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Monday, January 20, 2020

We're in Quartzsite! Happy Birthday Wendy and Christina!

Good morning from Quartzsite, Arizona!  We left home on Friday and drove to the turn off for the Spring Mountains nearing Las Vegas.  We boondocked on a pull over site not too far from the highway.  A great place to spend the night.  

Had our breakfast on Saturday morning and had a great drive through Las Vegas! Very little traffic so it was perfect.  Ken's got the Vegas thing down now after many times of traveling through that city. 

A leisurely drive for several hours, stopping to have lunch in the trailer along the way.  We had planned on heading directly to where our friends are staying at La Posa South but the timing wasn't working.  We'd have gotten there after Happy Hour and with everyone doing their dinners we decided to stay on Plamosa Rd and drive in on Sunday morning. 

We had a nice night out there. Ken bar b qued some burgers and it was nice enough he took out the Little Red Campfire and we enjoyed the evening.  

Sunday after breakfast etc we headed on down to where everyone was camped. They didn't know we were coming so it was a nice surprise to see Ken and Kim's smiles and hugs when we pulled in.  Bill and his friend Keith pulled in a few minutes later along with Deb and Tom following soon after!  We met Bob and a little later his wife Jo Anne and the little cutie Higgins.  A little while later, up walked Patsy!  Turns out I did see her while we were filling with water, but I wasn't sure if it was her.  Hugs and more conversation. The afternoon was spent chit chatting with Tom and Deb until Happy Hour.  

We all gathered in the center and got caught up. Eventually they all went in to start dinner. We went over to Tom and Deb's and continued the conversation until Bob came out and started a fire.  Once more, gathered around the campfire the conversation flowed!  Such a lovely evening catching up with friends. 

Originally, we weren't coming to Q until February but we (Ken) got to thinking why not go for a few days where we can see everyone gathered in one place! Ok, didn't take me long to agree. We'll be here until Thursday when we'll start our trek back home for Ken's appointment in Reno on Monday. 

Overcast skies this am, but 46 degrees going for 68 later today. We'll take it! 

Happy Birthday yesterday to my sister Wendy and my daughter in law, Christina! xoxo 

Going to try and get this posted. WIFI is incredibly slow here...


  1. So great you two decided to come down even if it is for only a few days. Can't wait to read the posts of your surprised friends. Only one day of clouds then back to beautiful days again

  2. Happy Birthday Wendy and Christina.
    Wow that is some surprise, glad you folks can spend some time there in Q with your friends. Some is better than none, so even a short visit is good!!

  3. Glad you made it down to visit with the gang.
    The always slow WiFi gets slower at the time of the Big Tent. If you are desperate drive 10 miles down to the Kofa where you'll be connected quickly on a different tower.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the visit.

    It's about time.

    1. We're happy too! So nice to see most everyone. Nice to know about the wifi but hoping I am never that desperate haha. I'll just wait and enjoy the company here.

  4. You certainly made all of us a happier group by making the decision to join us. It was and is a wonderful surprise. I love surprises and you two were one of the best! :)
    Happy Birthday Wendy and Christina!

    1. Awww. thank you Patsy! The days are just going too quickly! Hopefully today the weather will cooperate and we can spend some time together!

  5. What Patsy said.
    Tom and I were so happy when we realized you were close by. It is wonderful to open the curtains in the morning and see your home on wheels out there just across the way. Even if only for these few short days.

    1. Thanks guys we sure enjoyed the time we had with everyone!

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