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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Happy Birthday Grandma! Pictures of a cute couple..closer to Christmas!

Jacob and Allissa in Disneyland 💜

Tuesday morning we got ourselves up and out the door at about 0700.  Took highway 50 to Carmichael, CA.  We called her a few minutes before we got there to tell her we were arriving. 

Beautiful morning of the 13th..from our back porch..

Closer view from the porch 

Gardnerville, NV

Highway 50..quite a bit of snow..very pretty

Lake Tahoe in the distance

Diane was there and about an hour later Ken's older brother Dave and his wife Emmy came to visit too. We got there about 1100 and left about 1430.  For awhile Ken's brother Don was in on the conversation all the way from TN.  I don't like speaker phone, but in this instance it was nice! 

It was a short visit but better than no visit for her 92nd Birthday! We headed home and by the time we got to Minden we were hungry so figured CVI was a  good place to stop.  Turns out for the first time really we were disappointed.  These are servers we never see because we're usually there for lunch not 1700 for the dinner crowd.  By the time we got our food it was cold.  I asked the server to stick it in the microwave which she did.  Just not impressed with anything! We got home about 1930 or so.  

Wednesday morning after watching the news we were really glad we didn't wait to go over the hill.  Snowing, chains and later the highway shut down because people don't know how to drive when it's snowing!  

It was a day of wrapping and rechecking the list to make sure everyone is taken care of present wise.  Just waiting on 2 from the same place and a gift certificate needs to be bought.  Whew...:) 
Organized mess..

A happy mess, but a mess...haha.

About 1600 Ken texts me asking "where's the egg nog" a cute pic of a fire going? What the heck he had just told me he wasn't sitting down yet?! Well, he got a fire going out back and about 1/2 hour later we both sat down for happy hour in the cold temps.  We were nice and warm though! Karen came over and joined us a little later.  
Troublemakers! Egg nog and brandy..oh so yummy!

Looks like another storm coming in over the weekend so we've made the decision to head over on Saturday morning, drop gifts at Russell's, my friend Joanie's and then to Georgetown to drop them at Bryan's.  All that will leave is Eric's which we'll drop on Tuesday when we pick up the trailer. The news is saying travel Saturday, not Sunday.  So hopefully they are right. Probably another one day turnaround.  

Grandson, Jacob and his sweetie Allissa took a trip this week to Disneyland. I got a sweet text from her saying they wanted to share pics throughout their trip so I'm sharing them with you.  Made my days getting these pics. 💜

Jacob made his own light saber at the new Star Wars exhibit..
That's our Sailor to be next month!
It's so pretty at night

Last night's picture..they had a blast!

Our Marine, Seth will be home next week for Christmas. We're all excited to see him for a few days before he heads off to school for his job! 

Well, he's done it again!  It looks like Happy Hour is out back near a warm fire :)

Have a great evening everyone!  


  1. Everyone is sharing in the Cold Weather. Glad you are finding a way of staying Warm.
    Nice the kids are sharing their pictures.
    Be Safe on Saturday and Enjoy the giving.

    It's about time.

    1. WE go through a lot of firewood inside and out this time of year. Always makes me happy to hear and see what the kids are up to for sure! I love Christmas time!

  2. I can see where those Troublemakers could be trouble!! :-)
    Belated Happy Birthday to you young lady, and to Grandma at 92! Wow! My Mom will be 92 this January. Amazing!
    So all the Christmas gifts are wrapped and I bet the freezer is full of your delicious baking. What will you do with yourself from now till Christmas? Don't get in Trouble! wink, wink.

    1. Yes they are trouble! But it's tradition..LOL. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Ummm..no freezer full yet! Hoping to do a little baking b4 Christmas for sure. I'll try not to get into trouble. Yeah right!!

  3. Very nice of you two to make the trip for Grandma's birthday. Lots of snow along the route. Looks like you're all ready for Christmas. Enjoy the warm fires.

    1. It's so worth it to see her, we feel so blessed to have her and she is in wonderful shape for 92..We're already planning her 100th birthday party :) Pretty much ready, thank goodness!

  4. Wow ... that's a LOT of Christmas packages! I'm glad it's you driving in all that snow and not me. I'm a fair weather driver, even in my Jeep! Yup, you just HAVE to have eggnog at Christmas time!!

    1. We've got a big family...when the grandkids were little there was more. Now it's a present and a little cash.I agree about the egg nog..wish it wasn't so calorie laden though. I do buy the low fat haha.

  5. Happy Birthday Grandma! How sweet of you to drive for even a short visit. I agree with Nancy. Can I be one of our grandchildren? haha
    Driving in that weather is not something I miss. Been there done that, hoping not to have to do it again anytime soon. You two be safe in your travels delivering those gifts. Where are the reindeer?

  6. Lovely pictures of the snow. Your place looks very festive. Nice of you and Ken take that ride to celebrate Grandma's birthday.
    I hope you had a safe travel day delivering all those Christmas gifts. Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  7. I just love the photos you share.
    Glad you're about ready for Christmas now. Everything looks so festive.