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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Catch up once again...

Well yesterday's posting didn't happen so I'll try to get a quick one now.  I'm writing this from Cal Expo RV Park as this will be our home for the next two nights. We're back in CA for our annual Christmas with family! 
This was our sunrise at home on the 20th 

We stopped at Eric's house about 1100 this am and picked up the trailer. It's been there since Thanksgiving, which saved us from having to re winterize the trailer.  Seth is home until New Years Day so everyone is happy about that! 

We headed down the hill and got settled in. I spent part of the day making 7 layer dip and green bean casserole for tomorrow. Spent yesterday making a turkey, potatoes, gravy and I forget what else. Baked some goodies for the neighbors on both sides of us too. 
I made some sausage balls to take next door..they were a hit!

Brownies for the kids to enjoy..

Ree's Restaurant Potatoes..

Today, the seven layer dip..

Around 1700 we went next door for a short visit and to drop off their gifts. We had a brandy and egg nog together and wished them a Merry Christmas. Alarm was set for 0400 so we could get out a little after 0700. 
Ken found this picture a few days ago..Grandson Adam
and Ken at Mule Days in Bishop, CA.  He was our little
cowboy then :) He was probably 4 now he'll be 21
in April!! 

Last week catchup...
Good Monday morning!  December 23rd We are awakening to dark, cloudy skies.  They're saying it may snow later today so we'll see! Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and clear so a little snow today would be perfect! 

Saturday morning we were out of the house just a little after 0600.  A nice drive over the hill and the first stop was Bryan's house for a short visit with Cheryl.  Bryan and Adam were working.  

Then down the hill to Antelope, CA for a quick visit with Lori and Jacob.  Eventually Russell and Aaron were out of the shower so we had a few minutes with them too.  Aaron said he wants to come over to our place on Christmas break so we'll be bringing him home with us on Thursday :) 

We left there and headed over to Joanie's place in North Highlands.  She was one of my first volunteers when we opened the Sheriff's Service Center and has always been special to us.  She is 96 years young and doing awesome!  We always get her great grandchildren a few gifts so we dropped them there! 
Joanie and "her Ken"...she loves her yearly picture with him :) 
She decorates her house so cute..with no help! 

It was after 1300 when we left there to head back home, so we made one more stop at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant to have a late lunch and to see our favorite waiter, Chris.  We're only there about once a year now and he always has our drinks ready! :0  He has a beautiful little family and always has a card for us, we have one for him too :) 

After a huge lunch and a drink, we headed for Carson City.  Friday night I made reservations for the Days Inn there.  Using my points I paid $50.00 for the night. It's a nice hotel, where I stayed when Ken had his surgery last summer.  After all the driving Ken did last week he deserved not to have to drive all the way home! 
Monday we did Carson City, Tuesday to his mom's in CA, Thursday, Reno and then Saturday to Ca again. He definitely deserved a break!  We got there and the sun was just setting.  

Enjoyed a nice evening in the room.  Yesterday morning we awoke at 0630 after a pretty sleepless night. 

Sunday evening we headed next door for our Christmas with their whole family.  Karen made an awesome bar b q dinner and then we all went into their bedroom (which is huge) and let the kids open their presents we got them.  It was so much fun to watch!  We received some very nice gifts too from them all. What a great evening.  I don't think we got home until near 2330.  They all make us feel like part of the family :) 
Cameron (left) Niko covering himself with his new blanket

Cameron was excited over Super Hero
gloves and a beanie..

Sophia with some of her goodies..

Noah and his Toyota Truck..

Niko opening one more..

Cameron opening his blanket..


Izzie on the left, Isabel and Lynzee 

I was telling Karen she did too much..

Lynzee, Hannah (visiting from Oklahoma)
Sophia and Noah

Izzie and Amelia 

Ken, John and Carlos

Sophia loves her Papa!

Noah, Sophia and the new puppy

This may be a little hard to follow..sorry about that, but just wanted to get this posted as tomorrow is Christmas Day.  

Happy Hour Time! Have a great evening!!


  1. As usual, that is some awesome looking baking you have Shirley.
    Nice that you have been busy with visiting family and friends.
    I find it is always tough to sleep the first might in a strange bed. Especially motels. Nice that Ken didn't have to drive though.
    Merry Christmas to you guys! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  3. My you have been putting on the miles! I enjoy Cal Expo ... it's close to a vey good quilt shop! I'm trying to keep the snow at bay. Hope we don't see any until I get south of the mountains to Indio.

  4. WOW, you two have been busy. Enjoy your time with Family and friends and we will see you next month! Fingers crossed... Doug and Michelle

  5. Wishing your entire Family a Safe and Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

  6. What fabulous food! What wonderful visits with family and friends!
    Joanie looks awesome at 92 and I love the picture of her with 'her Ken'. :)
    These are special times and special memories.
    Merry Christmas, Ken and Shirley! Wishing you all the best of joys for 2020!

  7. Sounds like a couple of busy days. Love looking at all the pictures.
    That is a great picture of Joanie and Ken.
    Merry Christmas! ❤ Hugs

  8. Hope you folks have a Merry Christmas. Wonderful photos, fantastic visits and some special memories. Life is good.

  9. Lots of family. Hope we're still awesome at 96. Can't remember all the names but John I do. Great hair and beard topped with a great hat. Nice to have family around on Christmas.


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