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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Elva, this one's for you! Agua Caliente, AZ

 Aqua Caliente

We left Fred's place all in his car except Rose who opted to stay home. A nice ride through Dateland and country roads. We made a huge circle by the time we were done 😁

Omar, Ken and Fred 💙
They all used to work together and still friends after all these years! 

Our first stop was at "Children of Light".  This place was put together in the late
60's. Bible teachings, communal living and working went on at this place for
many years.  In looking at the internet it seems it was started by people from
British Columbia.  

Very nicely kept 

Hot springs pool

Lots of recliners to read in

It appreared everything was still from the 60's.  Loved the color in the flooring!

The formal dining room (our guide said it hadn't been used in years).

Ceiling and chandelier..

Fireplace in the formal dining area

Gosh darn I'd love to have that windmill!

Looking down at a waterfall pool and nice deck! 

The sewing room..

Looks like this is what they're working on..different

                 We had a very nice tour. At the end he gave us all bags of dates that they                   grow here. We don't eat them so gave our bags to Omar and Fred.

I have to admit, when I used the bathroom it was one of those feelings you see in movies where you tell the person, don't go!  Definitely a different place! Quiet and well kept in the 60's. Glad we went, once LOL. 
The long dining table..only a few are used now. 
The sect started with 18 members and now there is only one left Star, who
was in Yuma for the day. 

Part of the kitchen but there is a huge kitchen but not seeing the picture.
Note the wall paper 
This land has the only two "sweet" wells in the area which is how the dates constantly give to the place. They used to grow beets, carrots, cabbages and pomegranates. 

Once we left there our tour continued...

This used to be a part of Agua Caliente Resort 

There's the beginnings of the resort

I'm sure this place has lots of stories of the rich and famous. Fred said Greta Garbo and other famous actors from that era used to visit!

               The building through the fence looked to be freshly painted and looks like a small church
The Spa! gotta love those stairs...

What appears to have been some other building at the resort...there are remnants of cabins still

Pioneer Cemetary..only residents of the area are allowed to be buried there now. 

The oldest working depot in America..nice wooden benches out front but I missed that photo. :( 

It was a great tour! Thanks Fred! We love seeing the country around them and by ourselves we never would have discovered Agua Caliente! 

Once we got back to Fred's we all talked some more! Ken barbecued chicken and pork, we had potato salad and regular salad, a delicious meal with good friends!💖

Friday morning we got up and cleaned up as this was our go day.  We weren't in a hurry to leave as we knew we were headed for Yuma, less than 80 miles away. 

Fred cooked an awesome corned beef has which we turned into burritos. YUMMY! 
Rose was feeling better so we toured their "apartment" just too cute! Lots of ingenuity went into this piece of heaven they have near Aztec, AZ! Glad we got to spend some time there! 


  1. That certainly was an interesting tour and ride of the area you took, thanks for sharing. Always nice to see things with someone who knows part of the history.

  2. It's odd touring these 60's places. Like you step back in time. ☺
    Thanks for the tour and the story.

  3. Never been there so thanks for the tour. Sometimes I think I'm mentally stuck in the 60s. Most of my firsts were during that decade.

    1. I think my firsts were in the late 60's so know what you mean! :)