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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Headed for Sand Mountain, NV today! Toy Hauler is finished!

Sunday afternoon Aaron and I headed out on the quads for a change of pace.  I rode Ken's 500 utility style and Aaron rode my 700 Kawasaki sport quad.  That boy can ride! It doesn't matter if it's the Can Am or the quad.  
Yesterday's sunrise 💙

We headed out to the "race track" an area that looks just like that.  We were probably out there nearing an hour and then came back home. 
Way off in the distance riding the race track...

Off he goes, leaving me in the dust LOL....

Ken has been working his tail off to get the toy hauler ready for today. He did it! He and I made an early morning run to Lowe's to pick up some more wood he needed to make it secure and he worked out in the heat all Monday again. 
There you have it! Our new "Toy Hauler" 

Loaded and almost ready to go!  700 in the back of the truck..

We took it out on the highway loaded just like it is and it worked perfectly.  It will be an eye turner for sure, but for a couple of hundred dollars and lots of work on Ken's part we're ready to head for Sand Mountain today! 

It definitely would have been easier to buy a used toy hauler but the cabover would have sat out in the desert and rotted away.  This way it dies with its' boots on.  We've had lots of wonderful memories in the cabover over the years. Once the "money pit" was sold it's just sat there wasting away as it doesn't fit on the new truck. 

Time to get going, we've got a fun afternoon and tomorrow planned! We should be back on Thursday.  It's gonna be HOT but it is Summer! I reminded Aaron yesterday that we could have been headed to a cute cottage and lots of water with kayaking.  He grinned and said he still wanted Sand Mountain! So off we go! :) 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks much Doug...didn't turn out like expected. Aaron went on side hill, Can Am on it's side now won't run :( More story later...

  2. Looks sturdy. You can probably use the structure to store things while you travel with it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Sand Mountain.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick. Yes he left that open for storage and for wind to go through. It is a beautiful place :)

  3. Nice job on your toy hauler, you will have a lot of fun with it.

  4. Thats just so cool!!! Looks sturdy enough to me. And how cool you get to take the CanAm AND the 700. Have fun!!!!!

  5. Thank you Nancy! We're hoping to have many more years of fun together!

  6. First people I've ever known to 'make' a toy hauler!! That's great! Yours are the type of rv's/rigs I love seeing on the road. I always grab my camera. A head turner for sure. I know now after reading the posts out of order, ha ha, that it worked out perfectly.

    1. Yeah, leave it to my hubby! haha. I'm thinking we'll be ok in Q but RV parks won't let us in i'm sure. haha