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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Cold and windy! Pictures from Allissa in Austria..Freedom Convoy 2022

 Not much has happened here the last couple of days except it's still COLD! Next week it'll warm up some, or so they say! 

Jacob and Allissa seem to be having a wonderful time in Austria and we're so happy for them to be together and spending time with my cousins and families. πŸ’• I keep thinking how this would have made my mom so happy to know her great grandson has a relationship with them and is able to introduce his sweetie to them tooπŸ’™

Allissa has sent some pictures so I just HAVE to share them. The main reason for the blog today. πŸ’•

I love this picture of the 4 of them..Allissa, Max, Lawrence and Jacob πŸ’™
Allissa made chocolate covered strawberries and bananas for them πŸ˜€

They visited Schonbrunn Palace yesterday 

Jacob and Allissa πŸ’—

Thought this was so cute..Max and Lawrence..πŸ’—

Pretty much the same pose Jacob and Aaron πŸ’™


Looks like some great food and wine. You only have to be
18 over there to enjoy! 

When it's cold and windy outside might as well cook! Enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner! 

A few snow flurries off and on..

Tomorrow we'll head for Reno early and the first of Ken's two ophthalmologist appointments. Sure we'll find some other things to keep us occupied. Home Friday afternoon 😁

I have to admit I've become obsessed (well, that's what Ken says) with Freedom Convoy 2022! Just saw on the news that they're saying the truckers and others are headed to DC to cause big problems. WRONG!  All in how the media wants to portray it which is why I hate the news! 

Seeing all the American and Canadian flags being flown in solidarity just makes my heart swell and tears come to my eyes!  I love seeing so many people and flags on overpasses all across America! How can that be bad?! Just my feelings. 

Have a great evening! Happy Hour time 🍷🍺

Just saw the convoy from CA going into Kingman tonight is 65 miles long at this point and it just started this morning!! WOOHOO AMERICA!!


  1. Love that last picture. ❤
    Those enchiladas looked yummy!

    1. Me too Patsy! They were yummy! Froze the rest as we'll be gone for a couple of days :)

  2. I totally agree with the convoy. The news media sucks!!! Enchiladas ..... YUM!!!

  3. I saw a report of a leader from the U.S. Convoy asking a Canadian convoy leader what they would do different, good advise was given, Washington is already putting up fences around the Capital.
    I have been wanting to ask for awhile, how the long distance relationship of Jacob and Allissa was going, I see that it is well. I think of them often.

    1. Awww thank you Bill! Yes there relationship is as strong as ever! I know she hears and talks with him daily. Always say if we want to know something ask Allissa! :) Glad to hear that about the leader of the US asking the Canadian leader for advice! :))

  4. Jacob and Allissa are so blessed to have this experience and to be with family. May God's protection travel with the truckers. Elva

  5. You are right about the media, they are just trying to sensationalize everything and getting the point of the convoy all wrong. Jacob and Allissa sure look like they are having a great time!