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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Heat here in NV! Shopping at Karen's store :) A little this and that :)

 Not a lot been going on here except heat! WE start the air conditioning by 0900 every day! Ken's worked on firewood in the 102 or more degree temps! He's a tough old guy LOL.  

Saturday morning we did head into to town to partake of Karen's last Sippin Saturday of the summer.  Her little store is doing well, so that's really awesome! 

We spent some $$ while we were there enjoying champagne LOL.  Think there could be a connection haha. 

Loved this sign as soon as I saw it! 

Karen found these for us and picked them up 💙💖

Gotta love this one! 

Karen's mom Izzie, playing bartender 💙

Saturday afternoon we headed to her house to see if Ken could work on the pump on her swimming pool. I just enjoyed being IN the pool as it was miserable outside. Karen got home a little after 1700 and John a little closer to 1800. He's still working in CA so it's a quick trip home for him. We all had a nice evening just hanging out. 

Sunday morning it was late when we finally got out of bed and enjoyed mimosas with a late brunch. Hot again here in this little oasis..(like HELL).

Sunday morning libations...

Monday morning was hot once again.  We did go out to the kitchen and hang a few of things we bought at Karen's. Early afternoon was a movie day. Just too hot and muggy to be outside. 

We headed out for Happy Hour and it was windy and much cooler. Cool enough we ended up bringing out the propane campfire stove and enjoying the warmth of it. Who would have thought?! Without it we wouldn't have been out there though! I could go for that every night! Had a few raindrops on the roof which made it even better. 

Never thought we would need this to stay comfy! 

This morning we headed for Gardnerville to do a little grocery shopping and to pick up pills from Raley's. On the way home we stopped in town and had Linner at Dini's. YUM! Made a quick stop at Karen's store and visited with her, her girls and her mom for a bit. 

Maybe we'll get lucky and have a thunder storm later...we can always hope! 

Tomorrow looks like a trip to Reno and Total Wine along with a stop in Carson City if all goes as planned. I've been debating back and forth on something I've wanted for a long time..so decided to bite the bullet and just do it! Let's hope Cal Ranch has it it stock. Time is moving along, so hard to believe it's August. 

Looks like next week we'll be camping in Silver Springs for the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno races. We're both looking forward to that and seeing friends again! 

Ken's mom was in the hospital this last week. Thank goodness Kaiser figured it out and put a stent in her main artery that was 95% blocked. Have to thank God and the Doctors that saved her 💖.  She's home and doing well! 

Have a great evening, almost Happy Hour! 


  1. Sippin Saturday, genius! That's something I would stop in for!

  2. LOVE her store and every one of the signs you've put up. I agree ... Sippin Saturday is perfect!! Glad her store is doing good. Can't wait to see what you "pick up"!!!