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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Another catch up post...Happy Birthday Ken!

All 5 of our handsome grandsons..together one more time!💕
Jacob (18)..Aaron (14 1/2) Seth (18) Mason (14 1/2)  Adam (20)
Good Sunday morning! Today is Ken's 68th Birthday! He's already gotten several phone calls and even though he doesn't have Facebook, he's still getting many good wishes via my page. :)   I asked him what he wanted to do today and he was planning on putting up Christmas lights outside. Yep.  Well, we woke up to a dusting of snow that is now melting so under the eaves he'd be getting wet all day. Maybe tomorrow.  I offered to cook him a special dinner, but he wants leftovers of some turkey and stuffing. Ok.  He's not a sweet eater, so no cake or pie, but he's happy with his day! Guess that's all that matters right?

I love this pic of Ken and Russell :) 

Our front yard this am..

Back yard... :) 

Let's see if I can get back in the blogging groove! Even in the heart of Sacramento the wifi/mifi wasn't good enough for me to be able to post comments on blogging friends so it definitely wasn't enough to post the blog with pictures. Frustrating to say the least.  

Definitely was a good week spent with family and friends! 

Tuesday the 26th we left here and headed over the hill hoping to miss some of the snow and the shutdowns of highway 80 that most certainly happens when it snows and people don't slow down or think they don't need chains and come to find out they do! In the end it took us 9 hours to get to Eric's house in what normally is about 4 hours at the most.  It was right around 1900 when we got to Eric's.  We visited a bit and then called it a night. 
I 80 traffic..

Pick up truck on its side...sure caused a slow down...

Some people who didn't heed "chains required if you don't
have 4 wd drive...

Slow moving traffic...

Wednesday morning the 27th we slept in until 0630 and a little later I got a text in the trailer from Mason asking if I would make pancakes for him :)  Of course! 

After getting ready I went in and cooked up some bacon and then pancakes for him. I ended up making egg sandwiches for Eric and Seth.  Ken had eggs and bacon. A very good morning. :)
Christina had pictures taken yesterday
Just a couple of Seth in his dress blues 

After breakfast Ken got the trailer hooked up and we headed for Cal Expo RV Park.  Got our usual site of #210 and got set up.  Just hung out in the trailer for the rest of the day as weather was too cold to sit outside. I made gravy, green bean casserole and cooked the stuffing that wasn't in the turkey.  Later we had egg nog and brandy for Happy Hour and watched Prancer to top off the evening. 

Thursday morning, November 28th..Thanksgiving Day.  We got ourselves up and going early as I wanted to be at my sister's close to 0900.  Russell, Steve and Michael were going to be there smoking a turkey.  Got our stuff unloaded and Ken headed out for his yearly turkey day visit to our friend KC.  This year he had decided to stop by his brother Dave's place too.  Emmy (our sis in law) is recovering from quadruple by pass surgery. 
Eric holding Cassidy..she wanted to cry but didn't LOL..

Christina had this amazing cake made and the cookies..
to celebrate Seth's graduation from Boot Camp..

Mason, Jacob and Diane in background

Wendy and her daughter, Tasha looking at
the ads..

Watching a turkey smoke..haha. 

Little Cassidy coming out of her play house..

All the cousins...
from left..Mason, Aaron, Seth, Jacob, Adam, Dusty and Jesse

Jacob, Aaron, Seth, Mason, Adam, Dusty, Owen and Jesse

The boys and their sweeties...
Aaron, Allissa, Jacob, Seth holding Cassidy, Holly, Mason, Dusty,
Owen, Chelsea, Adam

The day went beautifully with family showing up, especially all 5 grandsons:) Bryan had to work and Cheryl stayed home to cook a turkey dinner for him. 

About 1630 we headed over to visit Ken's mom for a while.  Diane and Jesse joined us there.  We headed back to Cal Expo after a couple of hours. 

Friday morning...traditionally known as Black Friday.  Since we were kids my sisters and I have gone out for Black Friday.  Things have changed over the years but we always go.  The crowds start much later on Friday as now stores open on Thanksgiving :(   
Seth and Mason with their Christmas tree on
the side of the road..

The yearly Christmas tree picture..at Stumpy Meadows
Mason (who looks really cold) and Seth..

