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Friday, August 7, 2020

Catch up..Took Aaron home..Hanging out at home

Allissa is in Florida visiting Jacob...Love this picture!
He graduates Air Traffic Control School next week! 

Tuesday morning about 0900 I woke Aaron and asked him if he was going with us.  He said NO and shook his head back and forth.  Not surprising as I heard him up until the wee hours of the morning :) 

We headed out about 1000 with a picnic lunch and I left Aaron his 2 egg sandwiches and instructions of  how to microwave them once he got up. We headed to Walmart in Gardnerville for a couple of things and then headed up the mountain to Silver Lake, CA.  
Red Lake, CA along Highway 88.
Last year it was green with algae..looks beautiful this year

A beautiful drive all the way.  Unbelievable how many people are out enjoying the trails, water and camping areas!  Way too many people, why aren't they at work?! Oh yeah, everything is still shut down! Don't blame them for wanting to get out! 

Our view from our picnic spot

We saw two kayakers go by while we were having lunch...

We checked out Silver Lake, no place to park. Back to Caples Lake and we found a pull off to have our lunch and enjoy the sunshine.  A gorgeous view for sure! 
Cars at the Ranger Station and trailhead..on a Tuesday

Cars were parked everywhere! 

After an hour or so, we headed back home. 

We found Aaron up and enjoying his video games with friends. Visited a bit and later it was time for dinner.  We had plenty of leftovers so it was easy. 

Wednesday was a stay at home day other than a quick trip to Raley's for me.  Ken got the toy hauler parked in its spot over by the fence by John and Karen's.  He covered all the wheels so the sun doesn't destroy them.  

It's just so miserable in the afternoons that we hibernate inside in the air conditioning. Ken barbecued some delicious burgers for dinner.  I went to tell Aaron it was ready and he wasn't feeling well.  He thinks he ate too much for his brunch (he probably did) so he didn't want dinner.  I did hear him in later in the night visiting with his friends, so he was feeling better. :)

Thursday morning we were ready to leave our house by 0800 after we all had breakfast. Aaron was feeling fine.  We headed down I 80 and got to Russell's about 1200.  Visited a while and Ken helped Russell with a project they're working on.  We left about 1420 or so.  It was a really nice visit. I'll be picking up Aaron middle of next week for a week or so. 

We stopped at the state line at the Gold Ranch Casino nearing 1700 and had an early dinner (for us).  We hit he road and headed home. Later in the evening we sat out back for a bit.  It actually cooled off enough so we could have had a fire, but we were both beat so opted to head inside. 

This morning (Friday) I wanted to get up at 0500, but it ended up being 0600.  WE enjoyed the morning, taking our time.  I changed the bedding on Aaron's bed, laundry and just general stuff.  Ken did his thing outside until lunch with a trip into town in the 73 Dodge to run it a bit. Before you  know it the day is done and it's Happy Hour!  

Have a good Friday evening. 


  1. I think everyone is taking three day weekends! I do love Silver Lake. I spent many weeks camping up there with my horses. We rode clear to the very top of the mountain and around the lake. Fabulous views!!

    1. When our kids were young we spent many weekends camping there without reservations! I can't imagine now how booked out they are! How cool would that be to ride to the very top with horses! It's such a beautiful area!

  2. Everyone is tired of being cooped up that's why the parks are so full.
    Be Safe and Enjoy more visits with Family.

    It's about time.

    1. Yep you're right, people are sick of it! Always love time with family for sure :)