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Saturday, December 2, 2023

We're home! :)

 We left Texarkana and had a beautiful drive on the back roads to Seymour, Texas. We stayed at a nice city park with full hookups. It was supposed to be $25.00 a night. The sign said to put your $$ in the drop box which was locked with no slot. What the heck. Hard to put $$ in when there's no slot. Ken made out the check anyway in case someone came around. No one ever did so we stayed for free. 

Monday we got up and got going towards Santa Rosa, NM. Following the weather we knew we would be ok on I 40. Not our favorite highway but it worked to get us home. We spent the night at Santa Rosa Lake State Park. The electric sites were closed and it was cold. The campground host had a group shelter site for $20.00 so we had our electricity. Nice guy! 

The next days drive got us to Holbrook, NM where we stayed at the KOA there in town. Worked for us.

Wednesday we left Holbrook, AZ and headed towards Vegas. We thought we'd boondock at the Railroad Casino but decided against it when we saw the parking lot and the $15.00 they wanted to stay overnight. Hundreds of trucks stay for free, but if you're an RV it's $15.00 in a narrow parking spot! Couldn't put out slide or steps as you'd be taking 2 spots!  

We headed through Vegas and landed at a place we've stayed a few times. Beautiful pull out spot on the Lee Canyon turnoff. 😁

Thursday afternoon we pulled into our driveway and we were home! Happy hour next door with Karen and the furry kids. 

A great trip with no mishaps :) Looking forward to the next trip to Arkansas! 😊💙

Friday was a day of working around the house with general unpacking and laundry. Ken had his hands full of tumbleweeds! OMG they are so terrible this year, guess because we had so much rain last season! 

Last night we headed over to Karen's again for Happy Hour. 

This morning wanted to get this posted and did a little Christmas shopping on line. Never have I been so behind LOL. 

Today we're headed for Gardnerville as we've got prescriptions to pick up. Decorating the tree this afternoon after we get back. Time is just moving way too quickly!! 

Adam's coming to visit Sunday after work. We leave Monday to get some tests done for Ken and Tuesday morning he has an appointment at 0700. 

I'm getting this posted with out pictures as I just don't have the time this morning to get them done. Next blog i'll have a few. 

Have a wonderful day!! 💗


  1. I'm glad you had a great trip and are home safe and sound again. First few days back home are always busy.

  2. Any trip without issues is a success. Our tumbleweeds are not too bad this year.... thankfully.

    1. I wish ours weren't so bad and sprayed at least 3 times last year!

  3. Sounds like a great trip & it is a busy season for sure.Perhaps add some solar ,extra battery & propane heater -then could stop any suitable site & without hookups.All the best.

    1. WE've got a generator and propane heater. Thanks for the tips!

  4. It's always such a relief to get back home from a long trip, even if you didn't have any mishaps. Now to rest up a bit. This is crazy ... first year EVER that I have tumbleweeds in my BACK YARD!!!

    1. They say we have so many because we got 4 times our normal rate of rain last season. They grew out of control!

  5. Welcome home. I’m glad it was a great trip. Christmas comes every year, we should be better prepared. lol.