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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Freedom Convoy moves on and moves hearts...Jacob, Allissa and family :), special buys

This one got to me...This little guy and the Freedom Convoy!

 Another week has drawn  to a close. They are going by way too fast and it'll be March already in a few days. 

Jacob and Allissa went out to a Sushi Bar in Austria and had
a nice bottle of wine too. Love this picture of her πŸ’•

Jacob and Allissa were out to dinner at an Italian Restaurant tonight
with my family πŸ’™

The boys dad, Josef, Lawrence and Max πŸ’™

Lawrence, Max, Allissa, Jacob, Lilli, and Zotti πŸ’–
Allissa heads home in the morning and Jacob back to Italy in the evening. 
So glad they all got to spend some time together. πŸ’™πŸ’–

Thursday we headed for Reno and Ken's yearly eye appointment with his opthomoligist. All good there! He goes back in a year :) 

After that I drove over to Western Skies RV where we bought the Mansion two years ago.  We wanted to get some information on who to contact about the structural warranty.   They helped us with that and while we were there we looked at a couple of new trailers that don't have the Lippert frame. In the sizes that we would like to keep they were nice but NO counter space. Been there, done that. More $$ too. They were made by Winnebago. 

That killed some time so around 1400 we headed to Betsy's Big Kitchen for what would be our dinner. A nice time was had and great food. 

We then headed for the Day's Inn we like in Carson City.  We ended up with an upgraded room as I wanted a first floor room. They were trying not to rent out the back side because of ice and snow. The gentleman said if we promised to be careful he'd give us that room. Nice! 

Friday morning we were up early as Ken had an early appointment with his 2nd ophthamologist that deals with his glaucoma. All good there too! His eye drop is working and pressure is staying the same. :) 

Once he was out of there we headed to Winco in Reno and left a nice donation there! I knew I would as I haven't been shopping there in ages! 

Then on to Gardnerville and a quick stop at Raley's for prescriptions. 

Time for linner so we stopped at Sharkey's Casino for an awesome meal. Homeward bound after that! 

Doug, Ken's fish tacos are amazing every time!! Can u
see why over 1/2 of mine came home? :)

Put away the groceries (the part I hate the most LOL).  Ken made a fire inside and we enjoyed the evening watching a couple of movies. 

Saturday we slept in until almost 0700.  Blogging, coffees and treats. Ken went outside and worked on firewood until lunch. We both had leftovers from the meals of the last two days. I usually only finish about 1/2 of mine at the restaurant. 

This afternoon we went two doors down to pick up a few things for Karen. Our neighbor died a few months ago and his friend is there selling stuff before they list the house on the market.  Karen bought a few things and she found a Youngstown Kitchen cabinet for us. $30.00. What for you ask? 

Once this baby is cleaned and painted it will be awesome!
These kitchens were popular in the 40's and 50's! I'm in Love!

The Kay's Kountry Kitchen is being planned for this spring/ early summer! I fell in love with our friend Fred's outdoor kitchen when we visited this winter. Brought it up to Ken and that's our next project. πŸ’™πŸ˜‹ We want it rustic and western. I have a vision and I think we both agree! Can't wait to get started. 

While over there I spotted these concrete blocks that Ken always picks up at Lowe's.  For our kitchen he plans on using these with concrete for the outside foundation. Well, we got a steal at 250 of them for $100.00. They run about $2.00 a piece at Lowe's.  40 cents a piece we're paying :) 

The 2nd night of the convoy the owners of this establishment fed 
everyone who wanted for FREE!! πŸ’™We definitely will be visiting
next time we are in Kingman visiting Doug and Michelle !!

The owners!! Wonderful Patriots!!

An Arizona Overpass! They said this happened all the way across AZ!!

Got us a CONVOY!!!

I hate I40 but what I would have gave to be a part of this!! 
If Ken's appointments didn't have to be scheduled 6 months to a year out we 
both said we would have gone!! Coming into Amarillo!!

I haven't seen so many American flags since the 
day after 9/11 when we were headed to Kansas!
Love, Love this!! Yes, I am obsessed!! πŸ’•

Time to head outside we've got a fire going and Happy Hour! Have a great evening!


  1. I'm total with you on the convoy! So very happy to see so many people standing up for freedom and backing the guys!!! LOVE your sink ... what a steal and the perfect beginning of an outdoor kitchen!!

    1. I knew you would be Nancy! :) Thank you I was so excited to get it..and I know it was hard for Karen not to keep it for herself. A very special friend she is!

  2. We are also with you on the Convoy. Breaker 1 9!
    Your sink combo is very cool, right up your alley, I'm not surprised Karen picked it up for you! ♥
    Glad to hear Ken's appointments had positive results.

    1. I knew you both would be! Yes I am in love with the cabinet can't wait to get at it! Yes she is a sweetie always looking out for us! WE were both happy his appointments turned out well!

  3. My paternal grandparents had a kitchen like that. Their kitchen was so simple but some good food was cooked there. What a steal! Great pictures of the convoy! Elva

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