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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Night in the Country comes to town, Finally feeling better!

 Well, this has been a pretty much do nothing week. With this cough and cold haven't felt like doing anything, so we haven't.  The heat of over 100 degrees everyday hasn't given me / us  much drive either! Today (knock on wood) is starting out with me feeling better and Ken too. He actually felt better than me in just a couple of days! 

We have driven into town a couple of times just to watch the fairgrounds change! Yep, that's what small town living is about LOL. 

Third weekend every year our little town of less than 3,000 people grows by 30,000 or so.  An event called, Night in The Country happens here! It's the 2nd biggest fundraiser in Nevada only second to Burning Man. 

Every wanna be cowboy and  cowgirl comes to camp in the heat and listen to country music stars for 3 nights. Most I don't even know who they are, but Thursday the opening act was Tracy Lawrence. Sure most of these young people aren't sure who he is but looks like a good time was had by all! 

Anyway, we drove by and took a few pictures which definitely don't do it justice. 

Yesterday afternoon Ken sent me a picture from the outdoor kitchen of our lizard friend, Speckles (John named him). He somehow landed in the kitchen sink AHHHHHH!! I had Ken gather him into a five gallon bucket with a lid and we put him in the back of the car and relocated him in town near the river. Hopefully that does it for him. 

Speckles has a new home away from here!

Gotta give the hubby credit, as he could have not told me and got him out of the sink. He knows how I feel though so 💙 off to his new home. 

Well it's Tuesday morning, starting off the day with heat once again. Since we're both feeling better we're heading to Gardnerville to do a little grocery shopping and seeing Molly so we can drop off her little going away gift. 

Finally back in the land of the living! Have a great day! Thank goodness for air conditioning!


  1. That event looks like a blast! Glad you are feeling better. I had something last week as well.

    1. It does look like fun from all the pictures we've seen! Hoping this is mostly over as I hate being sick!! Hope you're doing better too!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Those events ... maybe when I was younger, but now I just say NO. I know you don't like lizards, but he could be eating up all the flies and spiders!!! You are not alone however, since Cooper doesn't like them either!!! He barks at my front door constantly as the lizards sit and stare at him.

    1. I just enjoy people watching LOL. Yes, I've heard the accolades of lizards (from Ken) but can't stand them!