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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Baby Phoenix is home, My sister Linda has a heart valve replacement surgery and is home now! Carson City for the day, A nice fire or two, Happy 24th Bryan and Cheryl! Life moves on..

 Can't believe it's Saturday already! Where does the time go? A month ago we were gettin ready to meet up with Jim and Barb for the Howling in Yuma! 

I love this picture of my sister Wendy and her grandson
Phoenix. First genuine smile I've seen since her husband 
Shawn passed away on Feb 17th. 💗

The winds were not kind to the propane heaters at Karen's
Lila just enjoying the snow covered deck and sunset. 

A winter wonderland between here and Carson City

Been working on Wendy's financials here at home. I have to say, know what's going on in the banking. So many we know, have no clue and then when something happens to the spouse that handles the bills, you are thrown for a loop! We're getting it done though! 

Tasha feeding the baby at home..

Baby Phoenix came home Wednesday. Thank you again  to Christina for taking  Tasha to pick him up and bring him home. Luckily schools were closed in her area, so she was available. 💗

He had an appointment on Thursday and had gained an ounce so he's an ounce over birth weight. Keep it up Baby! He was sent home with a terrible diaper rash, but keep using Desitin. Used that on our kids 50 years ago! 

Wednesday my baby sister, Linda went into the hospital for a heart valve replacement. She came through with flying colors and went home Friday evening! Thank you Lord and the skills of the doctors! 💗

We did spend a day going to Carson City to get groceries, but other than that we've been home which is nice!

Friday was such a beautiful day, I was able to get out on the front porch and clean it up from wind and desert debris.  Ken, of course is always outside no matter the weather. Firewood is his biggest concern these days! If were are gone, we don't need so much but we're home. 

I cleaned the outside kitchen so what else to do but have a fire. :) We started around 1400 and then got a call from Karen, so we headed there. After her being gone from the pups all day we don't want her coming over and leaving them any longer. I love the greetings I always get from them too! :) 

So, Saturday morning planned on working on Grandson Adam's taxes but while I'm making breakfast the hubby poured a mimosa for me...so...taxes will wait LOL..

Tomorrow we plan on making breakfast/brunch in the kitchen..so taxes may wait again LOL.. We'll see what the weather holds, as they're expecting snow. So?? LOL. 

Happy 24th Anniversary to our oldest son Bryan and his wife Cheryl! 

This picture is from their 13th Anniversary when we had property in Winnemucca,
but I still love it! 

Russell posted these pictures of Jacob and Allissa, had to steal them. 

Freshman year of high school...

This last year

Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon! 💙


  1. Your family had a lot of good news. May the good news continue.

  2. I agree with Elva, lots of positive things happening for your family. Life does go on, it waits for nothing and no one, time just continues to move forward and we find our step once again, not the same as before but a step, followed by another and another.


    1. I love what you have said about life, and oh so true!

  3. It seems your family has had lot’s of surprises and some stress.
    You are a terrific sister, grandmother and friend!
    Good friends and family are truly a treasure.
    Sure enjoy your pictures!
    Linda a.

  4. You are a Saint Shirley!!! I tell people all the time that BOTH need to know the finances, but it doesn't seem to happen. It's very good advice.

    1. Definitely with what we're seeing here. It's going to be tough for her definitely!

  5. Was that a month ago already?!?! You guys sure have a lot going on with family and friends. I get nervous just looking at the picture of Phoenix, I don't know the last time I held a baby that small!

    1. Yep, howling is tonight once again :) I'm excited to meet Phoenix here in the next few weeks. :)

  6. Lots going on and it is all on the upswing. You are right. Spouses need to be aware of the money. Amazing how you and Ken flow with that very cold and snowy weather. I wouldn't be out much.

    1. Definitely Doug! Since we live here in the cold, just gotta do what needs to be done :) Especially Ken and firewood! LOL.

  7. What great reasons to celebrate in your family! 💕
    I need to keep telling myself to be more involved in our finances, good advice.
    Nice to see Wendy smile. One door closes, in a way, another one opens. Lots of room for the love.
    Congrats to Bryan and Cheryl and all the best to Linda.

    1. Yes I love that pic of her and Phoenix. Thank you Patsy!

  8. What a beautiful picture of your sister, Wendy, and her grandson, Phoenix. Certainly good news about your baby sister, Linda!
    Happy Anniversary to Bryan and Cheryl. Jacob and Allissa are such a cute couple.

  9. Yes, I love that picture of Wendy and Phoenix. Our daughter in law captured it after bringing Phoenix home :) Linda is doing well now. Should make her life easier and breathing!