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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A sweet memory of my daddy, Jacob calls from Italy, Happy Birthday Linda, Surprise gift in the mail :)

 I'm starting this on Monday evening but know it won't get done until Tuesday morning.  We're watching "It's a wonderful life" and Ken's on the phone with our oldest son, Bryan 💙

Big news of the weekend is grandson Jacob called me from Italy and we talked for an hour and a half!  Such a great conversation! He will be home for Christmas, but has a very busy schedule! His sweetie, Allissa got them tickets to the Raiders game in Las Vegas the day after Christmas! Then we went next door for Happy Hour. 

Ken got lights up out front Sunday and I did some baking.  Just about out of goodies, but I took care of that!  We had left over enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner that were yummy.  

My sister Linda's birthday was December 4th..Happy Birthday baby sister! 

December 5th 31 years ago we lost my dad unexpectedly..😭 Daddy and I used to eat a bag of peanut clusters easily, especially during the holidays LOL. Yes we did!  Yesterday I made peanut clusters in his memory 💖💖 Of course these are sugar free with Lilly's chips..OMG are they good! 

Taking picture of a picture...Daddy, me on the left, Wendy 

Mom and Daddy at my sisters wedding 

This is how I always remember Daddy💖

Ken's almond flour morning glory muffins...

If you knew my dad he was always happy, never had a bad word to say about anyone, proud to be a Veteran, always smiling and loved his 3 girls and my mom to the moon and back.  Then when grandsons started popping up, he was the proudest grandpa (Popo) ever!! These Daddy's girls still miss him like it was yesterday. 

Monday, Ken worked on more lights outside. I did a little shopping online and made cabbage lasagne for dinner! YUM!

Got the sweetest early birthday present from Christina and family in the mail. I LOVE them! 

Left is I love my sailor and right is Marine MOM because I always am..
Once a Marine always a Marine 💙

Ken's got an early dentist appointment this morning (Tuesday) and then I'll meet him in town for breakfast 😋 Not sure what the rest of the day holds, but going way too quickly! Have a great one! 


  1. My you two are busy. Hope the dentist didn't ruin Ken's breakfast. Daughters always remember their Dads💓 Can't forget Pearl Harbor and all the soldiers we lost in WWII. Enjoy the day in store.

    1. Oh Doug you are so right...daughters love their daddies!! Pearl Harbor was so sad...We have to enjoy every day we are blessed with for sure!!

  2. Us daughters will miss our Daddy's forever.Mine was only 70 and i feel he missed so much. I get comfort from believing that he is watching us now, Bill and I and my children and grands. I'm sure you feel the same way. Hugs to you today.
    Your baking always looks so good! Love your gifts, the bracelets and the special phone call. ♥

    1. I feel exactly the same way Patsy. Every time something happens, good or bad I talk to him. :) Yep the phone call and the bracelets certainly made my day!

  3. Nice pictures of your Dad. I can just envision you two sitting on the couch scarfing down those peanut clusters!! As for the Lillys, I have to add back all the sugar!!

    1. Oh yeah those were the days! haha. Then there's the chocolate cream pies my sisters and I would eat with a fork out of the pie pan as soon as it came home..luckily my metabolism was better back then Haha

  4. What pretty bracelets and what a nice surprise to get a call from your grandson. Lots of special memories us girls carry about our Daddy's as I right this quite a few come to mind. Hugs

    1. Yep our daddies are special! the bracelets and the call were awesome!