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Thursday, April 9, 2020

The week flies by...

Good morning from Yerington, NV.   It's Thursday already, where does the time go?!! Looks foggy out there, Ken opened the door and it's raining a bit..

Pretty much it's been the same all week, with nowhere to go but the grocery 
store, we've been home.  

The boys like to stay up until all hours and so most mornings we don't see them until 1100 or so :) Then it's time for a late breakfast, I give them the choice of breakfast or lunch, they always pick breakfast.  Bacon, (lots of bacon) LOL.  Then it's either french toast or waffles or both. When they're here, I cook them whatever they want as we don't get to see them that often.  

Later in the afternoon they go for a quad ride out to the BLM.  Phones are with them in case there's a problem but they are safe and cautious drivers now that they're older.  

These don't look like the picture I made them from LOL..but they are
chocolate covered strawberries deep fried in waffle dough..Mason had
one, Aaron ate the rest..hahah.  Guess they don't have to look good
to taste good! Today we're trying deep fried ice cream..

The weather hasn't been great with lots of wind and chilly.  Hoping for a warming day so we can go to BLM and do some shooting or the range. 
Aaron getting ready to go..Ken's putting gas in Mason's 

Time to head out!

Because of the wind, Ken has a moveable bar b q.. LOL

Eric and family gave this cast iron cooker to Ken a few years ago..
Makes ONE HUGE burger!! Thanks guys!

We had a night of ping pong championships which will need to continue. There's been movie watching in the evening.  Aaron picked Joker yesterday at Red Box and another.  After an hour or so, I went to bed.  Ken stayed up and watched with them. :) 

Anyway, that's about it.  Taking it easy, some baking, and of course Ken finds himself plenty to do! 

Have a great day! 

Easter Sunday in Florida..probably 1962 or so..

Easter Sunday..Carmichael, CA.  I was in the 6th grade..

Loved our tent dresses! I remember we got these out at Denio's Auction
or as daddy called it  "Okie Farms"...most Saturdays we'd head out there
just to see what they had! 

Out front of our house..modeling our dresses! haha. 


  1. Wonderful times and great memories. I'll be by for breakfast tomorrow if you're going to serve those waffles again. Haha. I've never heard of deep fried strawberries nor had any deep fried ice cream but I like deep fried pickles. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Yep those boys love the waffles! Waffles and lots of bacon! haha. They really liked the ice cream and I did a cheaters version, no deep frying..I'll share..

  2. Hope your weather gets better soon. Those two boys are sure typical teenagers. Keep you young or wear you to death. One or the other. Love the dress modeling:)) Don't know which one is you but they are all cute 😍

    1. You are so right Doug! I'm the oldest sister! :)

  3. Looks like the boys are still keeping you busy while you isolate.
    Cute pictures from the past.
    Be Safe and Enjoy having family nearby.

    It's about time.

  4. Cute pictures of you and your family. I would bet they bring back great memories. Sounds like those two grandsons are keeping you two busy spoiling them. It also sounds like you are loving it. I have had deep fried ice cream, it is Rachel's favorite, but I have never made it so I will be looking forward to how yours turns out. Take care. Hugs

    1. The boys loved it, I did a cheaters version..no deep frying involved! Yep we're enjoying the kids! Too soon they'll be going home :(

  5. That cast iron cooker, we call pie irons, put two pieces of bread and what ever you want in between, for example, pie filling. put in the camp fire to cook, very tasty. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Yum that sounds yummy! will have to try..I bet smores would be delicious!

  6. Oh my gosh .... remember all those homemade Easter dresses? I hated putting a dress on ... I was a levis girl. That cast iron cooker? Grilled cheese sandwiches. How fun you are getting to spend so much time with the kids.

    1. We are definitely enjoying the grandsons :) I was more of a girly girl, always wanting to grow up way too quickly haha. Yum..grilled cheese you're right!

  7. Nice to hear that you are all doing well, staying busy and healthy. Resorting to the 'old' days of entertaining ourselves at home. :)
    Love the old pics, especially the dresses! So cute!
    Stay healthy guys!

    1. Thanks Patsy..yeah the thrill of the week grocery store..haha. A lot of groceries while these boys are here..I told Ken next week gets beans and rice and rice and beans hahah.