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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Spending time with Bryan and Cheryl in Arkansas, Thanksgiving, time to head home (darn timelines) Russell and family in Florida

 We got to Bryan and Cheryl's house on Monday afternoon. We got caught up and enjoyed the afternoon. Cheryl made an awesome dinner of veggies and chicken breasts. I make something similar called unshish kebab. Oh so yummy. 

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. Egg nog and brandy to
start the day! :)

Eventually we went to bed, but again not too early. Love spending time with my son when I can get it! 

Cheryl and I went to town on day and turned out the consignment/thrift store had 50% off. Oh my! Seemed like the whole town was there! Great stuff and I found some goodies for me too. 

While we were there we were discussing the fact that Cheryl wanted a small kitchen table and in their area it would have to be really small. I gave her the table I found in Amarillo. Perfect fit! I ordered her a couple of retro chairs for her Christmas present. :) Made me happy she liked it and that it's a great fit. 💙

Thanksgiving Bryan made chicken breasts that were amazing and I added some sides to it. We started the day with egg nog and brandy as is tradition. Then some champagne and and great dinner! I could see this being a yearly tradition. 

Friday was spent just enjoying being there! We watched the Razorbacks play for awhile, but the game was terrible so Bryan started a fire outiside from stuff they've been cutting down to clear some land. 

Bryan got these pics of me with the pups (Raider)

Daisy Duke! 

Bryan, Cheryl and the boy next door, Braxton (?)

Another great fire!

Their Christmas tree. Cheryl found a tub yesterday so she
was able to personalize the tree 

Gracie did not want to get up this morning before we left LOL

They are in the process of clearing some land. Looks so 
much different than October!

Bryan and his dad 💙

Cheryl, Bryan and Me 💖

This morning it was time to head out. We want to be home on Saturday as we need Sunday to unload and anything else we need to do. Monday we will be spending the night in Carson City as Tuesday involves a very early appointment for Ken. 

We decided to take the backroads of Arkansas, glad we did as it was beautiful. Our 200 mile original trip ended up being 270+ and later than we planned. It's ok as we are in Texarkana at a KOA. $37.50 for full hookups which we needed tonight. Sweetest lady checked me in. I'd definitely do this again if needed. 

We had Happy Hour once Ken got us set up.  Thanks Bryan for sending dinner with us. Now to get this posted and get to bed. 

Such a great time, one more time in Arkansas with Bryan and Cheryl. Looking forward to after the first of the year we'll be back and there will be a wood stove project for Ken and Bryan. :) 

Had a great chat with Russell and Family on Thanksgiving. They are in Florida on vacation and having a wonderful time! Also talked with Eric later in the day and Grandma (Ken's mom). 

Aaron and Jacob! 

Sunday night's dinner! 

Russell and Lori, he enjoys his beard growing while on
vacation! LOL..

Lori, Aaron, Kenna, Jacob and Russell 💙

A walk along the beach, Aaron, Lori and Russell 💙
I am sure Kenna took the picture 💗

Have a wonderful evening everyone! Time to fall asleep to the sound of the rain on the roof 💙


  1. What a great week. Gracie looks adorable. We love taking the back roads, even if it does take us a bit longer.

    1. We love the back roads too..just wish we didn't have a deadline! Gracie is a sweetie!

  2. What a fun time. I like the fire starter!! Very sweet of you to give them that table. Back roads are always more fun ... and relaxing.

    1. Mr. Heater torch..it does an amazing job! I'm happy the table worked out and fit perfectly. I bought it because it was a great deal, even though I didn't know where we were going to put it. :) yep love the back roads!

  3. Lots of fun right there! The visits are wonderful!

  4. Sounds like you and Ken had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.