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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Happy Birthday Linda! An overnighter in Carson City, Adam visits, this and that!

Here it is Wednesday afternoon and we're getting ready for some rain to head in later. 

Sunday morning was our typical Champagne Sunday.  I made brunch out in the outdoor kitchen and we enjoyed our drinks. Once that was done we set about decorating the kitchen. Love how it turned out. Simple but cheery!

Our niece Jennifer was in CA for Thanksgiving from TN. Ken's
mom who'll be 96 on the 18th of  this month 💗💗

Table runner made from the leftover material 💗

We ended up not decorating the inside tree on Saturday so got it done Sunday  afternoon. Adam arrived around 1930. 😀

Eric made this star in kindergarten 43 years ago. All our
ornaments have a memory attached to them. One day I'll
have to add notes to them so we can remember once our
memory goes LOL. 

Monday morning after breakfast he left to take a hike at Sweetwater Canyon. We left not too much later. He'd be home but we were spending the night in Carson City because of Ken's 0645 appointment on Tuesday. 

He got some blood work and an X-ray done. After that we did some Christmas shopping and running around. Got to the hotel around 1530 and went to Betsy's for an early dinner. 

Tuesday morning we were at the appointment in plenty of time and then around 1000 we head for breakfast and then home. We wanted to be able to spend some time with Adam so any running we needed to do could wait. 

Ken had our 20 foot trailer filled with tumbleweeds. He
burned them yesterday afternoon, but there's tons more out
there! Hopefully the wind today will help by blowing them away.

Out by the fire last night 

We had a great day yesterday with Adam and then later in the afternoon we headed out back where Ken made an outdoor fire. Enjoyed our visit as always. 

Eventually we came inside to watch some tv until it was time to call it a night. 

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely morning with Adam until around 1000 when he took off to head back to his place. He's got 4 10's at work so he's enjoying his 3 days off a week. 😁

He and Erin will be back for New Years. Looking forward to that!

Ken worked outside moving vehicles as he'll be decorating one of our trees that we call Karen's tree. She loves seeing it at night through her bedroom window. 

He went out to start Nellie (the motorhome) the other day and she wouldn't turn over. Figured it was the battery, bought one today and nope. Bottom line we spent $1500.00 for her and don't want to have her towed to a shop and put who knows how much $$ into her. So we have another guest room for visitors. I love her, but we've put too much $$ into older vehicles before. She had some delamination damage on the last trip too. So it's time to park her. :(

Monday was my youngest sister Linda's 65th birthday! Welcome to Medicare LOL. 

I thought this was a great action shot of great nephew Owen!

He and Cassidy visited Santa dressed as reindeers 💗

Baby Phoenix is growing up! He'll be 10 months on the 11th!

I think he liked Santa!! 

Russell, Lori and friends John and Andrea made a quick 
visit to the beach for sunsets and beers 😁

Russell, John and a friend who came out to help with a sliding door at John's.
I didn't get his name..darn..

Well, it's Happy Hour time! It's cold and windy, so it'll probably be inside.

Have a great evening! 🍺🍷



  1. You know I adore you and Ken and your place. But please...more pictures of Owen, Cassidy and baby Phoenix...lol lol 😆

  2. That look at Santa on Phoenix's face!!!! Too cute! I love your kitchen and your decorations are awesome!! With your big family, you can always use more bedrooms. As far as the tumbleweeds ... WOW! I had only two in my yard!!!!!

    1. I know precious isn't it. Most kids that age are scared of him..Thank you Nancy!