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Thursday, December 5, 2019

A special gift. Snow and little recap of the USS Midway

Well, here it  is Thursday one more time! Getting closer to Christmas very quickly.  

We've been home other than one day of running to Carson City so we could visit Home Depot so Ken could pick up the parts he needs to fix the water leak under the house.  While we were in town, grocery shopping needed to be done and we picked up a Chromebook I found online for under $100.00.  Why? I'm thinking Ken will like it better than his ASUS.  I love my Apple, so I don't think i'll be spending much time on it. haha. 

I did some baking yesterday and then started wrapping presents.  Sure doesn't look like as much as when the grandkids were little, even though I probably spend more money.  Speaking of that, thanks again to my hubby for quitting smoking 31 years ago and putting into an account every month. It gets released at Thanksgiving and it certainly makes Christmas shopping a lot easier on the budget! 

Yesterday the mail came, this came in the mail! Thanks to Eric, Chris, Seth and Mason.  Early Birthday present! I love it!  

We've had a couple of days of snow..I love it, but know it's not what our Canadian friends like to see. We don't get it very often and it doesn't stick around too long, so it 's just perfect for us. 

Ken took this pic of the living room into the kitchen..it's really not that big. I thought it looked nice though..

Beer he had in San Diego, found it at Total Wine!

We've got fog and snow is melting slowly...

I thought I'd go through some of the pics from our trip to San Diego, just as memories. 

Beautiful isn't it..

Downtown San Diego..

Inside the Midway..Silver the officers used..

Officers dining quarters

80 gallon vats..

Russell chatting with a volunteer

Jacob in the brig..LOL

Jacob and Seth..our 6'3" Sailor to be..is going to have to duck
everywhere he goes inside a ship! haha.

USS Midway..very impressive!

Aaron in the driver's seat..

They don't look too impressive..I thought they might have
changed Jacob's mind..but they didn't.

Yesterday was my sister Linda's 61st Birthday! Hard to believe the baby is 61! 

Time to wrap some more gifts..Have a great afternoon..


  1. What a good idea about the non-smoking fund. We've had some snow here in southern Ontario for a bit now, not looking forward to real winter. Dreaming of the southwest, but not likely this year. Best wishes for the season! Gord.

    1. Yes, it was his idea way back when. He said no matter how poor we were he would have found smoking $$. True. So he's put it away every month since. Best wishes back to you! Can't wait for you to move into your new home!

  2. Wonderful gift!! Amazing looking kitchen area. Very nice, bright and cheery. The snow looks pretty but glad it's at your house and not ours. haha. Happy Birthday to baby sister. Love the photos of Midway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you I really liked that ornament. Our son who was in 23 years ago will still give me Marine stuff at Christmas or Birthday because he knows how much I love it. Yeah the Midway was something to see for sure!

  3. I love the quit smoking fund. Maybe Cheryl could start a quit-wine fund??!! Ha! Good luck with that!
    The Midway is sure an impressive ship. We really enjoyed touring her.

    1. Yes he's very diligent about the $$ goes in every month. No I'd never start a quit wine fund! haha..so couldn't blame Cheryl! Yes she was impressive.

  4. Yup that's snow! It's fine as long as I'm not going anywhere! I toured the Midway some time ago when basically, it was nothing but steel. The tours were self-guided and I got lost, naturally. Great pictures!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, easy to get lost! I love being home and not going anywhere with the snow. Seems so Christmasy that way.

  5. Tom said, your grandson will definitely be ducking a lot on Navy ships, even at his height he was watching all the time. Those racks Tom said, are the good ones...LOL
    Pretty snow from a distance...:) Nice new decoration!

    1. Thank you! Yeah Tom's name was mentioned a bit while we were onboard ship!! LOL. Oh boy those were the good ones..haha.