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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A great trip, but glad to be home!

 We got home Saturday afternoon. Last blog we were at Imperial Dam LTVA. If I'm remembering correctly we only stayed one night and then decided to move on. We headed for Quartzsite for a couple of days. I know during the two days we were were there we visited Silly Al's twice since we have no idea when we'll be back that way again. 1st day the pizza was really awesome! 2nd day it was good but not as good. Oh well, still tasty. 

Silly Al's I think Ken had meat lovers and mine was double pepperoni! YUM!

It was an IPA for him and chardonnay for me!

Gotta love this place!

Dusty and his son, Owen! ๐Ÿ’• Owen reminds me alot of our grandson Aaron
with his energy on the floor!! 

Took a drive from our campsite at Imperial Dam...

Lots of campers down by the lake which was gorgeous!

Parker, AZ

Wind was a blowing! But it was warm!

Finally got Mason's card mailed here!

Our campsite at Q, La Posa South

The night's were cold and the batteries didn't hold a charge so we woke up chilly. He hooked up Mr. Heater only to find it would only stay lit on pilot, well darn that's not helping much. We could run the generator during generator hours then we could run the heater. Days were awesome, temps nearing 80. 

We took a drive to find the Quartzsite Arrow..rocks that lead pilots to Q during the 2nd world war.  The rocks were painted white to send pilots to Q and their airport. Also a rocks that showed them where North was! Easy to find once you know where it is!

Plomasa North Road after mile marker 6 you find a fence..turn there and follow the fence..You'll see rocks

The arrow points North 

Then it was on to Parker, AZ where we stayed two nights (Wednesday and Thursday). We had a beautiful sight in the 2nd row so we had a lovely view of the Colorado River.  Guess we were early this year as Pirates Den didn't have their outside bar open yet. :( We enjoyed the sunshine both days and enjoyed some great barbecued dinners. 

We took a trip into Parker for a few groceries at Food City. What a great place! We actually bought a couple Porterhouse steaks, which we NEVER do. Our red meat is usually hamburger but thought "what the heck".  Oh YUMMY! Their meat counter is very impressive and prices not bad either! Check them out instead of Walmart next time you're there! 

Lake Mead, Boulder Beach Campground

Porter House Steak..oh so yummy!

We caught Karen on the tractor and John loading rocks ๐Ÿ˜€

We left Parker Friday morning originally thinking we'd go through Vegas then Ken thought about it and didn't want to venture through that town on Friday afternoon so we decided to spend the night at Boulder Beach Campground at Lake Mead.  Yea,h probably good thinking. I think we got the last camp there! Never seen it so crowded there ever! 

We sat the alarm for 0500 on Saturday morning, bloggs and showers and then we hit the road. No problem going through Vegas so then we stopped at the exit to Mt. Charleston and I made some breakfast. Then we headed home :) 

Between gas, lunch and potty stops we pulled into the driveway around 1500 or so. Not a bad drive at all.  Sorry we didn't get to catch up with more friends but...

We unloaded some things and then got a picture of a fire so we headed next door for a bit ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿท Nice to catch up with Karen and John ๐Ÿ’•

So, Ken has graced me with his cough..yeah..guess that's what living in a little over 200 square feet for 3 weeks will do for you! ๐Ÿ’– Nothing else but an annoying cough. So we're good. He's better so it will just take a few days! 

Today we awoke to a dusting of snow. Barely can call it a dusting. Cold temps. Put a pork stew in the crockpot this morning! Ken worked outside until lunch and we've been watching movies since. Lazy day! 

Russell asked me a few days ago if I was available near the end of May to head over as they are headed to Florida for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Of course I am! Not to baby sit as grandson will be 17, but he needs a chef!! LOL. Can't wait! Aaron plays football and needs a lot of calories! This grandma can make that happen! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Adam called this evening so had a nice conversation with him :) 

It was a great trip, if not expensive! I told Ken I need a different view next year whether it be southern New Mexico State Parks or Texas COE parks. I love southern AZ but it' time for a change. 


  1. In spite of the earlier problem, it sounds like you had a nice trip. Those cold temps got me too with the batteries barely holding out. I ended up with the same cough. Can't tell if it's residual or allergies. I hate it when that happens. New Mexico State Parks have always looked very nice. I think that's a good move. Maybe less people.

    1. Yeah this cough sucks! I was hoping it was allergies but I'm thinking it's more the common cold, cough stuff! So done with it! LOL.

  2. Great quick roadtrip. Sorry we missed you. I agree with the change of travel venue. I am considering that too, for next winter.

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