it, draining the old one, getting it out and getting the new one in and hooked up! Those things are awkward and heavy! 

Not much room in the area but he got it in and out! 
The date on the other one was 2004 so 18 years, time for the new one! 

He saved us a bunch of money too.  Friends of ours are getting a new one in their house and having the contractor with Lowe's do it. Water heater and installation $1800.00 Ouch! Saved us about $1000.00. Time to play with that extra $$ LOL. It's never extra is it?! 

That morning because he wanted to get started on it we decided to skip breakfast and have a late lunch. 1600 hours we were at Dini's in town. Good time to go as there wasn't any there. People started coming in a little before we left. Great early dinner. Too late to be called linner😊 We both came home with 1/2 our meals there was so much. 

A well deserved 16 oz beer for Ken and just because I was with him a
glass of wine for me! LOL!

We pulled into Karen's driveway on the way home as she was over earlier and we were doing some computer work for her store opening. She had a wonderful fire going so we enjoyed that for a couple of hours. 

Tuesday morning Ken suggested going to breakfast at Dini's instead of me cooking. Who am I to argue? They have an awesome 2eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns and choice of toast or english muffin for $3.99. Best deal in town.  So for $11.00 total (plus tip) we were full! 

Once we got home we both went to work on things. Ken vacuumed out the Patriot from the big move and then he washed it. Looks so much better! Thanks honey! 

I wanted to give a shout out to Warfighter Coffee Company.  Our son Russell, likes to support Veteran
owned businesses (we do too).  The coffee is excellent! This is our 3rd bag of 4 different kinds. We've had 
Pitch Black, dark and rich, Jet Fuel delicious, not as strong and now just opening Warrior Blend. 

The company improves the lives of veterans by creating job, donating profits to veteran organizations 
and raising awareness for mental illness in both the civilian and military sector πŸ’™

Love these commuter mugs too! Each comes with a flag and a saying. Thanks Russell and family! πŸ’–

We met in the living room about 1600 hours and called it quits for the day. Later we talked about a fire out back but decided it was too cold and there was a little wind. Just enjoyed the evening inside. 

We watched a movie called "A Father's Legacy" on Prime, an excellent choice! Tear jerker at the end. 😭

This morning it was about 25 degrees so it took a bit to warm to the high of 52. Ken's been outside pretty much all day finding things to keep him occupied. More firewood as we are going through it quickly with these temps. 

I decided to bake a batch of muffins to put in the freezer for Ken. Much easier to bake here than in the smaller oven in the Mansion. 

     Low Carb Banana Apple muffins, recipe doesn't call for sugar or substitute at all!                  

Happy Birthday today to my sister Wendy (65, welcome to medicare sister). Our daughter in law, Christina shares the same birthday too. I called her and had a nice conversation. She's been home with Covid the last 8 days, think she's ready for some activities now! She said the first 2-3 days were like a bad cold, but she's much better, unfortunately still testing positive. 

Tonight it looks like we're going to have a nice fire out back here. Turkey burgers for dinner so an easy one! Going to get this done and head outside for Happy Hour. 🍷🍺

Enjoy your evening! 


  1. Great job with the water heater Ken.
    Glad you are enjoying the warmer temperatures then we are getting.
    Any chance you are heading to the "Q".
    Wish we could but maybe in a few years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick and Kathy. He idd an awesome job! We are hoping to get to Q in the next few weeks for a visit. Hopefully you can once again!

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  3. Glad to hear Ken got your water heater replaced with no problem. Handy men are #1!!❤
    Happy Birthday to both ladies and going Christine continues to feel better and tests negative soon.

    1. Handy men are awesome! Thanks for the wishes :)

  4. Always nice when a do it yourself job is successful. Money in the bank. First time I've heard you say "too cold out" πŸ₯Ά Happy birthday to Christina and Wendy πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

    1. Yep I so agree Money in the bank! Hahah. Yep it's only warm enough outside for me for a few hours. As soon as the sun starts to set, back to freezing.

  5. You just have to admire a handy man. Great job ... does he hire out??

    Love your coffee idea ... helping out veterans.

    1. He does do good work! Russell is always looking for veteran companies. I love it!