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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Toy Hauler all cleaned up. Quad ride, Ken's appointment...

Not a whole lot has been going on since we've been home. It's hot, hot, hot! Even the mornings are high 60's.  This morning it was 63 at 0500 so it definitely felt cooler. 

Saturday morning we worked on things regarding the toy hauler. I got it all cleaned up and ready to go again when we can.  The sand inside was just amazing. Used Ken's shop vac to get in all the nooks and crannies. Looks great now. 

Ken is designing a platform to make it easier to get in the door as it's a pretty long step especially for some one with short legs! LOL.  

Aaron got up around his usual time close to 1300.  We can hear him at night on his video games with friends.  Love hearing the laughter come out of that room. :) If you hear Aaron laugh, you can't help but smile :) even if it's 0300!! It's not like we have a lot planned so his sleeping in doesn't cramp our style. 

Ken barbecued and we enjoyed the evening.  It's really nice that normally it cools off and we can sit outside in the shade of the porch. 

Sunday morning we got up around 0600 and did our morning thing catching up on blogs and what ever else. It's Sunday right?! Another hot day! 

It was a baking morning for me.  Bananas were turning brown so needed to be put in something. Made some everything bread for Ken and my flourless peanut butter muffins. I was pulling the bread out of the oven when Karen and John came to say goodbye.  She's headed over to CA to spend 3 weeks with him near the coast where he's working. Yes, I'm jealous! Cool temps! Anyway I gave her half a bread, not knowing if she'd like it. I did get a text today that she loved it. No sugar added.  

Later in the afternoon Aaron said "Grandma, want to take a quad ride?"...hmm 98 degrees, but there was a breeze.  Ken said I was nicer than he would be as it was too hot.  It really wasn't bad out there with the breeze. We headed for the "race track" as we call it.  then Aaron said "Follow me"...hmmm..He said "I'm just going over there"..ok.  Next thing you know we're headed up a bumpy, rocky road going up! Ok..What goes up must come down..YEP.  I'm not a fan of heights or narrow bumpy roads that always seem to lean toward the cliff!! I had been on that road in the Can Am with Ken..seatbelts and he was driving. I did ok.  Yesterday was white knuckle driving for me and pretty much crawling to the area where I felt better about it.  Aaron turned around at one point to make sure I was moving LOL. We made it down, and I'm sure he was missing Mason LOL..No more of that area for me. I couldn't take any pictures, as I was too scared.  When I was younger it wouldn't have fazed me, but sure does now.  
If there's a hole in the ground, in this case an old mine, rocks must be thrown in!

The view from the downhill side of the ride

Monday morning we were up about 0530.  I woke up around 0330 and took a long time to get back to sleep. Hate nights like that.  I could hear Aaron was still up :) 
Ken had a Dr Appt for his yearly checkup.  Everything is good except his glucose numbers are creeping up. 97, then 110 last year and 113 this year putting him in the pre diabetes stage. Gonna have to watch his carbs.  He doesn't eat anything sweet but he does like potatoes, rice and some bread. I'm sure we can control this since I've been eating low carb for almost 2 years now. (wow time flies)  All in all a really good report! 

We thought about going to Silver Lake to check it out and just get out of the house for a bit.  By the time Ken got home we decided against it and probably will go tomorrow.  Hopefully Aaron will go with us, we will see! 

I cleaned the house, raked a bunch of leaves ..sweated...YUK! But it does look so much nicer.  I'm hoping because  they're dropping so early it'll be an early Fall..we'll see. Maybe that or  the trees are just too hot and they're stripping themselves naked 😁I made Aaron's brunch at 1300 and then we had a salad lunch after.  Ran to Raley's for a few things again. Ken was inside by the time I got back at 1600.  It's just too hot to be working outside.  

Tacos for dinner, which I made this morning so the house doesn't get heated up except for taco shells. 
Ok,  I should have taken pictures after, but I didn't..looks good tonight, guess we'll see tomorrow! LOL...

I actually ordered a care package for Jacob through Amazon (thanks, Allissa and Lori). Even though he graduates in a couple of weeks, hoping he can enjoy this before hand.  I wish I would have thought to do this as I can buy more and not pay the USPS shipping!  

Thought I'd get this posted last night, but I fell asleep LOL.  

7 Marines and a Navy Corpsman lost their lives off the
Southern CA coast when their amphibious assault vehicle
sank in the deep waters during a training mission. Please pray for their families. 



  1. Sounds like good times. No way, not me on the quads in that terrain either. I'm a wimp!
    You go, Chef Shirley. Do you use almond flour in your bread? I'm too cheap to buy it so just wondered. Glad Karen liked it.
    I'm so sad reading the names on the prayer list. :( Such young people with strong ambitions taken too soon.

    1. It is good times :) I like to use almond flour, but it's so expensive! Winco has it in their bulk bins for 4.25 a lb which is excellent but their bins are closed because of the virus crap. Over 11.00 a lb at wallmart! My muffins are flourless, but Ken's have flour. I know it's so so sad :(

  2. So sad to read about those young men who died on a training mission. Way to young.
    Sounds like you and Ken have been as busy as ever and in the heat. We actually had a cool down here and it feels lovely.
    Have to love Ken's ingenuity and just like that you have a toy hauler.
    Always nice to have the yearly doctor's appointment done and over with especially when everything is looking pretty good. Good news about his eyes, also, it sounds like.
    Sounds like Jacob is off to a good duty station.
    Take care...Hugs

  3. Yep way too young! I'm looking for a cool down, sooner rather than later!! Yep he's talented for sure, if you don't mind the looks. haha. but it does work! It will be exciting for Jacob..HOpefully in the next 3 years I can make it over for a visit. I know his mom and dad will be going for sure!

  4. It's good to be back reading everyone posts daily. You are a brave Grandma to follow your grandson. I'm a huge wimp and not sure I'd even enjoy riding along. My husband would love it though. It is so sad about those young men. Our grandson is in the Navy, stationed at El Centro. He works in the health clinic there. He should be moving to a new location in January, but no orders yet.