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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Jacob gets pinned! Ocean trip, We've got company coming! Happy 44th Birthday Russell!

We had a great 4th of July over at Karen's house. The Boys Next Door played and they were awesome! They'll be back at the beginning of September! 

Grandson Jacob made the promotion list a few weeks ago and sent these pictures of his pinning ceremony! So proud of you Jacob! 

Congratulations!  Air Traffic Controller 2nd Class Petty Officer
Jacob Kay! (E5) 

 Wednesday, July 6th I headed to Dixon, CA and had a visit with my mom and dad at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery.  It's been awhile so it was time. 

On Thursday I headed over to meet up with my sister Linda and her family. We met for a later lunch at Lagunitas Brewery before heading over to Dillon Beach for a few days. Linda always rents a home over there once a year. She invited me / us and who could pass up the chance to spend a few days at the cool beach?! Bonus, nephew Dusty, his wife Chelsea and the two adorable kids,  Owen and Cassidy would be there too. 💜💜 Nephew, Jesse came Saturday for the night. 

As soon as I got out of the car and slammed the door, I knew I'd left my keys in the ignition. We have a hide a key somewhere, but I called Triple AAA and they were actually there in about 10 minutes. 😊

We all had a nice lunch thanks to Linda 😋 and headed over to the beach about 25 minutes away. 

Owen is quite the rider on his scooter!

Bobby, Cassidy, Chelsea and Owen

Dusty and Jesse

Chelsea and Cassidy flying a kite

Jesse and Owen watching a video

Portable propane pizza oven...so good! 

Chelsea made the dough then everyone designed their own
pizza and into the oven it went for just a few minutes..so good

What a great couple of days. The weather was cool and foggy, but it was awesome! 

Saturday was Miss Cassidy's 4th Birthday..she's so cute! Such a little princess! I've never had a daughter, but watching her open presents was so special. She'd say "Oh I love this"..💗 She definitely enjoyed her birthday. 

Happy 4th Birthday Cassidy!

Putting together the doll house! 

We went to a late lunch at the Boathouse near Bodega Bay. Again, courtesy of my sister 💙 After we came back to the house we all headed towards the beach for an hour or two. 

I ended up staying up with my nephew Jesse until 0100 or so. Don't see him often so I'm glad I visited with him until then. 

Sunday morning it was time to cook some breakfast and then get ready to head home. It was an awesome trip with family💙💙 Thank you again, Linda and Bobby! 💖

Glad to be here after a long drive home! 

Tuesday we headed into Gardnerville and Walmart to do some grocery shopping! Eric, Mason and a friend, along with Russell are coming today!  Looking so forward to it!!

Adam and Erin climbed Mt. Lassen on his
days off...💖

This came before I left, Ken put it up...the key chain was a
bonus 😃

A little sanding before painting

It turned out pretty good, a little more paint will be needed..not much it 
seems in those spray cans 

Turkey burgers and veggies on the propane stove

Ken playing chef and making it gourmet 😃

Time to get going! Have a great day, I know we will! 

Our baby boy turns 44 today! Happy Birthday Russell! See you soon 💙


  1. Looks like a good time all the way around! Love the wood stove, the perfect addition to your kitchen.

    1. Thank you, I'm hoping cooler weather comes sooner rather than later so we can use the wood stove! :)

  2. Again, congratulations to Jacob.

  3. Congrats Jacob and Happy Birthday Cassidy!! Did I mention one of my best friends lives in Dixon? GREAT little town. That stove ... it's awesome!!! Great family times ... you guys are so lucky.

    1. Thank you! Dixon is growing by leaps and bounds! 1600 new $$$ homes going in right now, with more to come I'm sure! Glad you like the stove! Yes, we are blessed with family for sure! :)

  4. Congrats to Jacob on rising through the ranks.
    Looks like everyone had fun at the beach.
    The Kitchen is coming along.
    Happy Birthday Russell.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you! The beach was awesome! Yep, kitchen is almost finished and we're glad! too hot today to be outside!

  5. Congratulations Jacob, something else to be so very proud of accomplishing! Happy Birthday Cassidy and Russell.
    Beach times are always fun even without sun!
    Oh yah, I know all about sanding metal now! ♥

  6. Thank you Patsy! Yep, love the beach, too bad it's too$$$ to buy a place, or even rent for more than a few days. I thought of you when I was doing the sanding on the stove :)