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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Making Friends..getting things done to head over the hill :)

Wednesday evening Ken invited Karen and family over for a bar b que and ping pong.  I found out as we were leaving. Not a problem as it was only going to be hot dogs and hot links. 

Got ourselves ready and it was a really nice day on Thursday. Kids finished their breakfasts around 1200.  Company arrived around 1400.  We hd snacks and of course they brought more stuff.  Karen made a delicious potato salad.  Interesting how many variations of potato salad there are isn't it? 
Some of the party group

Aaron playing with Noah..Noah is deaf..so it's kind of hard to communicate..

Noah is a great shot! He really liked Aaron 💖

Mason and Natalie playing..hmm..did she get him??!!

Walked in on Aaron and Noah playing Grand Theft Auto..they were having the best time!!


Ken and Karen's mom, Izzie having a conversation

We enjoyed conversation and food for a few hours.  The kids all played ping pong and seemed to enjoy that. A lot of food and conversation before people started splitting off and going their own way. 

Ken made a fire as it started cooling off so that was nice.  Eventually it was Ken, the boys and me. Ken had told Aaron he'd cook burgers so he did. Mason actually wanted a couple of grilled ham sandwiches so i made those for him. 

Mason and Aaron 💜💚💙

Waffle, chocolate chipes, ice cream and cool whip...yumm??!!!

2 egg, bacon, cheese sandwich X 2..Aaron  had another

Ken cleaning the Mansion

We got 5 plants from Karen (she got them free from nursery in town)
Ken got them planted, as we will be gone until Wednesda

Friday morning we had plans to meet Eric at Hope Valley to exchange the boys :( 
Got them up and fed.  Mason wanted his waffle with ice cream and whipped cream :)  Aaron wanted two breakfast sandwiches...their wish is my command..LOL.. Aaron was funny, he said he didn't know what he was going to do when he gets up and there's no one to cook him breakfast :)  It's called cereal honey..or learn to cook..but he likes my cooking :) 

We saw Eric and Christina for the exchange so that was nice. She gave me this beautiful bracelet..
So special!

Grandma and the dress blues hat along with medals..

The boys went home and we stopped at Tractor Supply in Minden to pick up weed killer and a few things.  Amazingly we didn't stop at Walmart. Home in time for lunch.  

I got a text from our Marine, Seth.  He got his orders and he'll be stationed at Camp Pendleton, San Diego..does it get any better?!  Nope.  He's a happy camper for sure.  

Our Sailor, Jacob was supposed to have started his schooling last Thursday, but apparently a typo in his orders pushed him back a week or so.  We'll hope it starts soon for him. 

We went over to Karen's for a fire last night.  The wind didn't cooperate so we made do with her propane fireplace on the deck for awhile. 

Saturday morning I woke Ken at 0600 and the day got started.  Visiting with our blogging friends while having coffee and a treat.  Then the day flew by before we knew it. I made potato salad, visited Raleys, laundry etc.  Ken brought the Mansion over, washed it (gorgeous), fixed something with the tow hitch, planted plants we got from Karen and more stuff.  

We're pretty much ready to head over the hill in the am.  Our middle son, Eric turns 45 tomorrow (impossible!) Our first grandson Adam, turns 21 on Tuesday so we've got a trip to CA starting tomorrow. We plan on being home on Wednesday. 

I walked into the Mansion and oh my I'm so ready to go! Anywhere! It's just too bad that coming home there's no place to stop for the night yet...hopefully soon! 

I did see that we'll be making a stop at Total Wine while we're that way..CA stores are open while Nevada are not..weird huh! 

Have a good night everyone! 


  1. Sure looks like everyone had a good time, that waffle looks great!

    1. I know we had a great time! Love those grandkids and they grow way too quickly. Pretty much that's what Mason had every morning he was here :) Too too sweet for me.

  2. Sounds like busy times. I know you're sad to see the boys leave but now it is good times for you and Ken too. :)
    Stay safe in your travels, guys.

    1. We do enjoy our time together for sure. If the grandkids want to come, we'll take it for as long as we can get it! Before you know it they've graduated and onto their own lives (Jacob and Seth for instance). Yep, looking forward to seeing more family this week.

  3. That is a beautiful bracelet! And I see a trip to San Diego in your future. How fun for Seth!! I've called two RV parks in California and they are both open for overnight stays. You might call around.

    1. Thank you Nancy and you are correct I can see San Diego in our future :) We may have to do that about RV parks. Glad things seem to be coming around, even though it's too slow for our liking. Seems fellow Americans are getting tired of this lockdown, from what we saw in the news yesterday!

  4. Wonderful post, loved the bracelet. Sorry to see the boys leave but they will be back again and you can spoil them some more. Haha. Looks like a great few days!!

    1. Thank you Deb..the bracelet is special. We may have one coming home with us on Wed if he gets his homework done :)

  5. I am guessing it is quiet, and just a little empty, at the Kay place with the boys gone but luckily you are off to new adventures to see more of those you love. Great news that your one grandson will be stationed in San Diego. What a beautiful bracelet!!! I am not sure how you and Ken can be old enough to have a son turning 45. Stay safe...hugs

    1. WE had a great afternoon and evening with our birthday boy and family. Love the bracelet! Next Sunday we have a 47 year old. I don't know how we have thees middle aged children either..they were just babies and then teens not too long ago..:)

  6. I'm heading your way now the boys are gone. I'm tired of cooking for myself:)) San Diego. What a plush assignment. Years ago my son Steve was assigned there as a cook for the Marines. He was Navy though. Plush assignment for him too. Safe travels and hope you enjoy the Mansion.

    1. You are welcome anytime! Our son (Marine)was stationed there 23 years ago and we spent a lot of time there then. I'm thinking there will definitely be visits in the next few years :) We love the Mansion more and more!

  7. Nice that Aaron was able to connect with Noah. He'll be his Bud for life.
    Glad to see that sunshine you are having. Hope to feel that soon.
    Nice to see Seth is in a good place and Jacob has an extra week to himself. Being on the ships at this time is not good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip with the Mansion.

    It's about time.

    1. It was cute to see Noah and Aaron together. Pensacola is a great place to be, too bad they can't leave the base on liberty though. So glad we bought the Mansion, we love it!