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Friday, March 25, 2022

Happy Birthday Aaron! Tractor pictures for your viewing pleasure :) A few convoy pictures :)

 Here we go again, almost a week later! I swear I don't know where the time goes! 

First off, on the 20th our youngest grandson, Aaron turned 17! How did time fly so quickly there?  Happy Birthday! (late I know)...

Still see him as this little boy on the right. That smile
still gets me! πŸ’•

Aaron and his mom Lori πŸ’—

I love, love this picture!! 

Ken's been working on the fence along with other things. I really like the way it's  coming alongπŸ’™

                      This plow was my grandpa's (or possibly great grandpa's) on my            
daddy's side. Daddy got it from the "old home place" in Arkansas in 1970.
He used it every year until he passed in 1990. I used it a few years to make my mom a garden until I didn't.  When my mom passed away it came to our house in Colfax. When we sold we let Bryan and Cheryl have it. When they sold their house a few months ago it came home to us.  πŸ’™

I did a little painting on a section of fence and new posts he put by the house. My contribution LOL. 

Yesterday was a run around day.  We needed to go to Carson City so figured might as well hit up Reno and Total Wine since we were that close.  Did an online order and they bring it out. Much easier than searching for my wine in the store. Noticed every bottle of my organic wine had gone up a dollar a bottle. 

Stole a few pictures from FB to show off Russell and Lori's Kitchen Remodel..now the whole house is finished and it  looks awesome! Astro Painting in Antelope, CA are responsible for the cabinets paint job! πŸ’–

From there it was Tractor Supply to get a bracket that wasn't on the small gate we bought. Bailey was very helpful and gave one to us, no questions asked or no receipt had to be shown. We then went to the weed killer section as spraying needs to be done! Yep, it's Spring! The one we normally buy we paid $59.00 for last year, $119.00 this year!!  A guy who was there to buy for Douglas County said his boss told him spray has doubled and some has tripled! We found one that was on sale (cough, cough) for $89.00 $94.00 out the door..ouch!! Thanks, Brandon!

Our oldest grandson Adam and his sweetie Erin πŸ’–

Walmart for a little grocery shopping. Noticed there that every item had gone up at least a few cents if not more. Bacon was $3.84 not very long ago, then $4.12 now $4.36. Still cheaper than anywhere else though.  Raley's is $7.99 for their cheapest. 

Big Betsy's for a linner.  Then home. 

Karen was home so we went over there for Happy Hour. She said the doggies were more excited to see us than they were when she got home πŸ’™ It was so cute, we were outside as it was a beautiful afternoon. Mugsy gives me "the look".  I told Ken he wants his food brought outside.  He got it and then has to take some of the food out of the bowl and bring it over to where we're sitting. Mugsy digs in! Spoiled much?! LOL. 

Lila was glued to the TV LOL...

Bryan and Cheryl got their new to them home delivered this week. A 29 foot Montana Fifth wheel. We'll be making a trip soon to spend a day or two with them in Lincoln, CA. 

We were planning on spraying today but decided to wait until tomorrow so Ken could work on the fencing. Going to be 81 degrees later. Probably short lived but we'll enjoy it for a bit. 

Jim, from Jim and Barb's RV Adventure had asked me about the tractors he could see in a picture from my kitchen. More than happy to show off our yard art πŸ˜ƒ

1925 Mc Cormick-Deering Orchard Model 

                                               1936 Farmall F 20
1936 F 12 Farmall my favorite πŸ’™

                                           1947 Farmall Cub and 1936 Allis Chalmers
Just some yard art LOL. 

Of course the People's Convoy still going strong in Hagerstown, MD.  Daily drives to downtown DC, meeting with representatives and they still have more people coming out in their own convoys. America! 

Washington, DC..πŸ’™

This single dad is taking his two kids to Hagerstown for Spring Break..Love it!

This young lady without the shoes told the truckers she
heard the horns and just had to run out to cheer them on! 

Sad news from my sister as their beloved bulldog had to go over the rainbow bridge.  πŸ˜’ Tina had the best home for the last 15 years. I know she's got a lot of family up there happy to have her there. As always, hardest on the ones left behind...Hugs Linda...

Well, I'm getting this posted on Friday instead of Thursday..supposed to be spraying this am but it's not looking good. It seems the sprayer doesn't want to pump. Ken's working on it, but it looks like we may be making a trip to Cal Ranch later. Oh and our tax packet came so we get to write a check for that too...Geez! 

Our thoughts today are with Doug (Miss Adventure Travels) and Al and Kelly (The Bayfield Bunch)...

Have a good day! Gonna be 84 here today, we'll take it while we can get it πŸ˜ƒ


  1. Thanks for more pictures from Washington. I was wondering what was going on. Such Patriots!

    1. There's tons of videos more than pictures of the convoy out there. A group left Missouri yesterday so there will be more pictures to come! Glad you love it as I do!!

  2. OMG I LOVE those tractors!! What a great collection!! You are definitely busy, even if it is hot. Your enthusiasm motivates me!! Happy Birthday Aaron!!!!!

  3. The F12 and F20 are very cool, just think of what those tractors saw in their day! The Cub is awesome as well. Love the old plow as well. I could not imagine breaking ground with that!

  4. Aaron's little boy picture reminds me a little of Russell. The kitchen looks great. Goodness....I didn't know you had so many tractors. That's quite a collection. Elva

    1. There's a lot of Russell in that boy for sure. Yep Love my tractors!

  5. Looking at the pictures of your youngest grandson, Aaron, my first thought was once a cutie always a cutie...lol
    Those are some great tractors.