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Monday, November 1, 2021

Congratulations Seth on your promotion! Halloween Party pics..Cauliflower pizza dough..unexpected trip to the coast! :)

 Well here it is almost a week later again since the last posting! Where does the time go?! 

I thought the biggest event of the week was the Halloween Party next door..Nope, just saw this afternoon that Seth got promoted to Corporal and he had his sweet wife,  Holly pin him! Congratulations Seth! We are very proud of you!!

Congratulations Seth and Holly! Corporal Kay! 

Seth and Holly held their first Halloween Party last weekend!
Oh, those firsts of husband and wife πŸ’–

John and Karen held their annual Halloween Party on Saturday. That really is her favorite holiday and they go all out.  This year's party wasn't as big as normal as both of her daughters who live here and their families were all sick. Still a nice turnout though. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Brownies with vanilla frosting ..these definitely are not good for you! LOL. 
Yes, he got into the spirit..

                                                              Caught Izzie talking on the phone..

Our hosts, John and Karen 

Lynsie and Rudy..

Izzie and Auntie in the special chairs! 

Lynsie and her mom πŸ’–
Ken got some better pics I'll have to steal..

Bought a head of cauliflower this week.  Lori and I shared a cauliflower pizza at Old Town Pizza the last time we were over and it was so good I thought why not try making it myself.  So today was the day. 

After you rice the cauliflower you cook it quickly to get the moisture out..

Ready for the oven...
20 minutes later...we'll see when we put toppings on how it holds  up..I don't 
like or dislike cauliflower..so we shall see..

We had a nice young man out today to switch over our home internet to Preferred Internet.  We've had our original company for close to 8 years and it's just too slow.  We've complained and enough is enough. This one is already much faster so we're glad we made the switch. 

We'll be heading to Reno and Total Wine tomorrow to pick up an order, oh and Ken has to get a chest X-ray for his appointment next week with his lung doctor (just a check up).  Wednesday we're heading to the coast and Westside County Park for three nights! Last minute decision thanks to Ken! We got the last sight that was available for three nights! YAY! Saturday we're heading back to Sacramento area for a party and then we'll be home Sunday! Life is good! 

Time for Happy Hour! Have a great evening! Doug Knudson, these are for you! 

When Ken wants a fish taco fix, we head for Gardnerville and 
Sharkey's Casino...he loves these! 

                     Now that's a fish taco! Made with cabbage and double shelled..beans and rice too!
                                                                                Next time Doug! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


  1. Woohoo! Looks like a fun party again this year. Are you the black angel with wings or the skeleton in the black and white dress on the chair? haha
    Lovely sweet pictures of Seth and Holly and CONGRATULATIONS Corporal Kay! ♥

    1. There are some pics of me somewhere...Thanks we are so proud of him and our Navy one too! :)

  2. GREAT costumes!! I love it when people get dressed up for Halloween. I'm not too sure about the cauliflower pizza though. That fish taco?? OH YEAH!! Love them!! Congrats to the new Corporal!!!

  3. I wasn't too sure about the cauliflower dough either, but we're both hooked now! Tastes closest to real dough of all the veggies ones we've tried. Thanks on the congrats...:)

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