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Monday, December 5, 2022

A special card in the mail...Yerington Small Town Christmas..32 years :(

 So this morning Ken was heading next door to start cooking some ham and beans in the dutch oven. He came back and said "this is worth waiting a few minutes."  I had a special piece of mail from Rylee Mae Conder. Oh my, so cute. I don't even know how she knew my birthday was coming up but she did. I had just mailed her birthday card today (the 7th she turns 7). I love having my little pen pal! 

The cutest card

Her handwriting is amazing for only being not quite 7! 💙

Love my little pen pal!!💙

Saturday night we went to one of the first events in Yerington this Christmas. They are really trying to promote "A small town Christmas" this year. We really should have this, as our little town is adorable! 

They were doing the lighting of the Christmas tree at city hall which has moved since we've moved here. We got there near 1700 and it was pretty dark. About 1730 the mayor got up and read "Night before Christmas" and then started the countdown to light the tree. At the number 3 everyone said "Yerington Christmas Spirit" and the tree was lighted. Glad we went. 

Melissa gave me these flowers on Thanksgiving day and they are still so beautiful!💗

Yerington City Hall..waiting to light the tree!

Tree is lit..

And the Yerington tree is lit this year :)

There are more events this week we hope to attend. We know next Saturday we'll be participating in the Electric Christmas Parade. As it stands Ken will be driving John and Karen's tractor with a trailer behind and decorated. Looking forward to that! 

We had a delicious dinner tonight at Karen's. Ken cooked leftover ham from Thanksgiving, carrots, onions and celery along with great northern beans and black eyed peas. It was oh so yummy! Great comfort food!

Today was 32 years since we lost my daddy. :( Time heals, but it seems like it was yesterday. We were sitting at Karen's tonight and "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" came on the radio. Well, the memories came flooding back, Ken knows, so he held my hand. 

Daddy worked at Kaiser until 2300. I waited up to tell him we were taking the car in the am for whatever reason ( I was still in high school).   Took him awhile to come in and we're wondering what was taking so long. When he came in he told us he had heard the best song. Thank God I'm a Country Boy. Next morning I went out to the car and it was blasting! He was always country and proud of it! Miss him so much :(  Love you daddy!💗 


  1. Very cute card. Amazing printing for a 7 year old.
    I like small town spirit, very special.
    Food sounded wonderful.
    Memories are special and keep our loved ones near.


    1. She is the sweetest little girl :) I'm glad the town is doing more this year. Yes, those memories are very special.

  2. Aww what a cute card from a sweet girl. Happy Birthday!! I love small town celebrations ... it's nice they keep up the traditions.

    1. She is a sweetie for sure! I agree about the traditions.

  3. What a great story about your dad. Love the card from Rylee!

    1. He was a very special man for sure! Yes, she's a sweetie :))

  4. What a sweet card from a sweet little girl. Happy Birthday. Love the small town Christmas celebration photos. What good time. Becky