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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Big week for the grandsons! Happy 16th Aaron!

Saturday finds us here in Rocklin, CA at the Days Inn. Today is our youngest grandson Aaron's 16th birthday and his parents have planned a surprise party at Old Town Pizza in Roseville.  

The Birthday Day boy at the head of the table! Happy 16th Aaron! In a little while the whole table was full of Varsity Football players. So nice they turned out for him!

It has been an eventful week for grandsons.  Mason got his drivers license! He turned 16 at the end of January, but had to wait to get his license because of when he got his permit.  Friday was the day! 

Congratulations Mason on your driver's license!
He's in the truck ready to drive himself to school!

Today is one year since Adam and Erin have been dating.  He's taking her out tonight to a restaurant in Placerville called The Enchanted Forest to celebrate.  We will go home tomorrow and they may be coming to visit .  You know how young people's plans change so we will see! 

Thursday we did run to Walmart and Raley's. We were back in time for lunch so that's always good. Later in the day we headed over to check out some lights that John had bought for their fencing.  Had a nice Happy Hour and then headed home for a taco dinner.  Nancy, I'm telling you cabbage is definitely the way to go! Thanks for showing us the way! I even used cabbage on the wraps I made for us today rather than lettuce! 

Friday morning Joe and Susan (mom in law) came over for Mason pancakes..the kind with chocolate chips, ice cream and whipped cream. Susan loved them too. After they left just a day of chores. It was way too windy for much outside! 

Now it's Sunday after a wonderful party for Aaron at Old Town Pizza. Time to head back home and see what the week holds! Adam and Erin are heading over after he gets off work today for 2 nights..One happy Grandma and Papa! Have a wonderful Sunday! 

Pics below of last night's activities. 

Every time we see Mason he's grown!! 
Lots of pizza, wings, bread sticks etc were consumed! LOL.
Aaron talking with his Papa Bobby 

I love this picture! 

Allissa (grandson Jacob's sweetie) 
I caught this pic of Russell and Lori earlier in the day at Claimstake Brewing


  1. Happy 16th Aaron! What a big family gathering for a fun time.

    1. Thank you! It was awesome, something he won't forget for sure!

  2. Congrats Mason and Aaron!! Looks like a fun gathering to me!! Can't go wrong with PIZZA!!!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! It was fun! Pizza is awesome and so are their salads! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Aaron and congrats to Mason on getting his drivers license. Looks like everyone enjoyed the evening.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun and great to see people we haven't seen in awhile!