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Monday, December 16, 2019

Birthday buddies, Antique shopping, Adam visits, Ken's dr visit

Well here we are again..another catch up post.  I don't know why I don't blog more often..no excuses..
It's been so cold our beautiful wreath has stopped
dropping needles!! Think they're frozen. haha.
15 degrees this am with a high of 37! Brrrrr...

Friday the 13th was my 64th Birthday!!! How did that happen?! Luckily most of the time I don't feel like I should be 64 so I consider that a blessing.  I heard from all my sons along with daughter in law Cheryl who called trying to beat the crowd.Haha. She didn't, as Russell had called first. Heard from 3 of the 4 grandsons that were able to call. Seth is at MCT school, so he couldn't call if he wanted to.  Adam forgot, but I talked with him the day before.  So many shoutouts on FB and on my phone. :) Happy Day! 

Ken offered to take me to breakfast and/or lunch but i was happy to stay home. We had plans to go to Karen's for dinner.  We headed over late afternoon and had a wonderful time.  Her grandson, Niko is my Birthday Buddy.  He turned 9!  He's such a cutie and gives the best hugs :) I've got another buddy..Haylee Madsen, she turned 17 and is just a doll! 

Haylee..way too grown up already!! We used to go
ATV ing w her family about 11 to 14 years ago..💗

Niko and some presents

His grandma Karen put $$ in each balloon so they had to be

Cameron, Niko and Sophia 

Sophia watching her cousin open gifts..

We probably spent too much time by her large propane fire pit, but that's ok we certainly enjoyed.  

Saturday morning we picked up Karen at 0915 and headed to Fallon about an hour away from here.  We were headed to Just Country Friends an antique shop we enjoy.  Spent a couple of hours there and she spent a lot of $$.  I spent $5.00 on a old red sauce pan and Ken spent $45.00 on a cast iron kettle for the wood stove.  After that we headed for Stockman's Casino for a nice lunch. After that we headed home as we had a parade to attend later. 

Our little town holds a Parade of Lights in December.  This was the 3rd annual and what a turn out!  They had 51 entries which were pretty amazing. It was certainly cold and in my mind I thanked my sister for my Uggs she bought me a few years back!! We headed over to Karen's mom's house for a bit before heading home. 

Miss Izzie, Karen's mom...💜

Miss Amelia attending her first parade! That's how
cold it was! 💗

A little blurry but Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Sunday morning we got a call from Adam saying he wanted to come over.  He worked at the pizza parlor from 1000 to 1600 then he was driving over.  I told him his Papa had a dr appointment Monday, he was welcome to run around with us if he wanted.  He got here about 2000 and of course being a boy, he was starving! Luckily Ken had bar b qued some awesome chicken and I made mashed potatoes so he had a hearty meal.  It was a pretty early night for us all. In the end he decided he was just going to head for home in the am.  We always say this kid has the gypsy in him...he likes driving and going if he's got a few days off. 😀

Today we said goodbye to him as we left first.  The Dr. appointment went well. Dr. Foster is so awesome!  He wants Ken to get a CAT Scan in April and then come back.  He's still shaking his head to figure out why Ken had the issues he did.  I got my hug before I left. :) 

We did a bunch of running around in Carson City and then had a late lunch/dinner at Betsy's Big Kitchen.  We lucked out and got Lisa once again.  turned out we were talking about how great she is and it turns out we were sitting right next to her sister and Lisa's husband! They enjoyed hearing us talk so good about her. :) 

We headed home and I wrapped a few presents.  We've decided to head for CA and to visit Ken's mom tomorrow.  Her birthday is Wednesday but it's supposed to be snowing over the summit!  It'll be a one day turnaround as next week we'll be over for a few days because it's Christmas.  

Have a good night!


  1. Looks like a fun parade. How cute was that little Amelia all bundled up.
    I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is coming. Glad to read Ken's appointment went well and you got your hug...lol
    Sounds like you had a very nice birthday and enjoyed the day. Hugs.

    1. We were glad too and nice that the doctors are still following up with him. Certainly puts a hitch in our travel plans though..LOL. Hopefully next winter will be better for traveling. He's a sweetie, Dr. Foster. :)

  2. I wished you a Happy Birthday sounds like you had a good one. Thanks for the catch up always great to hear from you.

    1. Yes you certainly did wish me Happy Birthday on FB! I'm just glad you are doing so well and can comment again !

  3. Brrrrr I can just SEE the cold! It's running around 36 here in the valley. Great Christmas parade! You certainly don't let any moss grow under your feet. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  4. Oh yes it is cold! 15 degrees this am going for 36..too cold! Yes it was a wonderful parade. Thank you for the Birthday wish!

  5. It seems to be chilly everywhere this week but so much better for us than back home so trying not to grumble. :)
    I'm glad you had a nice birthday, and 'sharing' the same day with some cuties is a bonus!
    Looks like a great parade. Drive safely tomorrow, Wednesday.

    1. Yes, it's really cold, sure would love to have your temps!! Amazing how many December birthdays there are even just in our extended family! Parade was wonderful, very down home. Waking up this am (Wed) so glad we went over yesterday...chains required = stupid people! hah..

  6. Haylee group as quick as a blink. Kids seem to do that. Thanks for reminding me to take a chicken breast out of the freezer for tonight. I'm always forgetting to do that. No used to cooking for myself. You're still young so you and Ken keep on enjoying the good life. You two deserve it.

    1. You're too sweet Doug thank you! Kids do seem to grow so quickly, hard to believe my first born is 46! haha. Love chicken breast!