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Monday, March 27, 2023

Congratulations Adam!! Surprise snow!

 Congratulations to our Grandson, Adam! Today was his first day as a Permanent Federal employee! He has now achieved his dream as a Park Ranger with the National Forest Service. He has worked the past two seasons as a seasonal employee, but as of today he's permanent! 

Thumbs UP! You did it!! 💙

Adam and his sweetie Erin, from last summer 💗

He's happy to be going back to his duty station he's worked with for the last two seasons. Ever since he was little he's loved camping, the outdoors and roughing it. Never one to be afraid to take a trip or go hiking by himself, this job fits him perfectly! Money's not bad, benefits are great and it's year round! We are very proud of you Adam for not giving up on your dream! Not bad for a 23 year old! NFS is lucky to get such a great addition! Not like I'm prejudiced, not me! LOL. 

If he's not happy in CA he can always apply elsewhere too! He did that earlier this winter and was accepted everywhere he applied, but he chose this one.  I think his sweetie, Erin had something to do with that choice. We'll see what happens once she graduates college 💙

You know when you have kids, you always want them to do better than you did. Ours certainly did and we're very proud of them. Then the grandkids come along and you want the same thing for them, ours have done really well with their choices too and we're very proud of them! 😊

Yesterday morning we awoke to a surprise! SNOW! Definitely cold and beautiful! Karen and invited us over for biscuits and gravy at 1000, so we went. A new experience as she made it all gluten free, so she could have some. Biscuits were a little crumbly, but taste wise surprisingly was pretty much the same as regular. Not something I'd cook, as gluten free they make up for the lack of, by adding other things. Carbs are way up there. LOL. 

After breakfast we came home, Ken started a fire in the outdoor kitchen and we enjoyed a couple of hours of Nascar pre race, and couple of adult beverages. It was Champagne Sunday after all. We watched the snow melt quickly. A really good day was enjoyed by the two of us. 

Today was a stay at home day. I'm making a couple of curtains for the outdoor kitchen, so when the sun sets and beams in we can put these up to keep out the glare.  Ken is over at Karen's getting some floor tiles moved up to the deck with the tractor. 

Stole a couple of pictures off Facebook of Russell, Lori and friends enjoying Claimstake Brewery's 7th year anniversary. 

John, Russell, Lori, Steve and Michael 💗

Russell and friends! 

Got this sweet picture with the caption
"We miss you Grandma" 💗
Russell, Lori and Melissa 💙

Well, that's our excitement of the last few days. Ken just got home, so it's

Happy Hour here at home. 🍷🍺 Enjoy your evening 😊😊


  1. Congratulations to your grandson, Adam. How exciting for him to get his dream job! The snow is still pretty from a distance. 🥰

    1. Thank you Deb, yes he's a happy camper! It was pretty but glad it came and went so quickly. If it weren't for lizards, I'd be ready for spring LOL.

  2. Congrats to Adam! I could have seen myself doing that in another life. The snow is beautiful but I am done with it for this year. Let's bring on spring!

  3. Thank you Jim! I could see you doing that too! :) Yep, I'm done with it too!