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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Jacob's Welcome Home Party!

We got to Rocklin and our motel just a little after 1500 on Friday.  Checked in and the a/c going strong.  Hot and smoky conditions over there.  A little before 17000 we headed to Russell and Lori's house. 

We got there just a few minutes after 1700 and lots of people were already there. Nice to see so many turn out to celebrate Jacob!  Russell smoked a ton of chicken and beans.  There was salads as a side dish. Believe me, no one went away hungry!  
Gotta love this sign!!

Nice conversations everywhere!

Gabi, Jacob, Jiri, Ellie, neighbors forever! 💖

Lori and Allissa...

Neighbor across the street brought this cake over for Jacob. She's known him since
he was little :) 

Aren't they adorable?!!!

A little later in the evening Jacob said he had something for Papa and me.  Turns out he had sent it to Russell's house quite a while ago. Kinda funny..he told them he was sending something to the house, but it wasn't for them it was for Grandma 💙💖  We are so touched that he did this for us.  Can't help but look at it and smile! 
Beautiful canvas print! Thank you Jacob! 💙

We left about 2015 to head back to the hotel room as neither of us like driving after dark anymore.  We're hoping to see Jacob one more time this week before he leaves, maybe take him and Allissa to lunch somewhere. They've got a busy schedule, but we're hoping! 

WE left he hotel room on Sunday morning.  Luckily I took hard boiled eggs, bread and the toaster.  The hotel has a continental breakfast (a good one actually) but because of the virus they're not serving it now. Actually, pool and fitness center are also closed along with the lobby. You check in through their night check in. We went by Placer County Fairgrounds to check out their RV Park..what a joke. 10 spots or so, like a parking lot and lots of people obviously living there. No thanks. 

We went to Raley's in Gardnerville to pick up pills and then it was just after 1300. Headed for CVI for our linner.  We haven't been there since January, but it was delicious and some of our servers are still there so that's nice. 

Home and the day was done.  We did spend some time out front enjoying a nice evening. 

Sunday morning we slept in until 0630 and then enjoyed catching up with our blogging friends.  Got ourselves going and before you know it the day is done once again.  I made enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner tonight.  We're expecting Adam and Erin later.  They are on their way home from Yellowstone and are spending the night here before heading home tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing them 😍

Have a great evening!


  1. What a great celebration! I have to admit, I've driven by lots of fairground RV parking because they have been allowing people to live there. Awesome pictures!!! Congrats to Jacob!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy! The one at Cal Expo only allows 28 days at a time, but they are 50 a night for a parking lot. Full hook ups yes, but really close neighbors and asphalt..but it works. Really disappointed in Placer County!

  2. What a great turn out. The chicken and beans looked so yummy and I think I saw some Mac n cheese. Jacob's gift was really special.

    1. You have a good eye! Yes I love that picture! Everyone said the beans were the best! Russell's a great cook, just too bad I can't eat smoked!

  3. What a wonderful day for you and family. Our grandkids are sure special, aren't they? The food looks wonderful! Congratulations to Jacob!

    1. Thanks Cheri! Yep there's something special about grandkids for sure! I can't believe how quickly they all grow up! Russell is quite the smoker, he gets a lot of use out of that machine! LOL.