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Sunday, January 17, 2021

More work on the motorhome...company coming for the night!

 It's been more of the same, working on the motorhome.  We usually can't get out there until close to 1100 and quit working about 1600 with a lunch in-between. Luckily the afternoons have been gorgeous! 

We did take a day to get the tires on the Patriot and then to Walmart for some grocery shopping.  

Grandson Adam texted last night so he and Erin will be here sometime today for the night.  They are headed for Death Valley and Joshua Tree NP for the next several days! Too bad the campgrounds are closed at both locations thanks to the CA governor! There is plenty of BLM around though.  Gotta love the adventurous spirit in those two! 

Stole this from FB..Seth made a quick trip home to celebrate his mom's bday this week. Quick trip from what I read. They went Axe throwing. Sounds like fun!

Some quick pictures and then it's time to get this day going. No working on the MH today though with company coming! 

Valance gone and cabinet originally before painting 

I know pic is dark..this is up on the bed, passenger side wall..damaged part..
At the end of the day..he's got the panelling we have in our living room turned sideways. HMMM..I like it..was going to paint over it but now he's going to finish this side and put the same on the other side..gives it a rustic look..what a good guy, it's not easy working up there! 
I was able to get started on the kitchen side yesterday afternoon! Got all the cabinet doors painted yesterday.

Window with the old formal valances
I like it so much better without the valances! 

I made Cabbage Lasagna the other day..oh so yummy! 
Ground chicken breast was the meat.  Even John next door liked it and he's a meat and potatoes guy! 

Have a wonderful Sunday! 



  1. Wow. You have really been busy. Looks great. Enjoy your visitors!

  2. You too have really been at it. Hope you're planning to bring it south. Love to see it. Enjoy the visitor break 😀

    1. i'm thinking maybe next year Doug. Would like to make sure it's good running condition. I told her today as I finished "hope you run as good as you are gonna look!" haha.

  3. Still busy making changes to the MH.
    That Lasagna looks and sounds tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Lasagna is really tasty! You don't miss the noodles!

  4. I really love the dish that cabbage lasagna is in. In the picture it looks like removing the valance really lightens it up.
    Sad about the Death Valley campgrounds the ridiculousness of closing them is, well ridiculous. Of course, there is a lot of that going around. I am sure you enjoyed having those grandsons stop by. Take care.

    1. Pioneer Woman Deb! Yep like it much better without the valance..hoping to make some curtains. Enjoyed Erin and Adam for sure! They are the cutest couple!

  5. I do love all the painting you are doing. I see that a lot but don't have the nerve to try it. Cabbage lasagne? Never heard of it but it sure looks yummy!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! It is making a big difference for sure! Can't wait to be done! Cabbage Lasagne is really yummy and you don't miss the noodles honestly!