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Friday, August 21, 2020

Aaron goes home, saw Jacob for a few minutes..Can AM, grocery shopping, headed to CA this morning

Wednesday morning we all left here about 0700.  Ken had an appointment for the Tundra to get the last 2 steps put on and I was taking Aaron home later.  Aaron and I were in the Patriot where we picked up Ken from Custom Trucks in Carson City.  

From there we headed to Betsy's Big Kitchen in another part of the city.  We all filled our tummies and then headed back to Custom Trucks as they were just finishing up.  Ken headed to Gardnerville to pick up his eye drops from Raleys and Aaron and I headed to Antelope, Ca.  

Nice but smoky drive down I80.  The back up on roadwork wasn't too bad so we got there around 1330.  Jacob and Allissa weren't there but knowing young people didn't really expect them to be :) 

I came out from the bathroom to say good bye to Aaron, when who steps out from around the corner and says, "Hi Grandma!"...Jacob!  Well, a few tears were shed as I hugged him and didn't want to let him go! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™  We enjoyed about 15 minutes of chit chat before saying good bye.  We'll see him Friday evening. 

About two miles from their house, a light went on in the car saying low tire. Uh oh.  I pulled over and sure didn't see a low tire, but after driving a bit I changed my mind and started the drive on I 80 instead of Highway 50.  I figured if I had a problem 80 had more exits and pull offs than 50.  I called Ken to tell him, so if he needed to come he would know.  

I pulled over several times on the way home and didn't notice anything so I arrived home about 1800 or so.  We enjoyed Happy Hour and then dinner.  We called it a night pretty early. Thursday morning Ken found a rivet in my driver's side rear tire so that'll have to be changed out.  

Thursday morning we headed for Reno. The Can AM was ready for pick up! Ken dropped me at Winco which I haven't been since all this virus crap started.  No line outside so  I can shop.  I wouldn't have waited if there was one. Stocked up on everything to the tune of $236.00.  Should last awhile. Much more for the money!

Ken picked up the Can AM while I shopped and let me know when he was in the parking lot.  He came inside and bagged the groceries while I put them on the belt. 

The Can AM was smoking pretty badly, they had let it run after replacing a spark plug and oil but it was just idling so a run in the desert hopefully would make a difference. After we got home and put away all the groceries Ken unloaded it and boy was it smoking!! Ken took off for the BLM and by the time he came home it was perfect once again!  YAY!  We weren't sure what it would cost, but $269.00 out the door not too bad. Would be a lot worse if the smoking hadn't stopped! 

We enjoyed our evening out side and Stacey from next door came over for a bit to visit.  Dinner and a relaxing evening. 

I made a broccoli bacon salad to take to Lori and Russells Friday. They are hosting a Welcome Home Party before Jacob heads to Italy at the end of next week.  We got a room in Rocklin for Friday night and will head home Saturday.  

The Mansion is ready to be picked up Monday morning at 0900.  Now we are trying to decide where we want to go! I'm leaning toward Bear Lake State Park, Utah/Idaho border.  We were headed there earlier in the summer, but temps were cool and we'd like to do some kayaking.  

So here we are Friday morning and thought I'd get a blog posted as I'm sure the next one will have pictures.  Because of all the smoke this morning, internet and posting pictures just isn't cooperating. We are really socked in from the fires in CA!  Pictures will have to wait.  

Best get a move on as the morning is flying!  Have a great one!  


  1. Still nice to have that short visit with Jacob. wise to enjoy the time you can for now as he might be gone for a couple of years.
    Good that the Can Am is back from the shop without breaking the Bank.
    You can always edit your post later just to add the pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy you Camping Trip.

    It's about time.

    1. Jacob is supposed to be gone for 3 years to Italy...hoping I can get over for a visit during that time :) Yep we're happy to have the Can AM home for sure.

  2. Glad the Can Am is feeling better! Funny ... I used to spend many a night in Rocklin for property tax training. I actually like that area, but not the traffic. I have to admit I'm glad not in California with all the smoke.

    1. Yeah, Rocklin and actually most of CA is way to busy for us! Yeah smoke is bad there and even here at home ...