Eric's truck and the cut tree..doesn't look like too much traffic

Ken dropped me at Linda's house about 0515 and then we picked up Wendy and headed for the mall in Roseville.  JC Penney had no one there.  At  a little past 0600 the Disney store was on Linda's list.  By the time we checked out there was a ton of people in line and only 2 checkouts!  But we persevered and got our items haha.  

We had breakfast plans as Seth and Jacob were going to be out shopping (didn't happen).  They met us at The Waffle Barn in Roseville at 0815.  We all had a very nice breakfast and conversation :)  Wendy, Linda and I headed back out to Big Lots and Ross.  About 1130 they dropped me at Cal Expo.  That was enough  for that day.  
Not the best pic..but..Jacob, Allissa, Mason, Ken
Seth, Wendy, Linda..I prefer my camera to
taking pics w phone..but all I had..

Ken was back at the trailer after helping his mom out after breakfast. I made a Total Wine order and we headed over to pick it up. Gotta love that service! Back to the trailer for Happy Hour and relaxation. 

Saturday morning it was time to head home.  We got ourselves going and got to Eric's near 1000.  Visited a bit and then headed home, leaving the trailer at Eric's until Christmas Eve.  We were hoping to see Seth one last time (as he hasn't heard from recruiter's assistance yet).  He wasn't home, but still a nice visit for a bit.  He leaves Tuesday morning for MCT school at Camp Pendleton. Then it's off to Fort Sill, OK for more training. 

We had a lovely drive on Highway 50 and arrived at CVI at 1230 for lunch :) After that I had a nice nap on the way home.  Unloaded the truck and basically it was time for another Happy Hour.  Ken started a fire as it was 25 degrees when we got home.  We enjoyed the evening and had an early night. 

We'll see what the week holds, but I know I've got more Christmas shopping to do along with grocery shopping. Oh yay..haha.  

Saw this morning on George's blog, he's got his famous vest and hat on along with his smile :) Made us smile to see this.  In our thoughts and prayers. 

Have a great day everyone! 


  1. A belated Happy Birthday goes out to Ken.
    Glad the Family was able to get together for Thanksgiving.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season.

    It's about time.

    1. I love when we can get together :) Doesn't seem like it's often enough, but I treasure every time it happens!

  2. Happy Birthday Ken.
    What a handsome bunch of men in your family!!!
    Looks and sounds like you had a great time over the holiday. Glad you made it safely!!

    1. Thank you Deb! It was wonderful, but it's nice to be home too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ken! Those are some great family pictures. You are a proud wife, Mom and Grandma. :)
    Those roads in that weather do not look like fun. I dread the day we have to drive in that again.

    1. Yes I am Patsy! Love all these boys in my family! It's beautiful in the snow, but not fun for sure!

  4. Another Happy Birthday to Ken from Tom and I...he deserves a second one though it might be a belated one by the time you read it...:)
    Nice catch-up. Great family pictures and a very handsome Marine in his dress blues. Glad to read it sounds like the ride home was a lot safer and quicker. The picture of the line of vehicles along the side of the road without chains, you just have to wonder who they thought the sign about chains was for...instant karma. Take care...hugs.

    1. Thanks you guys! Yeah, if only those idiots that travel with no chains only affected themselves would be alright..unfortunately it affects everyone..hence 9 hours! Thank goodness we were in dehydration mode haha.

  5. Happy Birthday Ken!! Hope you got spoiled today. (I bet Shirley spoils you every day!!)
    Yikes, those roads. Stay safe out there.

    1. Thanks Dave, I do try to spoil him as he does me :) The roads are bad when it snows for sure!

  6. GREAT family photos. You certainly have been busy!!! I see a lot of rain in our future ... stay dry!!

    1. Thank you Nancy! We awoke to the second morning of a nice dusting of snow..sure makes it feel like the holidays!

  7. Sorry, I'm catching up on reading posts. With that, Happy Belated Birthday Ken, Glad you enjoyed your day. THANK YOU for posting the pictures of Seth in his dress blues, I have been waiting to see him in them. To me, there is nothing better than any service person in their dress uniform.

    1. Aww..thank you Bill, I have to agree! Thanks for Ken's Birthday wish! It's hard sometimes to stay on top of all the posts, especially as people are on the road.