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Friday, July 31, 2020

Sand Mountain, NV Trip and Jacob gets his orders!

Tuesday morning we rolled out of here a little after 1000 headed for Sand Mountain, NV.  It's about 70 miles from here, being 25 miles or so from Fallon, NV.  The toy hauler did awesome and we had the pick of the place for camping.  There was only 1 other group there.  

We found our spot, got the Can Am unloaded and then proceeded to put the easy up up! It was needed as it was so hot already.  Once we had that done we sent Aaron out in the Can Am as we knew he was biting at the bit to get out there. 

We sat up our chairs and sitting under the easy up proceeded to watch him for a few minutes.  We saw him going up a hill sideways. Uh oh.  The sand gave, his tires spinned and over he went in slow motion.  We headed over there on foot, and we saw him get out of the side ways Can AM.  He was just fine! ** If you saw FB last night alot of these pics will seem familiar**

Aaron ready to head out in the sand!

Oh oh!

I was a dummy and didn't take any tennis shoes only flip flops. The sand felt like a thousand degrees on my feet so I couldn't be of any help.  Long story short, they worked for 2 to 3 hours to get the Can Am righted.  They were working against gravity and about 1400 pounds to get it righted.  Finally with a hi jack Ken had brought and the 700 quad it was able to be pulled back up in it's correct position.  
Ken was waiting for Aaron to come around with the 700 so they could hopefully get her righted!

That was it for the day as they tried to pull it with the 700 to get it out of the hole and back to camp but not gonna happen.  She spent the night out in the desert sand.  Ken tried to start her, but only a click.  Could see fluid leaking out, so best to leave it alone.  
She's up!

They came back to camp and Aaron went for a little ride on the 700. Of course he felt bad but you know accidents happen and he was OK. All that matters.  It'll get fixed and be ready to go again. 

Later in the evening Ken was going to bar b q some pork chops, but after looking he forgot the briquets! Oh well.  I made the sandwiches we didn't have for lunch and they were yummy too.  Eventually we 3 headed for bed in the especially warm night.  During the day it was about 100 degrees :( 
Aaron relaxing..πŸ’™

Wednesday morning Ken left at 0500 to go home and get his quad with 4 wheel drive. It's more of a utility quad than sport for sure.  He was back just about 0830. I made us some breakfast and then Aaron got up and I got his. 

After breakfast Ken and Aaron went out to see what they could figure out with the Can Am.  Later they came and got me.  Hooked up Ken's quad with a long line of strap.  I was on the quad pulling and they were behind the Can Am pushing.  Success! Once it started moving I just kept on going as far as I could.  Eventually it was loaded up in the 12 foot trailer and hooked up behind the Tundra. 
Getting ready to go home and then to the shop on the 11th..

Ken decided to take it home then, that way he would only have to make 1 trip on Thursday (our day to go home).  Aaron and I stayed behind. It was miserably hot but later we decided to take a little quad ride.  Aaron on the 700 and me on Ken's quad.  I knew he was trying to lead me around the mountain, but once we got so far I wasn't comfortable with the loose sand so we turned around. By the time we got back to camp we both were done.  

I had a bucket filled with cold water so we just kept dipping dish towels and putting them on us. Ken returned about 1600. Once the shade was on the other side of the toy hauler we moved over there and enjoyed the evening. He brought back briquets so he barbecued the pork chops we didn't have the day before :) 

About 2000 before the sun went all the way down, Ken and Aaron decided to tackle the mountain and see if they could make it to the top! Aaron did on the 700!! Quite the accomplishment for sure! :) 
Aaron on his way to the top!
He did it!!

Thursday morning after enjoying our coffee and breakfasts we started loading up and getting ourselves out of there. Going to be another scorcher.  We were home by 1200.  We unloaded what needed to be done and then shower time! Lunch and a pretty  easy afternoon. No more Sand Mountain for this girl in the summer time! haha.  I am serious! 

It was still a great trip even with the things that happened. We wouldn't trade memories with Aaron (or any of the grandkids) for anything πŸ’™

Remember the easy up that Ken put up at the beach a few weeks back and gave us
such problems?!  We said good bye and good riddance to it before we left!! 

Blogger wouldn't let me on last night so I posted a lot of these pictures to FB. Turns out i had to go to Blogger and then down to Legacy Blog..sounded like a lot of people had the same issue yesterday. Why can't they leave stuff alone that works and we understand! UHHH.  

This morning we were up and out of here by 0530. Ken had an eye appointment for his glaucoma, which we are happy to say his pressures were 15 and 17! Good news there.  He has a cataract forming on his right eye, but not bad enough yet to do anything. He goes back on Feb 5th..I know right in the middle again of winter travel..but what do  you do?! Eyes are way too important. Hoping to get to Texas this winter and meet up with friends, so we'll see how that goes. 

Ken had to get blood drawn for his yearly appointment on Monday so we left Reno and headed back to Yerington and the little hospital we have in town.  We were home a little before 1130. Aaron never knew we were gone LOL..He woke up about 1215, early for him. 

We found out for sure yesterday that our Sailor grandson, Jacob is headed for Italy after he graduates Air Traffic Control School the middle of August.  3 years is the plan right now.  Congratulations Jacob! Two grandparents that are very proud of you! I know he'll be missed and he'll be missing everyone but he's going to see parts of the world that otherwise he might never get to see!  I'm thinking he'll get visitors too while he's over there! 

Nearing Happy Hour time! Happy Friday! 


  1. I did see the pictures on FB but nice to read of the trip. The sand and the 4 wheelers are too scary for me. I'm not brave enough. :)
    Congratulations to Jacob! Italy! That is awesome!
    I missed a post so will go back now to see your toy hauler set up.

    1. i hoping by posting the trip here, it'll be here forever. FB who knows? I think Jacob is seeing it as a new adventure. As long as you're in the service might as well see some of the world and get paid to do it! Very happy that his eye drops are working to keep the glaucoma under control!

  2. Oh, forgot to say 'Great Ken for the eye numbers!"

  3. I almost did the same thing with a caterpillar once. Those side mountains will get you every time, especially when it's only sand. Glad Aaron is okay. I keep having the same thoughts about never coming back to Arizona in July, but every July, here I am!! LOL Congrats Jacob on getting Italy! He's gonna love it!

    1. I did it once with he 700 out in Winnemucca..hurt like hell! If we had a//c I could do it again, but the heat gets to me. I'm thikingit's a great adventure for Jacob, hoping to get over there while he's there :)