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Thursday, February 29, 2024

A quick catch up :)

 Time just keeps flying by way too fast! So here we are on Thirsty Thursday once again. If we were at Russell and Lori's I'm thinking we'd be joining them out somewhere for a few adult beverages! Not this week though. 😒

We had our usual Champagne Sunday and enjoyed that in the outdoor kitchen once again. This cauliflower pizza is sure addicting for Sundays. 

Excuse the pan, my new one was in Mansion. I had the doc's
half. Chicken, onion, mushroom and cheese. Ken's the 
combo mainly. Oh so yummy. 

It was a beautiful Sunday to be outdoors! 

Monday I got another package out to Jacob. Last one took about 2 1/2 weeks to get to him on that big ship. I was beginning to think I'd have to go to a big city Post Office to get the job done, but finally the guy at the second post office in town got it right! 

Goodies for him and his friends. Takes me back to when 
Russell was on a ship so many years ago 💙

Tuesday we headed for South Lake Tahoe with the car hauler to pick up some firewood from a Facebook Marketplace ad. A tree service was offering it for Free and boy did they load us up. Won't be going back as the rounds are huge and it'll be another year or more before they'll be usable. Mostly pine so we won't burn it in the house but for outdoor fires. A lot of work for Ken getting those rounds off the trailer. 

Wednesday, I spent the day working on Adam's taxes. I made sure I can get into our tax program to send to the CPA in Winnemucca too. I need to just get it done and over with. 

Today we're dealing with lots of wind here. Ken's been outside most of the day working on the firewood. Power has gone out once already and the internet is still out! Thank goodness for mobile hotspot! 

Ken makes his last truck payment tomorrow! Woohoo! 

Stole it from FB. Russell, Lori and friends headed to the 
beach for a day. Looks like he had a good catch. 

Baby Phoenix on his bike 💙

His first time eating french toast, nothing left so I'm
assuming he liked it. :) 

Time to call it a day and get this posted. Have a great


  1. A busy week.
    It looks like Ken is going to need a Log Splitter to cut those rounds.
    Phoenix looks to be enjoying new foods. A growing boy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We've got a great log splitter, a necessity here! It seems Phoenix loves to try new foods :)

  2. Replies
    1. Love watching him grow, even if it's only through pictures.

  3. I bet Jacob is so excited to receive those packages! Send some of that firewood out this way, we could sure use it!

    1. Not only does Jacob get my packages he gets them from his mom and sweetie too!

  4. I remember boxing up packages like that and sending them out. Boy do those kids love receiving it!! Phoenix ... that face!!!! So sweet.

    1. Yes they do! I love seeing the pics of Phoenix too :)

  5. The pizza looked fabulous on a well seasoned pan. I have a couple that look just like that!
    You need a skid steer to do some of that heavy stuff.
    The box looks fantastic, Jacob will enjoy all of those goodies!
    Russell looks like he’s having a blast.
    Phoenix is a cutie!


  6. I bet Jacob and friends love those packages of goodies!