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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A great time in Silver Springs! Time to get some work done here at home :)

 We headed out last Wednesday afternoon and got to Johnny's property in Silver Springs around 1400 hrs or so.  The group was out riding, which we expected.  More people came driving in right after was got there. 

Our awesome hosts every year!
Johnny and Kelli πŸ’™πŸ’™

Johnny and Kelli's container home! It has all the comforts of home for sure!

Randi and Joel's set up

Joel and Randi's ride! 

Once they got back and we chatted a bit, I brought out the 7 layer dip I had made. Always a hit wherever! Johnny made a taco bar for everyone and it was amazing! It was a late night of catching up and enjoying the Nevada sky πŸ’™

Next morning I brought out some scrambled eggs and a breakfast casserole for the group along with some bacon. There was till some left when they left to head for Gabbs, NV but I don't think anyone wanted a heavy breakfast before leaving for a 150+ ride in the desert. 

We waited until about 1030 and left to meet the gang in Gabbs for a lunch that Johnny puts together with the owner of the local bar there. We were early, so stopped in Middlegate and had a drink there before heading the 30 miles to Gabbs. Last year we made a right in Silver Springs and then stopped at Middlegate to celebrate the fact we were headed to South Dakota for our vacation. Wonder were we'll go this September??

We drove around Gabbs for a bit as we were still early.  Surprising the town is actually bigger than you would think for being in the middle of nowhere! 

Sand Mountain NV..lots of good times over the years!!

Gabbs, NV

Premier, the largest, oldest working mine in NV

R and D's Bar and Grill 

We had a drink and visited with the bartender when everyone started trickling in.  About 1430 or so we were treated to an amazing spread of food! Barbecued tri tip and chicken, salads, amazing potatoes etc! Then strawberry shortcake with home made whipped cream...oh so delicious. 

This was actually in Middlegate..dollar bills everywhere!!

This guy was here last year..looking no worse for the wear LOL.

Potatoes, bacon, mushrooms onion and cheese!

Toward the end, should have taken a pic at the beginning 
every thing was full of food! 

Chris and Keith 

More visiting and then we headed back to camp. A beautiful drive for us. We don't take our side by side as these side by sides are too fast for us. LOL. 

Joel's side x side was so clean...didn't last long!

Camp consisted of another late night and fun. 

Friday morning we were treated to amazing biscuits and gravy that Vickie and Albert sent with Johnny.  They couldn't make it because of puppy issues but sent it because she's such a sweetheart and a great couple!  Enjoyed by all! 

We loaded up and headed over to our staging place in the desert near the track for Best in the Desert, Vegas to Reno.  Got set up and waited for the race to get there. Johnny always brings his hot dog roller and hot dogs for the group. Others bring appetizers of some sort, a great day of eating, drinking and fun! He's got misters going so even in the heat you don't feel quite as hot, and hot it was!  

BLM Ranger stopped to say hi to us..same as last year

Black Rifle Coffee Company had a helicopter leading their truck
They are doing well obviously, Russell πŸ’™
Chatanooga Distillery had two trucks in the race! Shows
how far they come for this race!

Once the race was slowing, we packed up and headed back to camp. 

Saturday we had planned on heading home, but they wanted us to stay. I brought 2 big bottles of champagne so the girls and I had mimosas. Actually, I had just champagne  LOL. Hit the spot with everyone! 🍸

They were all going on another ride, so we headed back home and restocked our supplies. LOL.  Then we headed back to camp. We're only about 1/2 hour away so it's nice! 

Johnny got his hot dog roller going again, and I contributed some homemade potato salad. A nice, simple dinner for sure! 

Wasn't too late of a night, I think everyone was tired from the last several days.

Sunday morning we said our goodbyes as everyone left to head home. Chatted with Johnny and Kelly for quite awhile and then we headed home too. It was Champagne Sunday so we had some breakfast and then did a few things around the house and Mansion. 

Monday was a work around the house day.  We got the Mansion emptied and cleaned.  That sand leaves quite the mess and we've got people coming beginning of September so a family will be in there. πŸ˜€πŸ’—

Tuesday we headed to Reno, Total Wine had to be visited LOL.  Ken dropped off blood pressure readings to his cardiologist and then to Walmart for groceries.  Linner at Betsy's and then home. Continued Happy Hour at Karen's for a catch up. 

Today was a busy day for the both of us.  Ken got the last 5 pavers laid that I wanted for the big griddle. He also got the instant water heater hooked up to the cab over camper. Brought the motor home over so I can change out some pots and pans.  Make sure it's cleaned and ready, as there should be a family in there too. πŸ’™πŸ˜ He had to pull the toilet in the Mansion as it's leaking GRRRR...

I did some touch up painting in the kitchen. It's been 3 1/2 years since we painted the cabinets so you can see what drawers are opened most often LOL. 

Behlen Company did send two tubes of caulking for the stock tank, so we shall see! Ken did pick up some Flex Seal to yesterday. 

Time is flying so quickly and the last of our grandsons are in their senior year already!! Sure don't know how that's happened already!

Aaron is a senior at Woodcreek HighπŸ’™

Mason was a freshman in this picture 

Mason is a senior at Golden Sierra High School πŸ’™

Enjoy your last year of high school boys! πŸ’™

Hubby just checked the temp outside, so it's Happy Hour! Enjoy your evening! 🍷🍺



  1. One day I would love to see the inside of that container. Is there electricity in the container? Sorry about the toilet.

    1. I will get pictures next time! They do have electricity via generator right now. He did have a well put in this summer. So lots of water :) We ordered the part, should be here Tuesday, so we shall see how long it lasts. Always something isn't there?!

  2. Always enjoy your posts !!
    The outdoor kitchen is the best.....I can see lots of
    fun and great food in the futureπŸ€—
    Linda a.

    1. Linda a...thank you so much! Oh yeah we are loving the kitchen for sure!

  3. Now that's a great time! I would love to see the container too. Looks like the perfect home to me!!! Not much maintenance required. The flex seal should do the trick. And oh yes ... dutch oven cooking. I may have to try that one!!!

    1. I will work on pictures next time we're out that way. It's really so cute with all the comforts of home! Ken likes to experiment with dutch oven cooking and he's pretty good at it!

  4. I can tell that you all had a great time! It would be fun to watch.
    I agree with the ladies, about the container. Bill an I have talked about it for up here but we'd have winter to deal with if we planned on living in it down the road. She'll have to send pictures for you to share.
    That potato, bacon, onion casserole looks delicious!

  5. I will get pictures next time we're out there, I'm sure they'll be happy to share the inside. They have insulated and put up a ship lap type of wood. He had a well put in this summer so they have water readily available now. Before, he had his own type of water system. It's adorable. Oh that potato casserole was incredible and so sinful LOL!