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Friday, June 17, 2022

Karen opened her store in town "NOT JUST CANDLES", More progress on the kitchen :)

 It's been almost a week again, but other than working on the kitchen really not much going on. 

I did go to my yearly doctor's appointment and some lab work done. All is good there.  

WE took one day and headed to Reno for a Total Wine pickup, Lowe's, Walmart and Raley's. CVI for Linner and then home. Of course, you know the day was done by the time we got home. 

Karen opened her store in town on Tuesday.  Ken suggested going out to breakfast before we met her at the store so Ken could do a few last minute things. Breakfast was yummy and out the door with a four dollar tip for $15.00. 

Karen's store, Not Just Candles..Very unique items along
with homemade soaps, bath salts and candles 😍 

Good luck Karen and Izzie! 

We went next door for dinner and met Cameron's grandparents
from Southern California. πŸ˜€

Here's a few pictures of the kitchen. Coming along nicely! 

Ken got the water hooked up to the sink. One more place to wash dishes LOL.

I made the little valance for color mainly, as we didn't want to cover much
of the windows. The big shelf was made by one of our boys in high school as was 
the other smaller shelf.  I have 3 of every shelf and these didn't have a
name on the back.

The red heart shelf was bought at a garage sale in Warren, ID when I took
my mom back there for a friends 50th wedding anniversary several years 

Ken's only got 9 more pavers to do! Then a little concrete  along the edge πŸ˜ƒ

We love it way too much already! 

John and Karen gave us this fridge for pantry use. It was all black, I painted it
light gray and the front is a chalkboard πŸ˜ƒ

The fridge had been sitting in their back field for years. Opened it up and clean inside. It will be perfect for holding plates, glasses, etc to keep them from 
getting so dusty.  Got this idea from our friend Fred in AZ! πŸ˜†

I've had this since the first week we got married almost 50 years ago. My 
mom gave me this with cups (wish I still had) at my wedding shower. Found
the perfect place for it. πŸ’•

The barbed wire won't be staying there. Our niece, Linda made this wine 
glass holder for me in the 8th grade (she's 44 now).  Perfect spot for it 😍

Last night's view from the kitchen 😍

Ken has his yearly cardiologist's appointment this morning at 1100. Dr. C comes to town once a month so we don't have to go to Carson City which is nice! 

We hope to get the pantry fridge set and soon he'll get the new grill set up. 
Have a great day, time to get going! 


  1. Karen's shop looks really cute. A refrigerator for a pantry? How clever. That last picture is beautiful. Congratulations on a good medical report.

  2. Thank you Elva! The fridge keeps everything nice and clean, no sand LOL.

  3. The kitchen is coming right along! Love the knickknacks with all the memories scattered around, makes it really special!

    1. Thank you! It gives me someplace to display these things I love but didn't have room in the house to do it!

  4. I never would have thought to use an old fridge for storage. What a great idea .. will definitely keep the dust off everything!!! Karens shop is too cute! I hope she does well.

    1. Thank you ! If today is any indication (her grand opening) she'll do well. We have a couple of antique (?) shops in town and people were excited today as we have nothing like hers!

  5. Congrats on your A-1 check up, girl! ♥
    Your outdoor kitchen is certainly a place to love! Your pantry fridge reminds me of when we had our house in the city. In the rec room we had an old pop machine. When it was using too much electric power, we unplugged it, emptied it and used it to store our Christmas decorations. Worked perfectly and was a conversation piece at the same time!

  6. Thanks Patsy! I know we always wonder what blood tests will show, so happy when they're good! I would love the old pop machine!! Definitely a conversation piece!!