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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Father's Day, The Kitchen, Karen's grand opening, Molly

 Again, way too long since a post! We've been working on the outdoor kitchen and that's taken up most of our time. A lot more work than you would think, but it's coming together. 

Saturday, Karen had her grand opening of her store in town...Not Just Candles. We were there at 1000 and then left around noon. Great opening for her.  We headed into town for the Car Show that happens every year during Father's Day weekend. We tried to have lunch in town but it was too crowded. We stopped at Raley's and bought hamburger, buns and potato salad. Ken barbecued and it was awesome! 

Guess you can tell when you're in conservative country! 

Sunday morning was Father's Day and Champagne Sunday so we enjoyed that with a good breakfast. Ken heard from all the boys and his mom so he was happy! It was a great day. 

Tuesday we headed to Gardnerville to shop at Walmart and then to Raley's to pick up Ken's pills.  Our favorite pharmacy tech, Molly told us the end of July was her last day. πŸ˜ͺ I teared up, couldn't help myself.  After the first month of knowing her she would grab our drugs before we even got to the counter 😍

Anyway, she's going to Pharmacist  School in Vegas. Good for her! 3year program with a 2 year residency. Ken was dealing with checking out and she said  "Can I give you a hug?!" OMG of course!! I got two. She is just the sweetest girl and we wish her the best in everything! 

We stopped at Karen's store on the way home just to say Hi ..but Ken said "should we get a gift for Molly?" Of course and we found the perfect little gifts for her! We'll deliver in the next week or so. :) Nice to have a place in town, with awesome things and great prices. πŸ˜‰

 Ken worked on the bar near the red window. He built a great place for people to eat and look at the awesome scenery ! We're hoping to have a good crowd at the beginning of September so the plan is to have people sign the bar and then at the end of the month we'll seal it forever πŸ’– Hopefully if Russell and Aaron come in July they'll be the second πŸ’•  I stocked the pantry and a few other things. It's coming together nicely. 

I love the bar area! 

Ken was the first one to write on the bar LOL. πŸ’™

Not nailed down yet but this is how it'll look 6 feet long..

My dad's saw up on the wall...Ken's had it with him since 1990 when my dad passed away πŸ’™

Ken's going to build a table between the sink and fridge that wil
hold an ice maker (thanks Doug and Michelle) and a small microwave 😊
Got the shelf up that we got at street fair in Fallon..I like it just the way it is
so glad I left it alone πŸ˜ƒ

We've had a lizard or two making their home behind the red fridge..uhhh not working for me. I found using moth balls could make a difference ..so we tried and it's working right now. I'll keep looking for more permanent solutions!! I did tell Ken I should have had him screen in the front LOL. 

Today we head for Lowe's in Fernley so Ken can get material for the prep table etc.  He put together the big griddle but it's too big for inside. He will build an area just outside the kitchen for it and we can bring it in the kitchen during bad weather. We love it!! Will be awesome, especially when there's company!πŸ’• Thank you again, Eric and Christina! 

Time to get this posted and get on the road! Have an amazing day! 


  1. I really, really like your Kountry Kitchen it is just perfect. What a wonderful idea to have your bar signed. All the special touches make it so yours. Great job, Ken!

    1. Thank you Deb! The bar signing was all Ken's idea :) We are really liking how it's coming together. Ken says Thank you!!

  2. Shoot .... you guys can just live OUTSIDE!!! How cool is that???

    1. We have been lately LOL. I'm really looking forward to cooler weather after we get the wood stove in :)

  3. Woohoo! I bet it is nice to have that project done! Looks great!

  4. Are you ever really finished? LOL. Actually he's getting there. Building a prep/buffet table today, then wood burning stove in and a small table in-between the sink and pantry fridge. So three little things and then we'll (he'll) be done! Thanks much!

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