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Monday, June 6, 2022

Fridge is in, continuing on with the pavers, working on the Youngstown kitchen cabinet

 Well the weekend has come and gone way too fast! Today we're headed to Walmart in a few minutes. 

Ken worked on the outdoor kitchen the last few days.  It's coming together nicely! We love the pavers we're using.  Once he got so far, we put the refrigerator out there yesterday. Yep, really liking it! 

We have a fridge! 

All insulated and finished with the wood

Not the best picture but he's got 4 rows of pavers done :)

I worked on cleaning the Youngstown kitchen. It's been sitting outside at Mel's place for years and there was so much dirt, sand and just crap! I scraped off the linoleum and contact paper that had obviously been on the shelves since the  70's. Obvious by the contact paper! LOL. 

Ken put it on it's side so I could get to the shelves easier

The  sink top is filthy...

Inside the shelves were covered with old linoleum
and contact paper..

Next...the sander will happen..

Now to get as much rust off as I can with my little sander and then paint! Hopefully tomorrow. By the time we get home today the days will be pretty well done. Then we've got a graduation to attend at 1900 in Silver Springs, about 1/2 hour away. 

Seth and Holly and  some Marines were in TX this past weekend. Did you know the town of Bowie, TX has the world's largest Bowie Knife? Yep, even in the Guinness World Records! 

Seth and Holly 😍

Seth and friends! 💙
We're home, groceries put away and now it's time to get ready to head out again for Isabel's graduation. 

Happy Hour will have to wait today! Have a great evening. 


  1. As I knew it would, the fridge and pavers look great in the kitchen! Wow, good job! So will the Youngstown kitchen once you finish. ♥

    1. Thank you Patsy! I'm hoping the Youngstown kitchen looks worse than it is...LOL.

  2. It's coming together! That sink and shelves need a lot of love, can't wait to see the finished versions!

  3. Thanks Jim..You are right, and I can't wait either. In my vision it works! LOL.

  4. Wow that kitchen is going to be fabulous. I think I'd cook outside ALL the time!!! Looks like some elbow grease is required, but it will be worth it in the end.

  5. Thanks Nancy, glad you like it! Oh yeah elbow grease is certainly required, but I am enjoying working on it :)