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Monday, January 25, 2021

Winter Wonderland! Lazy Saturday, Almost finished painting the MH! Adam and Erin will be here today!

 Good Monday Morning! 

Saturday morning we woke to a good blanket of snow and it continued on and off through alot of the day.  Beautiful and cold! 

Our beautiful flag and snow :)
So pretty! John's huge flag is really blowing this morning :) 

Our neighbor Joe came over for breakfast so we enjoyed a nice breakfast and chat time with him. He wanted Mason's pancakes with all the sweet goodies of chocolate chips, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Made me happy to do that for him. I sent a couple home for daughter Rylee too. They are great neighbors but looks like we'll be losing them soon! Their house sold quickly, so we'll be getting new neighbors as soon as next week. Joe, Stacey and Rylee will be in town for awhile still but their end place will be Alaska! 😃

After breakfast and cleaning up I thought I was going to the motorhome.  Ken had other ideas as he said I'd just be going in and out through the snow dragging it inside etc...ok he had a point. 

It was a very lazy Saturday!! We watched movies, 3 I think.  Watched the snow fall and just enjoyed the beauty and glad to be inside with a nice fire going. Not something I want to do everyday, but it was nice! 

Sunday morning the snow hasn't melted much, and it's still really cold. We did our morning thing of blogs and coffee to get the day going. Breakfast followed eventually. 

Ken cleared a path to and around the motorhome so that was easy for me.  I got started, realizing there wasn't a whole lot more of painting to be done. Got up on the bunk and painted the gray from the paneling to the living room area. Took all the tape off everything and did some touch up.  

Looking out the living room window of the MH...

I only have the cabinet between the two chairs and the little entry wall to paint now. I got started on that and then the phone rang. It was John next door telling me he sent a text. I didn't get it for whatever reason but I knew what it meant. Told him we'd be over in a bit. I cleaned the tools and Ken got our Happy Hour bag ready. We headed over a little after 1600. 

They are tough! haha.  He had a beautiful fire going so it was nice and toasty by their fire pit! We visited a while and then came home for dinner. We are very blessed to have them too as neighbors. 

Adam called.  He and Erin are in Bend, Oregon on their way home so they want to come and spend Monday night with us. You know there's one happy Grandma and Papa! Guess I'll be making a run to Raley's this morning :) 

I'm hoping Ken can get the cabinet doors and new hardware on today! Next up...ordering material for curtains and probably a new mattress. We shall see!

Time to get hubby up! Coffee's done! Have a great day! 💖


  1. I thought you would get snow out of this system. Getting new neighbors. That's always an anxious time when the ones you have are great. Good luck. Getting close to end of painting. Bet you're glad of that.

    1. Hahaha..I may be soon!! Yep I'm ready to be done..on to curtains!

  2. Hoping your snow doesn't last too long. It's not fun painting in cold and wet. Kudos to you for keeping at it. New neighbors ... hope they turn out to be GREAT!!!

    1. I am trying to finish up the paint, but happy things are stoping me..:)) WE shall see..moving from Martinez to Yerington big switch!

  3. It isn't too surprising that you received snow but I forget that. you are still part of our 'southwest' memories but of course we meet in Arizona. :)
    Fingers crossed that your next neighbours will fit in nicely. I can't believe you are having Happy Hours outside!!!

    1. Our neighbors are tough! They do have an awesome fire pit though! Yep, supposed to snow more today, so far just high winds!

  4. Looks like you got more of that White Stuff then we did. Nice to look at but messy.
    Looking forward to the MH Reveal.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yep you're right it's messy tracking in the house..ohh well, it's the weather!

  5. The snow does look very pretty and your flag does look wonderful blowing with the white on the ground. I especially like the picture with the mountains looking out the window of your MH. Nice seeing it in pictures all white and pristine. Still glad we are not where it is snowing...lol
    Fingers crossed your new neighbors become wonderful friends. Stay safe...hugs.

  6. Yes it's pretty, but again I like it gone after 2 days or so haha. This morning high winds and cold temps..guess it's winter!