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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Another catch up...

 Saturday morning we had plans to head next door in the afternoon. John was home for the weekend to pick up Karen for a few weeks so they were having a family barbecue.  

I made up some spinach dip and baked some cookies.  I used some of the almond flour I ordered and baked up a couple of things for Ken and me using new recipes. Now when I bake for him we can eat the same things as I'm getting him use to almond flour instead of regular flour. I made some banana bread which turned out excellent. The apple muffins...well I won't be making them again. haha. 

We headed over in the afternoon and of course had a great time with them all.  Too much food, but it sure was good! 

Because our idiot governor cancelled Street Vibrations (one of the biggest money makers Reno has) people got together and held their own rally from Reno to Carson City and on to Virginia City.  Wish we could have gone but we had plans. Turnout was awesome! Even Reno PD showed support with their BMW motorcycles, closing streets and holding traffic.  

Sunday morning found us doing things around the house when Ken said, "Let's go for a ride in the Can Am" ok! We headed out to the BLM and saw some new uncharted territory for us.  It was a good two hours and 19 miles we were gone. On the way out we saw a jeep. Stopped and talked a few minutes with Walt and Diana. 

Ken's favorite mountain...

Gotta love these back roads so close to home..
Even a tunnel...too bad about the graffiti 

Just miles and miles of roads....

Later in the afternoon they stopped by for a visit. Very nice couple. 

I made up some low carb "hamburger buns" for Ken to use with his delicious barbecued burgers. Zucchini fries on the side and we were set. Great night outside with our campfire in a can. 

Karen called earlier to let us know John got called to a different job so she wasn't going with him at this point. 

Monday morning we left here about 0700 heading towards Discount Tire in Carson City. We left the spare tire and rim we bought for the Can Am to be mounted.  Started heading towards Reno when I get a text saying the tire was done! What?!! We only left it a few minutes before, so we turned around and picked it up. No charge..nice!

We got to Ken's opthomologist appointment about 0945.  They are only letting patients in so after using their facilities I went back to the car and waited and waited. After two and a half hours out he comes.  He said there were a lot of unhappy people inside with the wait.  Kind of like Toyota, way overbooked. From there we went by and made an appointment with Western Skies RV for next Tuesday to get the hot water heater fixed on the Mansion.  I had a 1340 appointment back in Carson City for them to look at my computer. 

We got there, looked at and supposedly hooked up to the external hard drive so we left with quick instructions on what to do when we got home to delete stuff..any way we will be cancelling the 200 a year Geek Squad plan and looking for a computer person in a near by town.  UHHH...

We then headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen because we were starving and it was almost 2:30 pm.  Had our delicious meal and then headed back to Reno as we had an order at Total Wine that had to be picked up. We thought we would have had time before the geek squad appointment, but didn't. 

On the way home Karen called so after a long day of frustration we headed over for a nice happy hour. 

Tuesday morning we had a phone appointment with our Medi gap insurance girl, Teresa.  Got me all set up with a supplemental and drug plan. I'm a happy camper! 

We decided to work on our old fifth wheel.  Things become a catch all and that's happened to this.  Because of our freezing temps during the winters and age, (18) it needs a new toilet, bathroom sink and kitchen faucet. I ordered those later in the day.  Ken took them all out and I started the mess of emptying cabinets etc.  It is hooked up to the septic system so it really makes a nice place for guests to stay. 

Ordered this little cutie the other day. Can't wait to try it out! 

A mini waffle maker...

It got hot in the afternoon so worked ended for the day.  We attempted to watch the debate, but after about 3 minutes we gave it up! We decided to head outside and have a fire! Much more worth our time.  

This morning (Wednesday) I woke up at 0545 and started the coffee.  Remembering back to 11 years ago today.  One of the best (we learned we could afford to retire right then) and one of the worst as later that afternoon my mom passed away :( Still missing you mom!! 

Back to the fifth wheel this morning while temps are cooler. Have a great day! 


  1. Busy busy busy. Loved the pictures from your ride.

  2. They cancelled a few things around here too, but people showed up in droves anyway. I'm glad to see we still have at least a little independent nature left. Riding your can-am looks fun as long as I have a cell signal. With my luck, I'd get stuck somewhere. Can't wait to see what kind of waffles you make. The almond flour has never worked for me. I need better recipes I guess.