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Monday, March 1, 2021

Carson City, Reno, Ken to Antelope, A busy weekend!

 Friday our destination was Carson City, NV but first we had to visit Reno and Western Skies RV and see how our tire warranty would work or wouldn't. Wouldn't was the case. 

Thursday we went over all the warranties we bought when we purchased "The Mansion".  You know how the salesmen present them all, yes we need them, it's only a few dollars more a month..so we bought. We never did with the Jayco or any others but for some reason we did with this. We made the decision to get rid of them now. Road warranty, well we've got some with insurance but now we've got AAA. Gap insurance, our insurance is for full value of what we paid. I forget the other, but we'll take our chances.  

Ken went into the office and cancellation was easy, the loan company will credit our loan, fine with us. 

We stopped at Washoe Lake State Park and had our low carb wraps for lunch. Nice view with white caps on the lake from the wind. 

We drove to Discount Tire to see about a new trailer tire. It should be in on Tuesday. Probably another 3 in the not too distant future. They're not cheap, but you gotta have good ones.

Once we finished there it was close to 1600 so we headed for the Days Inn to check in. A nice room, first floor just as requested. Took our stuff in and just vegged the rest of the afternoon. I had baked chicken so Ken had baked chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. I had chicken breast and green beans. Tasty dinner. Eventually we called it a night. 

I set the alarm for 0330 Saturday am but I was already awake. Started the coffee and woke Ken at 0345.  He was ready to leave at 0500. Ken was headed to Antelope, CA to help our son Russell lay a new floor at their house.  I had running around to do once I got myself going. :) 

The finished project minus baseboards. Their little table looks lost LOL. They're having a larger one built for the area. 
This was how it looked when the project started.  So much more open and bright now! 

Picked up an order at Total Wine in Reno.  I've been too cheap lately to buy my organic wine so decided to go back to it as I know it's better for me than US wines. No added sugars and additives. :)  

Since I was there in Reno and it was payday πŸ˜‰ I decided to visit Ross. They still aren't letting you try on clothes so didn't even look.  I'll be wearing rags at this rate! I did get some things for the motorhome and a couple of things for the house, one being a new bedspread for one of the guest rooms. 

The floors after Russell, Lori and Allissa got them pulled up. 
Ken got to see our middle son, Eric while he was down there too! :) 

Headed over to TJ Maxx home goods at the other end of the complex, pretty much walked in and out. Too many people so the aisles were too crowded to enjoy. Maybe on a weekday. 

Headed over to Carson City where I had placed an order for two pizzas at Papa Murphy's.  Not something we do often, but Ken had seen an advertisement for chicken spinach garlic pizza that looked yummy. I ordered one for Sunday night and a delite one to take to Karen's later that evening. 

Headed home and it was late afternoon by the time I got there. WOW how the days fly. I was heading to Karen's about 1730 with a freshly baked pizza. We sat out on her deck with the propane fireplace going just chatting and enjoying Happy Hour. I got home around 2030. 

My "real" pizza for a change. I'm going to make this one with zucchini crust! So yummy! 

Russell and Lori took Ken out to dinner at Old Town Pizza and treated him to some IPA's πŸ˜ƒπŸΊπŸΊπŸ• 

I got this cute picture at 2330 from Lori but didn't see it until the next morning. 

I love this picture! Look Patsy, Ken's smiling!! πŸ˜‚

Ken texted about 0945 Sunday morning, they were just getting up and around πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜…πŸ˜±. He and Russell finished the last 5 pieces of flooring and then he headed home. The flooring looks awesome. Russell will get the baseboards done next weekend, that will really complete the look and then on to the kitchen! 

Once he got home we just enjoyed the evening and then pizza again! 

Today (Monday) was a day of getting tax info together and getting it sent off via computer to our CPA in Winnemucca. I always amaze myself when I'm able to attach stuff and figure out how it goes. They certainly make the process easy! :) Got some bills paid and now getting this blog caught up.  Leftover cabbage lasagna and chicken for dinner so how much easier can that be?! 

Karen's coming over in a bit so we three will have Happy Hour together! Enjoy your evening! 


  1. Your life amazes me.....all the travelling you do. I don't even want to leave Wellton. Glad you are feeling better and took care of your errands. I love all the remodeling Russell, Lori, Ken and everyone are getting done. It's going to look like a new house.

    1. Honestly we don't have much choice when we have things to do..everything is 50+ miles away. Thanks I'm feeling fine now. It already looks like a new house for them, so exciting to see it done. The pride they have of doing it without hiring people is awesome. They will hire their neighbors for the kitchen cabinets though.

  2. That can't be Ken. It has to be a stand in. LOL!
    The pizza looks yummy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I didn't know you could cancel those warranty things. I'll take a good look at mine before I sign. Thanks for the heads up. The house looks so different and the flooring ... what a great change and so much less expensive when you can do it yourself. The pizza looks delicious ... of course ANY pizza look good to me!!

    1. Yes they can be cancelled but of course better if you don't buy what you don't need. Yes it is nice that they're able to get it done themselves. The pizza was awesome!!

  4. Wow....the pizza looks delicious! The home redo looks nice for your son and family.

    1. The pizza was so yummy for a cheap Papa Murphy's! Thank you..their house is turning out lovely!

  5. My, getting up before 6 and still have a full day. You guys keep busy. First time I've seen a picture of Ken smiling.😁 The wall removed and new flooring makes it look much more roomy. Ken didn't get up so early after his night out with the boys.

  6. He does smile a lot just not in pictures LOL. Nope he slept in haha. At least no hangover!

  7. Hey Shirley, I have been lax in getting all the blogs read so I apologize that I almost missed the comment. I'm sure your sweetie smiles a lot and yet there is NO doubt that this is a great HAPPY Ken smile and I love it!! Thank you for the shout out!
    Russel and Lori's kitchen/dining area is so bright and beautiful. Amazing what new flooring and paint can do.
    That pizza looks delicious! I crave it but Bill not so much. That's why I don't attempt to make it at home.

  8. Hi there Patsy! I've been so bad about getting the blog out, wish I could do it daily but it just doesn't happen...Yeah it was a Happy smile, with several beers adding to it! ahaha. He had a great time at Russell's for sure. I love the way their home is turning out and they are able to do it themselves with family help, even better the pride of ownership. :)