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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the bunkhouse :) Adam touches base from Utah, wreaths delivered to the right houses LOL.

 Sunday we did head over to Karen's for making cauliflower pizza crust and cabbage lasagna.  It was a fun afternoon for us girls. The food turned out yummy. 

Ken put together Karen's new 36 inch Blackstone that John got her before she left Paso Robles. Very nice! We have a smaller one and love it for camping, especially with the grandkids. 

We hung out, had a fire and a good time. 

Monday we had to be in Carson City to drop off the Tundra for its 30,000 mile service at 0815 so we took 2 vehicles. After picking Ken up we headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen to have breakfast. Yummy! 

Then we headed for Total Wine as I put in an order before we left home. Got the whiskey for Thanksgiving as that seems to be the traditional drink of the day for some reason. We'll be heading over the hill to California and my sister's house. 

We picked up a prescription at Raleys in Gardnerville, picked up the truck and headed home. We were home right about lunch time, but not needed because of breakfast. 

Later in the afternoon it time to head out back to a nice fire. 

Tuesday was a stay at home day and time to decorate the bunk house for Christmas. We won't do inside the house until the day after Thanksgiving or Saturday but I wanted to get this done πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ…

My sister Wendy gave me these cute little tractor lights a few years ago..

I made this hanging many years ago.. Rejoice in the Reason for the Season..
gotta love snowmen! 

Wendy gave me this canvas print that lights up...

Mom and Dad gave us this for our first Christmas together 1972

I found this lamp Russell made me in 1991 (8th grade)..he's 43 now 

I had a great few hours and I love the way it turned out!

We headed next door at 1300, as Karen's mom was having a little party for a special friend of hers.  We didn't stay long as Sammy, our firewood guy called and wanted to meet in Smith Valley so we could get another load. Off we went. By the time we were done we stopped at Dini's in town for linner around 1630. Came home and we were done. 

Karen, her mom (Izzie) and Janey's pizza..

Everyone in that group trying to get the needle threaded
Ken did it with needle nose pliers... 

Wednesday was another stay at home day so tried to do a little Christmas shopping online, a few things done. 

After lunch I decided to kill a couple of hours and make some Christmas curtains for the front door. Why not? I had a piece of fabric I've had for years so this'll do for this year. Maybe next year something brighter πŸ˜ƒ

I doubled the curtains so you can see the print from inside and outside..

While I was sitting here UPS dropped off our wreath from Wreaths Across America πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’™ Had a couple of phone calls to them as the order didn't appear correct, but checking today it seems the 3 wreaths have been delivered to the correct addresses today! 

Ken's been out making a cover for the wood as he's leaving it on the little trailer. It's been a cool day all day 50 degrees right now with a feels like 47. It's been nice and toasty all day as we've had a fire going.  πŸ˜ŠπŸ”₯

Heard from Adam, he's in Utah near Goblin Valley State Park and is looking for some slot canyons.  He'll probably stop by here on his way home on Monday. πŸ’• Couple of his pictures below πŸ’™

His sunset fro his hammock..

Ken just came inside ready to call it quits. I'll end this now myself. Have a great evening! 

Zucchini pizza for dinner πŸ˜‹



  1. Boy do I love that bed frame!!! Such cute decorations too! As to threading the needle, this sounds silly, but it really works. Cut the thread on a sharp angle instead of straight across. It actually goes through the needle twice as easy. Also don't stick it in your mouth like my mom taught me. The moisture makes the thread expand, making it even harder to thread. You are definitely a pro at decorating!!! I love all your ideas.

    1. Thank you Nancy! Great tip on needle threading. Always cut it at an angle, but then stuck it in my mouth LOL...I love garland, makes everything festive :)

  2. I love how your bunkhouse looks all Christmas Cozy, nice job!
    Your grandson is quite the adventurer, great pictures.
    Thanks, Nancy for the information, because of course, my mother taught me the same thing about sticking it in your mouth...lol I am wondering what gave Ken the idea to use needle nose pliers.

    1. Adam loves to go..we first took him camping at 4 months and on and on..he loves to go still as an adult. They were on his leatherman and they worked..They need to make the eye of the needle bigger! LOL.

  3. Very festive bunkhouse! The pizza looked yummy. You can buy a needle threader, makes life much easier. I think your grandson’s photos looked inviting, I hope he enjoyed his time there.

    1. Thanks Deb! We were at the neighbor's and she didn't have one. Adam always enjoys his vacations for sure!

  4. I love your Christmas decorations, it almost makes me want a house again. Almost! I'll settle for decorating the Suite once settled at Pilot Knob. I hope Gibbs leaves things alone.
    That pizza looks delicious. I laughed at the needle threading - is there a joke in there? How many people does it take yadayada. 🀣🀣 I used to be real good at it and the last time I tried, I needed to use the little silver threader. :)

  5. I've got to admit I do like having a home base..Ken NEEDED one as he isn't much of a stay in one place guy for very long and he has to have something to do LOL. HaHa!! Karen didn't have one, but would make it much easier!